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It is awkward to tell children`s problems of adult women

About this problem aloud, but the woman cannot forget about it for an hour. She becomes a hostage... a bladder - it is about an urine incontience which happens also at adults.

Most of people are sure by

that an urine incontience - a problem of advanced and old age. Actually women in the blossoming of forces - in 30 - 35 years also can face it. And, unfortunately, recently urologists note a tendency to “rejuvenation“ of patients.

In what the reason?

But it is treated by


needs to be understood: the incontience is not an illness, and manifestation of consequences, complications of the postponed diseases or injuries. And it will respond to treatment - it is confirmed by urologists. Sometimes simple change of a diet or refusal of certain medicines happens enough for treatment or considerable improvement of the situation.

the Program of the self-help
  1. Change

    a food allowance. Certain products can irritate a bladder therefore at an incontience of urine it is better to avoid them. The aerated and kofeinsoderzhashchy drinks concern to them (coffee, Coca, etc.) alcohol, a citrus and juice from them, tomatoes, spicy food, chocolate, artificial substitutes of sugar.

  2. Drink not less than 1,5 - 2 liters a day. At a lack of water urine becomes excessively concentrated and the bladder irritates.
  3. Carry out the exercises on Kegel`s system directed to strengthening of sphincters of a bladder and rectum. They are based on the repeated tension and relaxation of muscles of a crotch. These exercises in 60% of cases allow to strengthen muscles of a pelvic bottom considerably.
  4. Use specifics. Now there was special laying convenient and imperceptible. They completely exclude course, neutralize a specific smell and keep skin in dryness.

it is more preferable to li to use the “breathing“ products (with the Air badge on packing) - they reduce risk of emergence of irritations and provide to skin the maximum comfort.

Comments of the expert

Gynecologist of the highest category, manager. office of gynecology of federal state institution of policlinic of CDB UDP RF Elena Petrovna Melnikova:“ The urine incontience usually arises for two main reasons: the age changes connected with deficiency of estrogen, and not - sufficiency of a sphincter of an urethra. The second reason causes an urine incontience in women and at younger age. The factors influencing insufficiency of a sphincter, a little: these are inflammatory processes, postnatal injuries, psychoemotional loadings, omission of walls of a vagina.

treatment Methods

They depend first of all on the reason which caused an urine incontience.

At insufficiency of a sphincter of an urethra resort to operational methods of treatment, for example, the synthetic loop (operation TVT) for restoration of function of a sphincter is hemmed. In case of omission of walls of a vagina different types of plasticity are carried out. With age the incontience of urine can be caused by insignificant omission of walls of a vagina in combination with deficiency of estrogen. In similar cases as treatment the physiotherapy exercises and preparations applied locally and containing natural women`s hormone - in the form of candles or cream are appointed.

Self-diagnostics of there is no there is no Is not present
Symptoms the Hyperactive bladder the Stressful incontience of urine
Frequent desires (more than 8 times a day) Yes Are not present

Imperative desires (sudden keen desire to urinate) Yes
the Numerous interruption of a night dream caused by desires to an urination Usually Is rare
Ability in time to reach a toilet after a desire Yes
of Nederzheniye, arising at physical activity (cough, laughter, sneezing etc.) Yes