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Whether it is necessary to spend money for English teachers?

There is a wish to write articles absolutely without the general words. But without the general words it is impossible because we are in quite uninhabited country under the name “early development“, and conclusions to which you come are quite often unpredictable. But I honestly have to recognize that others unexpected conclusions very strongly irritate me. I treat the more quietly.

Main part. I think that in the standard way which only and is accepted by all teachers and groups of foreign languages in the first years of life the foreign language does not need to be learned. The same conclusion belongs to the first classes of elementary school. Last year I was indignant when I heard N. A. Zaytsev`s words that till twelve years it is better not to learn a foreign language, but it is an honest truth. I very much sympathize with teachers of a foreign language who need to be deprived of a salary, but it is difficult to imagine that they will hear my reasons. First of all, for what the child learns a foreign language? Himself needs to formulate it. Gogol wrote that education in women`s boards consists of three parts: French, “necessary for happiness of semeystvenny life“, piano and knitting of purses.


accurately formulated the purpose of learning of foreign language Here. And this aim needs to be pursued always.

Children who pass the ED (early development) program have enormous loading. In my opinion, they need whenever possible to be unloaded from all superfluous, to leave them more leisure hours for game and reflection about life and the more so it is necessary to exclude senseless hours of tension. To learn language for two - three lessons a week with the teacher, years are necessary. At whatever age the child arrived abroad, he will learn language much more deeply in weeks and months. It is senseless to learn words and expressions because, not supported with communication, they in the head of the child are not late. Dialogues - twenty - thirty phrases, simple answers to questions to which teach in groups of English do not bring closer to knowledge of language at adult age at all. It is possible to tell, of course, colleagues that my four-year-old daughter studies English, but this only thing for the sake of what you spend time, money and margin of safety of the child.

At once objections. And if he communicates with carriers of other languages? Then all on the contrary, give it the maximum chance to speak the native language with the grandmother - the Georgian or the neighbor - the Uzbek. It opens new layers in consciousness of the child, enormously strengthens his mind. The teacher of it cannot essentially achieve. (Except a case of the round-the-clock governess when it is necessary to enter the languages second, third etc.) And all - the main thing - for what you need language?? For future trip to capitalist countries these occupations are absolutely useless. I spent the last nineteen years in capitalist countries, and my experience of communication with children of all age shows that from the former Union with normal, necessary for this country (for Canada, the USA, Israel, Germany) language, practically never people come because at us in the country very few natural native speakers from which only and it is possible to learn. Moreover, none of my teachers even saw in due time any such “carrier“ in the life. Now the situation changed, but not essentially. You need language that the child could watch movies in English? But then you learn according to movies. Any teacher famous to me so does not learn. Take the movie necessary to you and sort it on scenes, learn scenes by heart, reconsider - it is excellent, very useful occupations. I did not write that English, I only about all types of occupations which it met today is not necessary. And whether there is a type of occupations which can be useful in the future?“ Whether there is such party“? Is. It is necessary to forget about conversations in classes and groups, all these “here from yo neym“ and “ouch em e fight“ but only to learn by heart, in detail sorting and repeating hundreds of times, verses and fairy tales. So that it were the finished intelligent pieces of the art text which will not be forgotten to death any more. It is necessary to spend for each such piece many months, but occupation should not be longer than seven - ten minutes a day, at the same time parents who will learn this piece together with the child can be the teacher. When it is required, especially in the environment, from these strong points of memory, the foreign language will be created in an explosive way for only a few weeks, there is enough only that in memory there were ten fairy tales or poems. But it saves an enormous piece is useless the thrown-out time, for many years the childhood. Moreover, the option which is offered by me allows to take two - three, even four different languages, spending on it not enough time. But each piece has to be chewed by the professional, the rest is completed, parents finish learning. That is not to wait for the program with which to you the teacher comes, and to address him with absolutely accurate order. whether

I Have experience of such teaching? Certainly. And with brilliant results. The learned fairy tales, were supported with viewing of movies in English and language arose by itself, nobody learned on is mute to talk. I conducted group of children of six people who earned even a reward for each learned fairy tale (all - it occurred in one Middle Eastern capitalist countries), and the most purposeful learned forty fairy tales.

during fair delivery of the fairy tale for receiving a salary (the size in one and a half portions of ice cream) needed to hand over to

five more fairy tales from old stocks - all this was business of minutes. That is fairy tales and movies at the minimum expense of children`s forces gave absolutely free English. I know language, but it was necessary to me with success by the same technique to teach languages which I knew only at the level of several learned by heart texts.

A of the judge who? If your acquaintances learned language with the teacher and write you that they abroad were well understood at once, then you do not treat it seriously. In any country you will be understood also without any language, especially in about ten words which you learn on the plane. Matter only in that you understood them, and no group will be able to teach this you (but only non-standard occupations - broadcasts, programs of news, sports reportings where speak sverkhbystro).

the Lesson of a foreign language for many families is a big financial tension, it is not justified at all. You learn with the child on couple Chinese and Arab better, they still will be useful to us.