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Terribly, even horror! How to cease to be afraid of sorts

the Fear of childbirth often happens at pregnant women, and than childbirth is closer, that the fear is stronger. He not only prevents the woman to enjoy happy time of pregnancy, but can negatively affect process of childbirth. Therefore it is important to get rid of fear and to be adjusted on the best.

Fear of the unknown

the Correct preparation for childbirth helps the woman to be adjusted by

psychologically and to learn to behave competently in labor, and of course if you in? are formed, there passes the fear of the unknown which always frightens people.

Now many courses for pregnant women exist. It is desirable to choose courses where there are occupations both with the psychologist, and with the obstetrician - the gynecologist, and with the pediatrician. Only then you will know about all aspects of childbirth. Unfortunately, happens so that on courses which are conducted only by psychologists inspire in the woman negative attitude to medical manipulations and cannot explain them sense, and on courses where there are only people with medical education, do not help to be adjusted correctly psychologically that especially important for emotional women. Courses of preparation for childbirth are useful not only because you obtain the reliable and clear information and get rid of fear of the unknown, but also because there you communicate with other future mothers, discuss similar problems.

On courses.

Besides courses, it is necessary to read books or magazines about childbirth. But it have to be popular editions about natural childbirth. You should not study the textbook on obstetrics and gynecology, such books are written for doctors and there the emphasis is placed on those situations when medical assistance is necessary, that is on the complicated course of childbirth.


In advance how there will take place your childbirth, make the plan. In psychology there is a special equipment which is called “modeling“. This equipment assumes creation of the scenario of favorable development of the situation and fixing of this experience in memory.

For many future mothers the maternity hospital is the first in life experience of stay in a hospital, and simply speaking - in hospital. Not to be frightened hospital corridors and chambers, it is desirable to get acquainted with the structure of maternity hospital in advance - better to descend there on excursion (it can be provided in a cycle of occupations for pregnant women or enter the contract for childbirth) or to read at least about the structure of maternity hospital in special literature for future mothers.

Fear of pain

Pain in a varying degree accompanies with

practically all childbirth. But data that it is terrible pain which cannot be sustained are incorrect.

From - for what pain arises? Pain is caused by irritation of the nervous terminations and nervous textures in a uterus and a neck of a uterus are objective reasons of its emergence. However in an organism there are protective mechanisms reducing pain: in the course of childbirth “pleasure hormones“ - endorphins are emitted. Besides, during pregnancy there is a partial denervation of a uterus - in it the amount of the nervous fibers which are carrying out painful sensitivity decreases.

the question Arises: why, despite it, pain nevertheless is felt? In many respects it is caused by fear. The fear reduces a pain threshold that is in order that the woman began to feel pain, the smaller quantity of painful impulses is required. The fear is always followed by increase in release of biologically active agents - adrenaline, noradrenaline, dopamine, serotonin which repeatedly strengthen pain. Of course, absolutely painless childbirth is hardly possible. But function of this pain - not to do much harm to the woman, and to help it to control process of childbirth. If eventually fights become stronger and long, and pain accrues - means, everything goes as it is necessary, and soon you will meet the kid. It is necessary to learn “to trust“ pains, but not to be afraid of it. Remember that physiological pain in labor happens small or average intensity, especially if you are relaxed and are positive to the events with you.

ways of self-anesthesia in labor (self-massage, breath, auto-training) Exist. They can be trained during pregnancy - at special schools and on courses for pregnant women, by means of literature. Ways of self-anesthesia considerably relieve pain. It is especially important “to watch“ pain in attempts. Often the midwife says to the woman what himself needs to make as it is possible more painfully. Actually it is necessary to send efforts to a point of the maximum pain, this pain helps you to understand that you make an effort correctly that your efforts are not vain.


needs Active participation of the woman in childbirth. In - the first, the more the woman is concentrated on how it is correct to it to behave in labor, the less at it remains to time for concentrating on pains. In - the second, active participation of the woman promotes the favorable result of childbirth.

What means the term “active position in labor“? It means that, in - the first, the woman has to control fights - their frequency and duration. In - the second, the woman should choose a comfortable position. You should not lie all the time - it is useful both to resemble and to stand and if you lie, then not to contract, and, on the contrary, to part legs and to relax. Situation is possible and it is necessary to change periodically. In - the third, in the course of childbirth it is useful to be engaged in auto-training, reminding itself that childbirth is the happiest event in life, here - here you will meet your long-awaited kid.

