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The kid in a waiting room

During a season of summer travel we quite often appear in such situation: the plane detain, and mother with the kid should be ready to leave not one hour. Certainly, to the child to transfer it not easy, respectively, mother is nervous, and feelings that holiday is spoiled, to avoid quite difficult. How to pass away hours at the airport that mother and the kid not really strongly got tired?

Strangely enough, in most cases the most part of troubles are forced by parents. Angry a flight delay, they hush on children, pull them, show nervousness in the form of hypertrophied care “there do not go, here do not run“. And it is much heavier to child to transfer flight even if it has no problems with vessels, and the plane does not get to air holes - in an airliner will not run about, will not study something brand new. What a difference the big airport where there is a lot of all interesting!

If you learned

about a flight delay before received a boarding pass and checked in luggage, you have a mass of a scope for maneuver. Ideally, find out as far as delayed flight. Unfortunately, in Russia extremely seldom give such information, and charters in general are not known. However abroad with it it is much simpler. Often it makes sense to check in luggage if registration is open, and to be chosen in the next city to take a walk if flight is delayed more, than for two hours. A taxi - expensive pleasure, however it is worth it not to be pickled waiting.

Stock up with

in advance

If you got stuck at the airport on change or in the city with the problem movement, or you are not given information on flight, then it is necessary to wait. The Russian airports generally do not give any pleasant opportunities of rest for families with children, even rooms of mother and the child - a rarity, they cost wild money, and service - any.

Before checking in luggage, take from it various road “snacks“: small cookies, apples, water - at the airports everything costs a fantastic sum even in comparison with the prices of the resort area. Feed up the kid small things little by little. If the kid absolutely the baby also eats only a children`s squash - better to part it in advance and to take with itself in the plastic container with a cover and a spoon. Keep in mind: a fork, even the nursery, in the plane, most likely, will not pass. Therefore it can or be handed over in baggage, or it is necessary to leave at the airport.

to Remains should have not less than 5 pampers in a stock, to children of all age - a small pack of wet towel wipes (to wipe a face, hands, ware, etc.) .

When you are registered by

and there are suspicions that with flight there can be problems, also take with yourself a maximum of food and drink. The baby food is allowed to be taken with itself and aboard the plane. Stock up with small bottles with liquid drink and a small bottle with liquid porridge and a wide pacifier not to toil with spoons and bowls if with you absolutely small child. to Kids in a waiting room and in the plane it is desirable for p to give to

toys which can carry away for a long time. For most of kids aged from a year to three are various small toys and vessels - all this can be manipulated long enough, to children is more senior well to take a notebook with a set of pieces of chalk and books with pictures. The senior children will be delighted with the fact that it is possible to play games on the mobile phone or PSP therefore with them it is much simpler.

Get acquainted!

the Majority expecting flight sit with sour persons and quietly about themselves hate the world. However it will be much easier for you if you get acquainted with “companions in misfortune“. To mother of the baby it will be not so heavy and lonely if she holds the baby on hands, stirring from the new acquaintance. To mother of the child is more senior the great relief the company will give and the chance to occupy the kid in the company of the same kids. Even if children of its age will not be near, it will communicate with new acquaintances.

it is quite simple to p to Get acquainted in such situation - rather simply to complain and povozmushchatsya aloud in an ironic form or to ask an insignificant question of last or forthcoming rest - people usually easily make contact. To begin to communicate also your kid if he is obviously interested in people around can help.

If your kid found

to himself the company, maintain his interest, encourage practically any games, allow to roll on suitcases, to run nearby - let distracts. And you can communicate to parents of this child - road contacts are usually very easy and pleasant, from the series “chat about everything and not to meet any more“ - many find psychotherapy elements in it.



If to you has to occupy with

the kid or the company of his new acquaintances, it is possible to play games well familiar to all of us - “the sea worries time“ or “a ringlet - a ringlet“. Within its powers to children of 4 years. And there are also specific airport games or what can be invented easily on the run.

“Plane food“. Suggest children to play the plane. As the stewardess, ask them to fasten belts, to tell that they see behind a window. And then it is possible to carry away them enough for a long time game during “a plane breakfast“ which is adored by all children from - for the fact that it in a box also looks as a surprise. Give to kids the same usual small pieces of apple, but by all means in the closed packing (at least in the plastic glasses inserted each other).

“Owner and doggie“ . Be with the kid in turn “trainer“ and “dog“.“ The trainer“ gives team, “doggie“ carries out “, the trainer“ gives it an entertainment.

“Uncle or aunt“ . Walk on the airport, trying to guess, the uncle or the aunt stands the last in a queue in the following little shop, the first will leave sliding doors, the first will overtake you on the right, etc.

“We draw an animated cartoon“ . On corners of a notebook which you took for scribbles of the kid it is possible to draw slightly changing picture that when scrolling “animated cartoon“ turned out. Nothing difficult is necessary - just an attractive face at which eyes and a mouth gradually stretch in a smile. On sections to draw such simple thing absolutely simply.

of “Origami from newspaper“ . Your husband or someone from passengers for certain will acquire the newspaper which is not necessary to him at all. It is possible to do origami of it - from simple ships, hats and samoletik, to crackers. The kid will be delighted.

Children pine with the fact that they are forced to move a little. Try to avoid such “stagnation“ which to you will halloo during flight if the kid does not fall asleep. But play moderately outdoor games not to disturb other passengers.

Sound sleep Most of children fill up


when they were tired if parents are quiet. Babies easily fall asleep in a baby sling - they are not disturbed by all vanity. Other children, if to allow them to be discharged physically, easily fall asleep if to swing them on handles, having covered the head with fabric. Excitable children, unfortunately, before it need to shout or cry. Yes, you will awkwardly feel, but not you delayed flight, and airline. In process of opportunities respect interests of other passengers, but you should not be irritated on the roaring child - it will not help to calm him. If your child fell asleep, do not hesitate to ask of people around to help to plunge to you into the plane. The dream of the child is more expensive, and silence - for the benefit of your fellow travelers.

Main waiting for the plane - not to irritate the child own irritation and to look at this episode as on stay in the museum or other public place. And to the kid and here it can be cheerful.