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Norway: the way on the North of

in the north of Norway the sun does not go to bed in the Summer for the night, giving the chance to travelers to enjoy the nature and air of this earth so much how many they will want to afford.

the Main impression which is brought by the traveler from Norway - this earth is incredibly beautiful, and people who on it live are incredibly talented in ability this beauty to keep and ennoble. Well where still, tell, please, in the middle of the city, having descended from an asphalt path, you risk to step on cowberry berries? Where you will meet in park a mushroom clearing with chanterelles or birch mushrooms? Where you will be able to open a water tap and to fill a glass with the purest drinking water?

Norwegians are the real patriots not only the country, but also the nature. What tourists are offered to try (fantastic fishing, hunting, rest on lakes and fjords, campaigns and rafting on the fast rivers, foot walks in the summer and ski in the winter) are favourite types of rest of Norwegians. It is confirmed with statistics: aboriginals of this country spend time in nature and go hiking much more, than residents of other countries.

of the Viola - the city of the polar lights

the Way on the North of Norway, to the region Finnmark (it still call the Norwegian Lapland), conducts

through the Viola. The biggest city of the region which center is located in the depth of the fjord received the name “City of the Polar Lights“ in 2000 - thanks to the fact that here throughout several centuries there was a center of studying of this unique natural phenomenon. In the Viola it is worth being late to visit the museum of the city - the center of world heritage of art of rock drawings. From the central building of the museum along the fjord conduct a wooden planked footway, passing on which you will be able to see drawings which age of 10000 years on rocky plateaus! The guide will help to decipher ancient messages, and will seem to you improbable as in centuries these petroglyphs continue to tell us as they lived, than were engaged what trusted in what the people living on this very spot in the Stone Age were afraid of.

the Cape Nordkap

Northern Norway is an edge of various landscapes: the hills which overgrew the wood with the fast rivers in lowlands are replaced by quiet plains of plateaus, blue gulfs with salty water of fjords, fantastic views of the Arctic Ocean. The cape Nordkap on the island Magereya is a terminal point of continental Europe and one of the main sights of Norway. From its top point from - the unique view of the ocean kryvatsya. As the flow of tourists here never ran low, on the cape the big tourist center with a cinema hall, cafe with a panoramic view, an ecumenical chapel, the museum was open. Not to spoil a cape landscape, the center goes on 4 floors to depth of the rock and has the panoramic platform in its slope. Many come here to “appointment to the sun“ to see a huge solar sphere over the ocean which does not fall for the horizon.

Near the cape, on the same island, small, but very picturesque city of Honninsvoga - one of ports of Northern Norway where cruise vessels often stop is. Here one of attractive places for tourists - “Arktiko Ays of Bar“, constructed entirely of the ice brought in the winter from lakes of the Norwegian Lapland. In the summer visit of this bar before an entrance to which you dress a warm raincoat - a poncho, will be especially memorable.

Cape Nordkap: www. nordkapp. no

“Arktiko Ays of Bar“: www. articoicebar. com

Life in style eko

One more of important Norwegian impressions: lifestyle - in full harmony with the nature - dictates this style both in architecture, and in design. The Scandinavian design - with prevalence of natural materials, not striking, but having unique individual traits, - bribes and incredibly gains. In small hotel it is possible to see a ladder with rail-posts from equal birch columns, the fireplace which is laid out from river boulders, eaves for curtains from a trunk of a neoshkurenny linden. Fishing lodges to “rurb“, traditional for the North and restored, - one of popular forms of accommodation of tourists.

Forest hotels are worthy

the special story. Coming in the summer to fishing or hunting, in the winter - for the sake of ski travel or driving on dogsleds, you an okazyva? you etestsya in the real forest kingdom where - nibud on a mountain slope at the pure river and you live in timbered “ht - those“, sometimes - under the roof overgrown with the turning green grass. In such dwelling modern conveniences of hotel, homeliness, beauty and environmental friendliness of the wooden house are combined.

Recreation facility “Engkholm Haski Tyun“ - one of examples of such housing. Everything that is seen here by tourists, is made hands of the owner of this “forest witness marks“ Sven: chairs - from roots of pines, book shelves - from trunks of trees, lamps - from cervine horns and even a table-top - from slate, a stone, there are a lot of years of the employee to Norwegians raw materials for production of a stone tile. Besides, Sven is a hunter, the equestrian, the fisherman, the repeated winner of races on dogsleds, the owner of big dog nursery and just hospitable person. It with pleasure opens for guests all “treasures“ of the forest kingdom.

the Big contribution to the ecomovement was made by Sami - aboriginals of Northern Norway who very much make thrifty use of the culture and traditions. In the town of Karashok where 90% of the population speak on - Lappish, there is a theme park of the Lappish culture “Sampi“ and the Lappish parliament open for visit by tourists works.

Recreation facility “Engkholm Haski Tyun“: www. engholm. no

Park of the Lappish culture in Karashok: www. sampi. no

--> Skandi hotel: www. skandihotel. no

--> Recreation facility of “Ongajoksetra“: www. ongajok. no


Information on the country: visitnorway. ru

Information on festivals and holidays in Northern Norway: www. finnmark. com