Should be remembered also responsibility. You can and have to influence what happens to you and your child. The medical personnel can help you, but will not be able to give rise for you. Besides, will be able to give you help, only if you listen that you are told, trust your doctor and the midwife. Especially it is important in the course of attempts: at this moment actually dictate to the woman in labor that when and as it is necessary to do. Remember that it is impossible just to wait until everything ends, both duration, and the result of childbirth first of all depend on you.

Fear “not to cope“ with childbirth

Should not forget

that childbirth is a natural completion of pregnancy. Everything is thought over by the nature, it does not force the person to endure that is higher than his forces.

It is possible for

and it is necessary to prepare itself for childbirth physically. Of course, wearisome physical activities and intensive trainings are contraindicated to pregnant women, but there are special exercises for future mothers.

It is good if at school for pregnant women there is gymnastic activity or water aerobics. These occupations help to remain with good physical shape that is very important as childbirth is a physical activity, and it is heavier to unexercised organism to stand her. Besides, during occupations by special gymnastics for pregnant women learn to train crotch muscles, to operate the body that according to your desire the necessary muscles worked or relaxed.

can Be engaged in

also at home. Sets of exercises can be found in specialized books and magazines, there are also special videocourses on DVD.

Fear of medical interventions

Some women, understanding that childbirth process natural, is afraid that in maternity hospital they are waited by unreasonable medical interventions which can do much harm to the kid. However childbirth process not only natural, but also very responsible therefore supervision of medical personnel is necessary. And all medical interventions are carried out only as necessary, at the same time the ratio of risk and advantage, any “excess“ drugs and manipulations to you is surely weighed will not offer. At receipt in maternity hospital or in advance (if you know what doctor will conduct childbirth) it is possible to tell the doctor about your desire that the number of medical interventions was minimum. If any prick or manipulation is offered to you, you have the right to receive the answer why and as far as it is necessary.

Most of all fears is usually caused by procedure of stimulation of patrimonial activity. These fears are partly connected with not really old past when for strengthening of fights it was possible to use only this way the called horse oxytocin which sometimes had negative effect on the kid. Now this preparation is not applied. These drugs are appointed if fights initially very weak, the neck of a uterus is not ready to childbirth: they allow to carry out stimulation carefully and effectively. Anyway stimulation of patrimonial activity is always used only for the benefit of mother and the child.

Fear for the kid

Day of childbirth are a day of birth of the new little man. Many women feel fear for the kid, are afraid that in the course of childbirth something happens to it, it is difficult for it too.

It is valid, during fight the kid has a stress because intake of oxygen is broken. But the kid has adaptation mechanisms: in response to decrease in intake of oxygen the heartbeat frequency therefore the condition of the kid does not suffer increases. Nevertheless, at long oxygen starvation process of adaptation can be broken. Therefore it is very important to breathe and relax correctly that there were no angiospasms and muscles of patrimonial ways and blood circulation did not suffer. Between fights it is possible to talk to the kid. Except that mother herself at the time of delivery helps the child, his state is watched by doctors. Heartbeat of a fruit is periodically listened by means of a stethoscope or registers by means of the special device. During attempts the midwife prompts to the woman how to behave so that not to do much harm to the kid.

After appearance of the baby on light it is examined by the special doctor - neonatolog which is engaged in health of newborn children. This is the highly qualified specialist who had special training for work with kids of the first month of life. The doctor already at the first survey will estimate work of all main systems of an organism, if necessary will appoint additional inspections. If the condition of the newborn demands any interventions, then now in each maternity hospital there is an equipment for delivery of health care even in the most serious cases.

Childbirth will surely end with a long-awaited meeting with your kid whom you love for a long time. He will be born, you will hear its first shout, then it will be put to you on a stomach and put to a breast. And you will feel incomparable happiness - happiness to be mother.

Talk to those who already passed through all this, and you will understand that childbirth is a small test in comparison by those feelings which you will have as a result. Childbirth is a home straight on the way to your dream to become mother therefore you should not be afraid of them.