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Donuts of

Experts in the field of cookery claim that the way of preparation of dough products in hot oil was known in Ancient Rome.

Romans sometimes indulged themselves tasty donuts. They prepared balls from the test, fried them in fat or in melted fat, and then greased them with honey and strewed with poppy. Today donuts know and love in all corners of the world. In Germany donuts are known under the name of “berliner“, in Austria call them “kikhlya“, in Italy - “galan“, in Spain - “kouros“, and in America - “donatsa“. In the European countries and donatsa and berliner are popular in America, fill them with various stuffings, and sprinkle a surface with icing sugar or decorate with glaze with various sprinkling. It is accepted to give them cold as cakes.

Flavouring advantages of donats and berliner do not raise any doubts, but nevertheless traditional donuts - round balls of golden color or a donut in the form of a ringlet are familiar to the majority of us. Such donuts fry in a large amount of oil and eat hot - with a heat about a heat.

Doughnuts are in number of undoubted favourites of delicacies for house preparation. However, despite the seeming simplicity, donuts are quite whimsical in preparation and will demand certain skills. Flour for donuts surely has to be warm, it should be sifted carefully. Yeast for the test has to be by all means fresh. Ready dough needs to be protected, cooling and drafts are inadmissible. Fat in which fry donuts is required to be perekalit properly.

the huge number of ways of preparation of donuts Exists, the number of recipes is estimated in tens. Donuts ordinary - one of the simplest recipes. Preparation of such donuts requires 300 g of flour, 200 g of yeast, 100 g of warm milk for cultivation of yeast, a sugar pinch, milk for mixing of the test, 10 g of melted butter, vegetable oil, vanilla sugar, salt.

Yeast needs to be parted with

in warm milk with sugar addition. Then add flour and a pinch of salt. Dough is kneaded in a pan to a liquid consistence, add milk and 10 g of melted butter. If there is no milk, then it is possible to replace it with water. Dough is kneaded until it does not begin to lag behind pan walls. Then from all directions dough sprinkle with flour, cover and leave in the warm place on one hour

In an hour spread dough on the board which is previously sprinkled with flour. Dough is rolled in layer, then put in half and again roll layer 0,5 - 1 cm thick. Form round donuts of layer, then stack them on the board sprinkled with flour, cover with a napkin and leave in the warm place for 30 minutes.

Doughnuts can be fried in a deep fryer with observance of all rules of the instruction, and it is possible just to fry on a frying pan in a large amount of vegetable oil. At first donuts roast under the closed cover, and then uncover, overturn donuts on other party, it is not necessary to cover them again. An important condition - fat has to be hot, but should not boil. Ready donuts plentifully strew with vanilla icing sugar and give on a table hot.

Doughnuts from cottage cheese turn out very tasty. Their preparation requires 250 g of cottage cheese, 2 eggs, 2,5 tablespoons of granulated sugar, 4 - 5 tablespoons of flour, ½ soda teaspoons. Eggs are shaken up with granulated sugar, add cottage cheese, the flour extinguished by vinegar soda. All ingredients carefully pound. The received weight is taken a teaspoon, form a ball, roll it in flour, thrown into the boiling sunflower oil and fried before emergence of a golden crust.

Doughnuts from the sweet test strew

with icing sugar, decorate with glaze or sprinkling, for this purpose use nuts or coconut flakes. And from yeast dough quite often add various stuffings, the most popular of which - cottage cheese, and still there are fruit, vegetable and meat stuffings, to donuts.