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Childbirth together of

That daily watch was given extremely “shock“: women in labor arrived one by one. About ten o`clock in the evening the pregnant woman who under a hand was carefully supported by the husband entered an accident ward. It is quite normal when women are accompanied by relatives, but in this case I was waited by a surprise...

“The doctor, we with the wife will give birth together!“ - from a threshold resolute tone, peremptory, future father told.“ You undress so far, now I will examine your wife, and we will understand“, - I answered.

of the Practician of partner childbirth not only for our maternity hospital, but also for all our country is rather new though it is necessary to recognize that progress does not stand still, and the woman in labor who is in chamber together with the husband, and is more rare - with mother, the sister or the close girlfriend, any more surprises nobody. But in this situation it is important to the doctor conducting such childbirth to understand right at the beginning whether the partner will only be present at childbirth or will participate, empathize, giving to the woman in labor help which importance it is difficult to overestimate. So, participating in process of childbirth, the husband can give help which owing to physical load the personnel of maternity hospital cannot render: to do to the wife the anesthetizing massage, to drive her in a toilet, to bring water, and the most important - to support a positive spirit of the woman in labor that is very important for the successful end of childbirth. Unfortunately, so happens not always. If the decision to give birth together was spontaneous, insufficiently thought over or accepted especially under pressure of the wife, then such childbirth can be serious test both for a married couple, and for the medical personnel conducting childbirth. The situation when the husband is obviously negatively ready in relation to doctors and midwifes is even more unpleasant, it is confident that he knows better that it is necessary for his wife, and begins to direct obstetric crew, disturbing and considerably complicating work. I needed to understand at the first conversation by what arguments this married couple is guided, wishing to give birth together, and, therefore, to make the decision, to assume or not presence of the husband on childbirth that, considering our load that night, could be big help, but not a hindrance when conducting childbirth. I will make a reservation that presence of the father on childbirth can be provided in the contract, then we have no right to refuse to future father or other relatives. If the contract is not concluded, then in different maternity hospitals there are various “rules of the admission“: somewhere it is a number of analyses which has to hand over in advance and provide the man, somewhere - the diploma about preparation on special courses for future parents. Anyway these documents confirm existence of desire and readiness of future father, In our maternity hospital at the time of the taking place events it was accepted to rely on intuition of the doctor. the Weighed decision

Having dressed up as

as p, Maria (so called our woman in labor) entered viewing. When collecting the anamnesis it was found out that Maria is 27 years old, she is married 8 years. 5 years ago after the postponed heavy flu Maria had a spontaneous abortion in the term of 7 weeks then pregnancy did not come. This pregnancy came spontaneously and proceeded without complications, Maria consists on the account in a maternity welfare unit from 5 weeks of pregnancy. Ultrasonic researches are conducted three times, according to ultrasonography of essential pathological changes in a condition of a fruit is not revealed, a sex of the child at the request of parents they were not told. The last ultrasonography is made in 38 weeks of pregnancy, obvity umbilical cords around a fruit neck, the estimated weight of a fruit of 3500 g, a pre-natal condition of a fruit satisfactory is revealed double.

Ya asked Maria, than the desire to give birth together with the husband is caused.“ You know, this pregnancy gained, long-awaited, and we with the husband bore it together: together went to an appointment to a maternity welfare unit, together read books and magazines on pregnancy, together attended courses of preparation for childbirth. I do not even represent that my husband will not be near at midpoint of the birth of our child“, - Maria told. To admit honestly, her words calmed me as it turned out that the solution of this married couple to give birth together was not only mutual, but well thought over, and, above all, prepared.

As a matter of experience conducting partner childbirth, I drew a conclusion that not everyone, even very loving spouse can give real help and support in childbirth. It is caused by several moments:

  • of motivation - i.e. the reason for which the husband appeared in the maternity block. These reasons can be the most different: for example, insistance of the wife who is afraid to remain in private with patrimonial pain, a craze (“the friend helped the wife with labor, and I than worse“). There are cases when the man is movable by elementary interest, at last, the most undesirable option - when spouses, having passed experience of joint childbirth, expect to strengthen the reeled relationship. The family which decided to give birth together has to represent clearly that they it will not solve any problems which arose before pregnancy and childbirth as joint childbirth is a peculiar examination for each married couple. No doubt, only the correct motivation for childbirth with the husband is mutual, sincerely and carefully prepared desire of spouses to participate in sacrament of the birth of their kid, anyway, not only mother, but also the father are the main people in life of the little person;
  • of feature of character of the man have important value. The husband who made the decision to participate in process of childbirth has to not become puzzled at the right time, accurately the nobility in what time and what specifically to offer the help to the wife. Of course, for this purpose it is necessary to get ready for childbirth in advance - the nobility as childbirth what methods of a relaxation and anesthesia can be used proceed. The woman during active fights can forget about everything on light - here at this moment the husband can give invaluable help both to the woman in labor, and the kid for whom childbirth is also test;
  • nuances of relationship of spouses are also important very much. Going for childbirth, the husband has to understand accurately that he the help which he can render as if there was, is psychological assistance therefore between spouses there has to be a deep mutual understanding and trust to each other, Besides, very important point is readiness and ability of the man to give psychological support to the wife, and from the wife - this help to accept ability and desire.

