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Rest on the Black Sea. June, 2001 of

the Village of Divnomorskoye (or False Gelendzhik) on June 10 - on July 1, 2001. Military sanatorium of “Divnomorskoye“.

, From where idea


So it happened that, being a child, with parents at the sea I traveled only to the Crimea or to Baltic. Long ago there was a wish to get to the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. But in what look to represent all this, I did not represent therefore sat down for the Internet.

the Trial and error method (I am not a so great Internet surfer) I got on the website www. sea. ru where in May the list of recreation facilities of the Gelendzhik district was provided (I speak in May because now this website looks absolutely in a different way). The database, naturally, became partially outdated, and I had to use help service of Gelendzhik. There very quickly gave right phones. On some names there were references, and through “sanatorium of “Divnomorskoye“ I got on Galina Pronina`s review of rest in this sanatorium of biennial prescription on the website www. detki - predki. ru. I was bribed that they had a rest with 10 - the monthly child and everything was good. At work all snatched on me and unanimously began to shout that I am mad mummy, believed some cock-and-bull stories and I want to go to “our scoop“, and it is necessary to go to Cyprus where everything will be cheap and cool (about classiness I do not know, and about low cost - obvious nonsense), and nobody, for some reason, wanted to understand that I want to the Black Sea.

generally, I want to tell that if you want something, do, and listen to nobody. However, I all - descended in some agency where offered me the “burning“ Bulgaria, 2 weeks for 249 dollars (with a breakfast), and the child for 149. When I meticulously counted everything for 3 weeks plus food, it turned out all the same more expensive, than planned.

the Choice

So, previously I stopped on 2 - x vacation spots in the settlement of Divnomorsk, in 7 - mi kilometers from Gelendzhik. When I called sanatorium of “Divnomorskoye“, the chief explained to me what in June can be arrived and paid on the place, places will be, and in July - August is not present. Days of stay in sanatorium (accommodation, food, treatment) cost 600 rubles (at payment on the place raise 3 more - x a percentage tax). Second “candidate“ was lechebno - the improving complex “Blue Distance“ where too in June there are places, but terms of arrival and stay (18 days) are specifically planned there. Days in “State Duma“ at payment on the place of 708 rubles (travel agencies in Moscow offer 850 rub). A discount for children in “State Duma“ of 40% (officially accept with 4 - x years), but without occasional seat you pay only for food. In “Divnomorsk“ I was told that with children do not accept, than I was very much struck, I just did not believe and there were rights because with children of the most different age it is more vacationers there, than without children. But the child it is free I did not manage to arrange, its days cost 200 rubles (told that it is the minimum payment). Military and members of their families pay differently, but precisely it is less than 100%. In general, 100% - nicknames, such as we, appeared a little, in the majority, military, their wives and children who come there annually have a rest there. It is a lot of people from the North and from Siberia.

the Road

At first I tried to buy train tickets, “Kuban“ wanted on company, but by help phone of the Paveletsky station I was told that this train will go only since June 15 with Kazan, but there are tickets for the additional train No. 339. What is the additional train, I knew still to experience and to shiver 36 hours with the child in a compartment where, for example, the window is not closed, do not give blankets or something like that instead of this day to swim in the sea, I did not want at all. Then I booked plane tickets to Gelenzhdik to redeem them in a week. All, probably, know that now 50% of cost with 2 - x take years for the child. I was knows it not, the prospect to spend 100 more dollars upset a little, and the cashier in ticket offices suggested me to ask the birth certificate for somebody who is not yet 2 years old - x years, and to pay nothing. Such there was one boy (I have a girl), but, frankly speaking, I did not risk. The ticket for the adult Moscow - Gelendzhik by AN plane - 24 of Bykovo or the YAK - 40 of Vnukovo cost 4800 rubles (there - back). But a day before repayment I called cash desk that all - to rewrite the ticket addressed to the daughter, and I was told that tickets are not sold and flight can be cancelled, that is I risk not to depart. However, to Vnukovo, I was told that such probability is small, but it did not console me any more. I did not begin to redeem tickets to Gelendzhik, and bought tickets to Anapa for the normal plane (TU - 154) and weeds not 3,5 hours, but 1 hour 40 minutes. The ticket there - back to Anapa on the adult cost 3200 rubles, on the child of 1647. I decided that even if from Anapa to Divnomorsky will take 1000 rubles for a taxi, will be it is all the same cheaper, than to fly to Gelendzhik. I think that the trip by car when you are not attached to anything, but as we went without father would be the best option, this option disappeared. Nevertheless I consider that chose the most worthy option and if it happens to go once again there, would go in the same way.

