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From bread grow stout?

According to public opinion, growing thin has to or limit as much as possible quantity of slices of bread, or in general refuse it. But allow a counter question: and somebody saw the person who grew fat on bread and water?

Cut off waters

The same as oil, macaroni with meat and pies - the word everything that possesses with a power value over 100 kcal on 100 g, bread spreads panic in the ranks of devoutly growing thin. Even it is more calories in bread, than in meat, compare: in 100 g of boiled veal - 115, and in 100 g black more than 200!

the Flour rating Wheat flour that is more useful than


, than more from the top layer of grain (cover) in it remained. Because in this case it is richer with food fibers and mineral substances. If to estimate the main raw materials of bakers from this position, then places from the first on the fourth will be distributed as follows (in brackets the content of food fibers is specified).

  1. Wallpaper (9,3%).
  2. Flour 2 - go grades (6,7%).
  3. Flour 1 - go grades (4,4%).
  4. High-grade flour (3,5%). The most high-calorie, easily usvoyaemy and less useful, in it most of all starch - 68,5%.

At rye flour the three of grades is built so.

  1. Wallpaper - the richest on the content of food fibers (13,3%).
  2. Peeled (12,4%).
  3. Artificial (10,8%).

Here approximate power value by types of bread (kcal on 100 g):

  • in rye - 180;
  • in rzhano - wheat - slightly more than 200;
  • in wheat - from 220 to 300;
  • in a thin unleavened wheat cake - 270 - 280;
  • in otrubny - 240 - 270;
  • in wholegrain wheat - about 190.

Caloric content - the main reproach to bread. But, I`m sorry, if to estimate safety of products only from this point of view, then the best food for stroyneyushchy - water. But it is not our way, truly? To an organism only in order that we breathed, went and did not freeze in warm day, calories, and mainly carbohydrate are necessary. And bread - a carbohydrate product. Besides its calories not “empty“, as, for example, at sweet aerated water.

Long loafs and loaves contain


  • simple and complex carbohydrates - our main “fuel“
  • to
  • a set of amino acids - they are necessary to our organism for creation of own proteins;
  • the vitamins of group B absolutely necessary for work of a brain and nervous system, for a healthy condition of skin and mucous membranes;
  • and also cellulose, vegetable fats, minerals, in small, but not so excess doses.

the Lowest the highest

If to put us in a time machine, to send on about 200 years ago and to allow to try country meat, milk and bread, then... The first two products for certain would seem more tasty, more fragrant and would be eaten without questions, and here bread of that time would put in bewilderment: rough some... Still! It was baked absolutely of other flour.

, How many - how many?
Though in rye flour less protein, than in wheat, it is richer on composition of irreplaceable amino acids and, in particular, the maintenance of a lysine. And the lysine is necessary for that site of our metabolism which “works“ with fat. Besides rye flour less high-calorie, than wheat in / with, therefore loaves from mix rye and wheat (purely rye, unfortunately, now it is difficult to find) for growing thin more preferably. A share of rye flour in those grades that are baked in accordance with GOST, different.
“Darnitsky“ - 60% of rye peeled, 40% of a wheaten 1 grade.
“Borodino“ (scalded) - 80% of rye wallpaper, 15% wheaten 2 grades, the remained 5% - malt rye fermented.
“Capital“ - 50% of rye peeled, 50% of a wheaten 1 grade.
“Ukrainian“ - 80% of rye peeled, 20% wheat wallpaper.
aspiration Peculiar to mankind “to do

as it is better“ in the field of bread baking led to the fact that millers learned to purify as much as possible grains of rye and wheat of covers. Shortly after they in perfection mastered this process, it became clear that it not absolutely the fact that it is necessary for health. To our organism as doctors established already today, accurately deleted grain “skin“ would not prevent. Because this, top, the layer contains valuable nutritious elements: vitamins of group B and mineral substances. The stronger grain “is peeled“, the less advantage in flour remains. In a word, from the point of view of growing thin (and adherents of healthy food), the low-grade flour received from less purified grain is better than that that premium. But it is simple to pass that to bread from useful flour not so-.

for 30% cover with
of 300 - 400 of bread daily need of an organism for proteins.

The matter is that get used to it. Even - a raspolezny grade with magnificent white to switch to the most useful can be difficult. The person a minute of enthusiasm otrubny will buy or, it is better than that, wholegrain, will chew, will praise himself for useful effect, but another time the hand itself will stretch to less useful, but more habitual and tasty long loaf from high-grade flour. Here from - for that - the fact that the habit to essentially new grade of bread should be developed at itself so hard get accustomed at us in the country maxi - useful, super - modern grades.

Distribution of bread

Recommended for growing thin bread grades:

If you have

no need to grow thin, but work sedentary, then 200 - 300 of bread a day for you what the doctor registered. Growing thin well 200 g, and corpulent people have enough 100 g