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Calm down, you on holiday!

U of many of us pass holiday according to such scenario: we wait several months for rest, we choose hotels and routes. We come to the place and... or we get sick in the first day, or we continue to worry from - for unfinished put, trying to solve everything on CMC.

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B nothing surprising, psychologists consider. Ability to be disconnected from problems and to relax at least for the period of holiday is given not everyone. And considering the prompt speed of life in big cities, to stop to us happens absolutely not easy We continue to hurry and worry even where it is not necessary at all. Also it would be strange to expect that the person who got used to see off every day on the run will be able to calm down in one second: on relaxing, time is necessary too.

How to be? For certain you know about technicians of removal of a stress (you breathe more deeply, count to ten, before? put yourself in cool water...) but they help only for a short time. And the best approach is to make technicians of a relaxation part of your everyday life and to use them always: and on vacation, and during labor everyday life. Here several most effective the technician - from deep breath which on holiday can be done before a breakfast on a balcony, before relaxation of muscles which should be tried directly on the beach.

Step 1. Remember that the stress does with an organism

Choose a moment when you one where you do not hurry and can give yourself several minutes. Sit down conveniently, close eyes and try to listen to own body. Negative emotions concentrate in a body, and it does not pass completely. In we will sink a state your shoulders? They are strained and clamped? If this is so, to you headaches and problems are guaranteed by a backbone. And now feel the stomach. If muscles in tension, so in this area are postponed your experiences, and you should not be surprised that at you the stomach and weak digestion are more sore.

Each stressful situation - this some kind of tests for an organism. You quarreled with the husband, got it hot from the chief, were late for PTA meeting - reacts to all this our body the increased level of adrenaline and tension. More and more hormones of a stress are produced, heartbeat accelerates, blood flows to muscles, and the metabolism is slowed down. Breath becomes faster and superficial, and it means that less oxygen comes to fabrics. In small doses the stress is useful, it forces us to be in a tone. But constant tension leads to the fact that we cannot calm down, even when for this purpose there are all conditions.

Step 2. Prepare for changes

If few times in a month you go to yoga or Pilates and approximately with the same frequency walk in the fresh air, there is nothing to be surprised that your nervous system glitches. To notice result, it is necessary to reconstruct the schedule and to find in it time for itself.

Step 3. You keep thoughts under control

Many consider that a stress - result of influence of external circumstances. But actually a stress - internal reaction of each of us. The person who worries is similar to a squirrel in a cage: ourselves twist a wheel of negative thoughts which feed a stress.

Step 4. Find a way of a relaxation

U of everyone there can be the way to calm down and feel part of the big and harmonious world. Someone is helped by meditation, to someone - prayers, and for someone it is enough to take a walk in the wood or to connect a scarf. It is necessary to find occupation which will help you to forget about problems.

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