So, we reached Anapa perfectly, on the plane fed, about 19 hours arrived while waited for baggage, us the crowd of taxi drivers occupied, suggested to bring to the apartment for every taste from 80 to 200 rubles per day, to any sanatorium in Anapa for 200 rubles (it is expensive, in my opinion, all kilometers 20). To Divnomorsky - 1000 rubles (100 km). As it became clear later in June a dachshund - 500, in July - August - 600 rub. Having trampled a little, we sat down on the standing minibus to Gelendzhik in the same place (2 adults, 1 child, 3 bags - 200 rubles). In Gelendzhik took a taxi to sanatorium. On a way back we agreed in advance with the taxi driver who parked directly at sanatorium, and it brought us to the airport of Anapa precisely by the beginning of registration of tickets.


evenings got To an accident ward of sanatorium already at half past nine, just took away passports from us and sent to number. The matron right there together with room keys gave us hangers, blankets, additional pillows, beach rugs, it was possible still a folding bed for the child, but I did not take, thought that I from - for the work so take time with the daughter a little that though on holiday near we will have a sleep. As the day before late worked, packed things at half of the night, have a little a sleep, then the road, plus at my Small fish the day dream dropped out, and she never began to cry even since morning, having been included in number, we with it on couple were just chopped off in 5 seconds, having hardly concerned a pillow. Returned me passports in the morning and sent to the chief of sanatorium which issued 3 vouchers, I paid money in cash desk and all formalities ended. Pleased me that day is considered when you go to eat, and just spending the night did not, i.e. for day of arrival (in 21 - 30) for day of departure (in 9 - 30) when we did not go to the dining room and to the doctor, we did not pay.

the Sanatorium occupies with

quite big territory which part now just is empty, but in the development plan is drawn that in the long term everything will be built up and improved. Now vacationers accommodate in two 8 - the floor cases connected among themselves by transitions and the case of the dining room. Still there is a medical case.

of Number

In the new case marble ladders, in halls - the upholstered furniture, new, stained-glass windows in the doorway and glass partitions. Very much it was pleasant to my Small fish: in one window you will look - all red, in another - green. In number - 2 beds, the TV of Samsung, the refrigerator, 2 bedside tables, a case - a compartment, a toilet, a shower, a balcony. Clean not every day, only take out garbage daily. The linen is changed in 10 days, i.e. 1 time for change. Surprised that it is just left on a bed, you fill itself, earlier I did not face it, speak, these are sovok remnants. Perhaps.


Is a single question which, probably, only made me life a misery because in general, we are people unpretentious and we will not carp at each trifle, and on talk on what abroad is possible better and cheaper to me deeply to spit. And so, in the hall of each floor the schedule of supply of hot water hangs. But I it never though in number there were not 2 once a day faced absence, with the child it is improbable. But here lack of cold water irritated me awfully. From half-tenth evening it was impossible to be washed, from the crane there was a boiled water. We walked usually till 9 in the evening. Therefore managed to wash only the kid. It was necessary since morning or during the lunchtime, or to come back till 21 o`clock.

the Sanatorium specializes in treatment of diseases oporno - the motive device, respiratory organs and blood circulation. For a start appoint the attending physician who collects complaints, appoints treatment and sends to experts. Kids direct to the pediatrician. By my Lilushe appointed children`s cocktail from herbs. Phyto - cocktails several types. They are appointed practically to all children and adults. Every day after a breakfast we went to phyto - the bar “drink tasty water“ and to look at a turtle. In the medical case there are several aquariums where small fishes and a turtle float. Holding in hand glasses with cocktail, children stare at a turtle, and she at them. Mine fast drank everything, approached other children and spoke:“ Still to give to Lila water“, one boy almost already agreed to give the glass. I understood that give it vent, she will drink all cocktail.