Invaluable help

Currently pregnancy term according to all available information exactly 40 weeks. Two hours ago Maria noticed emergence of light watery allocations from a vagina, at the same time there were moderately expressed nagging pains in the bottom of a stomach. Survey on a chair showed that the fetal bubble is absent - i.e. houses at Maria departed amniotic waters, disclosure of a neck of a uterus of 2 cm

“Well, we enter childbirth“, - I told Andrey (so called the husband of our woman in labor). While Andrey changed clothes in the suit and footwear which are specially prepared for the maternity block, I checked, whether all analyses, namely: blood tests on HIV, RW (Wasserman`s reaction), hepatitises, and also fluorography - are carried out to future father. Fortunately, everything was in a full order, and Masha with the husband appeared in individual patrimonial chamber where they should spend several very important and responsible hours. Before carrying out couple to the maternity block, I asked Andrey whether it will be present during the potuzhny period of childbirth or will be together with the wife only during fights and will enter the delivery room when the kid already is born. Andrey told that they with the wife would like to be together during the entire periods of childbirth. Also we discussed an indispensable condition: if something goes not according to the plan and surgical intervention is required, at the request of the doctor Andrey will leave chamber.

to the Woman in labor KTG sensors (kardioto - kografiya) to define attached, a pre-natal condition of a fruit, and also frequency, a regularity and force of fights. Maria had fights of still weak force and rather rare: according to KTG, the kid felt well. I was called to accept again arriving patients, and I left this nice to me a family, having advised them to accustom to the chamber, to behave actively and to consider duration and duration of intervals between fights.

there went 4 hours from the moment of Maria`s arrival to maternity hospital, fights became gradually stronger, more often and more long. Repeated vaginal research showed that the neck of a uterus revealed on 5 cm. As pain became quite notable, Andrey from the beginning of fight carried out to the wife massage of area of a sacrum. Maria behaved quietly, on a question whether anesthesia is necessary, answered that massage does pain quite tolerant, and refused application of medicines. When fight abated, spouses went on chamber, quietly talked about something special.

Already for anybody not a secret that presence of the native person during patrimonial process significantly reduces pain that several times reduces need to apply medicamentous means, at the same time does not need to be forgotten that practically any anesthetic in a varying degree exerts impact on a fruit. By doctors it is noticed that participation of the husband or other loved one not only influences reduction of pain, but also leads to decrease in frequency of complications during patrimonial process, apparently, what such special at presence near the husband`s woman in labor? But to these positive moments there is a scientific confirmation. The matter is that patrimonial pain is in many respects caused by an emotional component. The fear of pain does this pain stronger, the fear of unfamiliar medical personnel, an unfamiliar situation of maternity hospital, a frightening type of medical tools and the equipment joins it: all this leads to a spasm (narrowing) of vessels, and, as a result, - to decrease in blood supply of a placenta and fruit that can be shown in the form of a pre-natal hypoxia (i.e. insufficient intake of oxygen) a fruit, or in the form of anomalies of the patrimonial act (for example, weakness of patrimonial activity).

the Meeting with the kid

Childbirth at Maria went without deviations: the fruit, according to KTG and listening of warm tones an obstetric stethoscope, felt normally, opening of a neck of a uterus was almost full. The woman in labor at the time of fight sat on a fitball (a big inflatable ball), bending forward and relying on the husband, together with Andrey they prodykhivat each fight. After a while I was called Cars by the husband: our woman in labor felt desire to be extinguished. At survey it is found out that the fruit head already fell to a cavity of a small pelvis and began the way on patrimonial ways. “You will see the child soon“, - I told, and we began to prepare for reception of childbirth.

Andrey helped Masha to settle on a bed which was transformed to a maternity chair, and held the post at the spouse`s head. On the other hand from Maria there were I, listening to heartbeat of a fruit after each attempt. Andrey behaved rather quietly that gave to Masha forces. During fight it raised the wife`s head, helping as it is possible to be extinguished stronger. The head of the child moved ahead on patrimonial ways well, at the time of fight temnenky hair on a nape of the kid were already visible. Shortly the head was cut through, i.e. did not go out of fight to the patrimonial canal.“ So, there came very important point, listen attentively when the midwife tells not to make an effort, Masha, you will often breathe as a doggie to prodyshat fight, at this moment the midwife will remove a head. If to make an effort - there will be gaps“, - I told.

here at last the head, then a coat hanger and all little body completely was born

I, and we saw the wonderful girl who announced ringing shout of a wall of maternity chamber. The neck of the child was twisted with an umbilical cord loop, but obvity, fortunately, was not hard. The newborn put on mother`s stomach, Andrey was granted the right to cross an umbilical cord that the newly made father also made the hands shivering for nervousness. The baby put on a little table for newborns, and the doctor - neonatolog started survey of the little patient. Andrey stood nearby, without cramping happy eyes from the daughter. While the father admired the baby, at Maria the afterbirth departed, patrimonial ways were examined - gaps are not revealed. Having put a bubble with ice on the woman in childbirth stomach, the midwife started processing of the newborn, performed necessary measurements - the weight of 3530 g, height of 53 cm of Neonatolog estimated the girl`s condition at the birth on 8 points, in 5 minutes - on 9 points on a scale Apgar.

After all necessary manipulations were finished by

, we put the baby to mother`s breast where it actively zachmokat. For some time we left happy family, having given to spouses the chance to properly consider the long-awaited daughter and to get acquainted with it. To me Andrey`s words that he did not feel sharper positive feelings anywhere and never were remembered.