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Coloring of hair henna

Henna is a heritage of the Ancient East which with pleasure women of 21 centuries use.

Henna - natural powdery dye which is received from leaves and bark of a bush of a henna in a different way this bush call cinchonic. Henna is traditionally used for coloring of hair, and also for treatment of dry seborrhea of the head, for strengthening of hair and for improvement of their growth, for prevention of a hair loss. Henna is completely natural product, it not allergen, does not contain chemical compounds.

After coloring by henna hair gain beautiful saturated color and healthy gloss. Henna does not injure hair, on the contrary, she in addition looks after hair and protects them. It is possible to paint hair henna at home, it is for this purpose absolutely optional to go to salon. Coloring requires from 1 to 3 bags of henna (depending on length of hair), a small bowl for henna cultivation, a wide hairdresser`s brush, rubber gloves, wadded disks, cream, a towel, a film, and also accuracy and patience.

Mixing of henna is an important stage of coloring of hair. The simplest option of mix is an addition in water henna to a yogurt consistence. Sometimes add lemon juice, red wine or vinegar to powder of henna. Similar additives accelerate effect of dye. Addition of green tea, spices or essential oils will help to disguise a henna smell, these components will affect final color slightly. Intensity of impact of henna on hair is defined by its freshness. The henna is fresher, the quicker and hair will be better painted.

through growth of hair apply to

some cunnings will help to Achieve a desirable shade. For example, for a chestnut shade add a spoon of instant coffee to henna. The reddish shade can be reached if to dissolve henna not in water as usual, and in beet juice. For receiving a chocolate shade it is possible to mix henna and a basma. To update the grown dull coloring by henna, it is possible just to rinse hair, for this purpose 50 g of henna part in 1,25 liters of boiled water. The received mix should be filtered, cooled and rinsed with it a dyed hair.

In certain cases henna should refuse hair-dyeing:

Natural dyes of a phytogenesis are badly combined by
  1. with chemical dyes therefore the result of coloring by henna on the hair which are recently painted by modern paints can be unpredictable and sad.
  2. Melirovanny hair are also contraindication to coloring of hair henna.
  3. When putting henna on hair with a chemical wave hair can gain any color except planned.
  4. to By nature fair hair henna is contraindicated to
  5. unless the desire to have brightly - a red bush of hair is conscious.
  6. to Paint over a gray hair if they make more than 40% of the lump of hair, it will not turn out. This results from the fact that a gray hair is deprived of a natural pigment and as a result coloring by henna can turn out an unpleasant carrot shade.

Wishing to experiment a little with own hair and to try coloring by henna, it is worth remembering that henna is considered resistant paint, it gets into deep layers of hair, it is simple to wash away this paint it will not turn out. The only way will quickly get rid of the hair painted by henna are hairdresser`s scissors. However, the hairstyle is very radical way. It is possible to stock up with patience and to wait until the hair painted by henna grow, and then to shear them. Only after it it is possible to continue experiments with coloring by various paints, a chemical wave and highlighting. Otherwise results of manipulations with hair can be deplorable.