it is extremely interesting to Watch

kids and their interaction. All of them such different and at the same time something are similar. My Lilyunya always seeks to share everything that knows. She runs (does not go, and always runs) and to all counter people tells: trees, bushes, small lamps, clouds, sky. Adults always react and nod: trees etc., and children, as a rule, or about something special, or just are silent. So funny. I want to notice that, of course, as well as any other mother, I worried how the child will react to change of climate as in general all this will transfer, but I think, in vain. On the contrary, came to a conclusion that it is necessary to take out the child at the sea, it will yield only positive result.

Medical care

When I came to the attending physician, on a question, what complaints, told that any, except just general exhaustion from insufficient quantity of a dream and on what actually to complain to the young healthy maiden who 2 years ago gave rise and who is going to give rise still to a two-three of kids. Attending physicians said to me that with the child you will not have a rest, but I objected that prick gave rise, itself and care, and it is possible to leave on the grandmother only as a last resort when the need in mother is not so noticeable especially as the grandmother arrived with us. However, I took an opportunity to visit doctors to whom I cannot get from at home - for employment, laziness, etc. I was lucky that I was directed to acupuncture, speak, it is very useful and expensive procedure, I very much liked the reflexologist, only he for some reason worried from - for my leanness, even appointed two additional sessions, than I was very happy. Acupuncture is not sick at all. It is possible to come to the attending physician and to tell that everything hurts, then will appoint so many any procedures that you will not be glad. All procedures in sanatorium are carried out till 14 o`clock.

In the medical case full - it is full of any medical equipment, it is possible to treat a lot of things. Massage to the majority is appointed in the field of a vorotnikovy zone every other day, but when you come on 1 - y a session, the massage therapist suggests to come daily to a full back (or that there it is necessary to you) for 50 rubles of 15 minutes. They can be understood: as far as I understood, salaries not so big.

Doctors suggest to conduct full examination. In general, I am very happy with medical service in sanatorium of “Divnomorskoye“: benevolent personnel, the qualified doctors. My mother treated some sores in which houses there is always no time to be engaged.

of Problems with health of the child was not except for any rash on a back. The pediatrician told that it is the potnitsa who resulted from use of cream for suntan that by experience of last years in her practician, it is a widespread case. The dermatologist confirmed the diagnosis. Earlier for myself I used cream “Ambergris Soler“, but this year decided to try “Linda Faktor 15“. I do not know, cream is guilty or not, but earlier I ever had neither burns, nor allergies.“ Linda“ I will not buy any more because in spite of the fact that mother was smeared all the time with it and especially on the sun did not sit, in the sea all the time, the back burned, with “Ambergris Soler 12“ it was not. So for yourself or the child take “Soler`s Ambergris“ or “Nivey“ though after our potnitsa I just put on to Lila an undershirt if were on the sun. All can know, but for those who do not know, want to tell that the best cream from solar burns usual children`s cream of Svoboda factory for 6 rubles in a tube which we remember from the childhood. Will not be ill, and the redness will quickly fall down.

First the unusual situation disturbed Lilusha a little, she often asked on hands, it seems the first two days just from hands did not get down. Then I read that, appears, at children it often happens when they not houses. And can just the fact that “mother there is always no house affected, she always at work“, and here suddenly all the time nearby, so it is necessary to hold more strong it that did not leave.

At sanatorium the excellent park, the sterile air filled with aroma of a pitsundsky pine treats in itself, beaches melkogalechny, city - krupnogalechny, but at the expense of it water on city is more transparent. To the child it is good on the sanatorium beach, it is possible to dig in a sand, it is possible to collect pebbles. I observed how kids run on shoal with squeal, it very much touches. When my Small fish of a prosekl that it to float on a circle, could sit in water to blue in the face. There is a medical beach - plank beds under a setochka, in a midday scorching heat is excellent there. Beaches clean.

When we arrived, water in the sea was degrees 16, just ice, I could not swim far, came, floundered about and left, but a high which you test, leaving ice water on the sun, will not be compared to anything. Days were warm, and water quickly got warm, in a week was 19 - 20, and after 22 - 23. On days off (sb - vs) for some reason always stormed. All the same all bathed. Bathing in cold water - the tempering procedure therefore I dipped the child every day irrespective of temperature. Has to tell that we specially went to the South in June when there is no strong heat yet, and it is already possible to swim in the sea.

the Sea in Gelenlzhiksky district is not similar

to the sea of the Crimea at all, water less transparent, is not present such strong smell of iodine that it is probably caused by other climate. As in the Caucasus I was for the first time, for me it became opening, I fondly believed that the sea is identical everywhere (if this same sea). Till the child`s birth I was on Adriatic Sea, there, of course, all in a different way, in Baltic - the charm, on the Black Sea - the.

is not present

of the Playground in the territory of sanatorium as far as I understood, it in the long term developments of sanatorium. It was necessary to go to a playground of Blue Distance rest house. There it is very good, there is a pool for driving on inflatable motor boats, sandboxes, hills, a swing, roundabouts. The most ridiculous that there passed 2 months, and the child repeats every morning, approaching to the door: “-roundabouts to “A blue distance“ to go on a swing“.


Feed with

- what I call on - sanatorium. Different dietary tables, numbers are put down in the form of the order of the menu, any there steam cutlets and chicken soups. Fruit - during the lunchtime, in June it, generally sweet cherry and peaches, fresh pastries always for dinner. In the one or two mornings hot dishes, tea or coffee, during the lunchtime - salad, the first, second, third, fruit, for dinner - pastries, a hot dish, tea and kefir or milk instead of the second dinner. The child normally ate everything, was full and cheerful. Only persistently refused to drink milk and kefir from a glass (we safely left a small bottle at home). But somehow quietly worried three-week otsutstviye of milk or kefir in an organism. And houses everything returned into place and how to accustom her to drink milk from a cup at a table, but not in a bed from a bottle, frankly speaking, I do not know.

of Excursions in sanatorium it is offered by

of Excursion to p of types 10 at choice, behind the sanatorium territory in the settlement too. With 2 - x the summer child not really - that you razjezditsya therefore we went in turn. On motor vessel walk to the rock “Sail“ and in a dolphinarium to Gelendzhik all together. Normally transferred the motor ship, only on the way back on the boat sat down in forward salon, there was a rolling, the kid pulled out, it is just necessary to sit down back, that`s all. Representation in a dolphinarium is carried out by 2 dolphins, a sea lioness, a seal. As far as I imagine, the performance is similar to performances in other delfinariya: exercises with a ball, throwing of rings, jumping through rings, driving by the boat on a dolphin, rescue drowning, drawing of a picture, auction. At children it went off with a bang, but my child probably so far age did not leave. By the end got tired and it began to fidget and be torn to jump to dolphins to the pool. One I went on the Gelendzhik winery on tasting of the Kuban wines. I excellent wines lost in admiration, however. Bought in the same place in company shop, now we drink houses and we remember Divnomorsk. Walked across Gelendzhik, the normal resort town, the cheerful embankment, thanks to the fact that a bay, the sea warm, on the beach the sand, a hill for children goes down in the sea. Divnomorsk approximately same, is only less, continually cafe, small restaurants, souvenirs. The announcement of delivery of the room, apartment hung on each house. However, it was in June. For certain, the housing in the private sector would cost to us cheaper, but I consider that for the child it is safer to live and eat in sanatorium.


In general, rest I am very happy. Got acquainted with different mummies and their children, it is natural through the daughter. Envied those who are able to afford to come to the sea for the whole summer, even from spring to fall a little, maybe, and I so will be able when I am going to give birth to the second. And when in the morning at parting you go to swim for a while in transparent water, the thought of what tomorrow to go to work, seems wild, and next day at work is hardly believed that still yesterday you swam in the sea, plus which attacked at once on arrival in Moscow, toxic shock. So take the children, gather and have a rest at the sea at any opportunity, but at least once a year it is obligatory then nerves will be stronger, and children it is healthier.