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As we tried on the Golden Ring (on August 06 - 11, 2001). Part 2

Part 1 can be read here.

the Reach - the town tiny, silent, coming to life only with arrival of big passenger motor ships. With pleasure visited Levitan house museum there. Funny, but the sketch to the well-known picture “Over Eternal Rest“ was pleasant to me much more the picture.

In the Reach we decided to spend the night in the “wild“ way, drove off from the city and hardly, but all - found descent to Volga. Night was magic! Having bathed in warm water, sat ashore, drank beer and stared at the barges passing across Volga. And in the morning, having taken a walk in the city, went to Kostroma .

In Kostroma first of all examined the main local sight - Ipatiev Monastery. By this moment we already a little “perekushala“ of the Russian architecture therefore did not go to the next museum of wooden constructions. At first were not even going to spend the night in Kostroma, but remained, and did not regret. The hotel appeared in the center of the old city, walk - I do not want! Kostroma - the city - the merchant: the oldest buildings - Malls. This infinite construction, real labyrinth! And still, it appears, in Kostroma shot one of my favourite movies “Cruel Romance“, a landing-stage to which “Swallow“ was moored, is to itself at pier, and above Volga - the arbor which flew in one episode of the movie. Yes, it forgot to be cried: in one (!) the city from those that we visited there is no hot water in the summer, and lighting does not work at streets. Well, the small lamp can and be brought with itself, and not to wash here week... Br - r - r! So we climbed to bathe to Volga at each opportunity. Kostroma fell into the best state, there is a lot of advertizing and night street cafes, streets poorly - are poorly lit with them.

Having had a rest, we went to Rostov . Nero`s lake, from far away madly beautiful, was full of ooze and silt (by the way, one of name origin options - “oozy“ in translation from the Finn - Ugrian). And the city made the depressing impression: the fair part of locals (irrespective of gender and age) professionally is engaged in begging. It terribly irritates when within several hours around you adult uncles and dirty children go and monotonously beg “on hlebushka“. We escaped from them only in the metropolitan residence which is called still the Rostov Kremlin. The most beautiful place, and the only thing which to us was found where it is possible to bypass part of perimeter on walls and transitions, - usually for some reason there tourists are not let. All other city - practically ruins. On each street there are 1 - 2 signs “production of monuments and sepulchral fencings“. Grocery stores meet less often... Generally, we ran away from there to Uglich .

Uglich - the city just sterile, something in it is ineradicably socialist. Public catering cafes are closed hours at 6 in the evening, there are no shashlychnik in the city so with a dinner there were problems. It was necessary to go to restaurant at hotel (it in the city only), it appeared quite expensively even to the Moscow measures. The territory of Uglich Kremlin with Dimitrii`s temple on blood all in entrenchments - archeologists rummage, and the temple is closed on restoration. So it was necessary to be satisfied with walk on the city. The most beautiful place - the embankment, especially in the evening. A little the disco roar from the central park spoils impression, it is heard it in all city. Against to put it mildly provinciality wildishly and very funny the Internet cafe constructed at orphanage on money of the American sponsor looks. However, I at children did not notice a particular interest in the Network, they come there to play “shooter games“, and only. But pupils of children`s serve this cafe, and still are engaged in sewing and sale of various textile souvenir products. Good fellows children, just are not present words.

we plowed

From Uglich to Tver through Kalyazin, the husband very much wanted to show me in Kalyazin the flooded churches. The impression is horrible: the belltower sticks out of water, and near it there passes the passenger motor ship... And Tver - well, almost Moscow. Small only. Subtracted quite amusing fact on the tourist scheme. Among local sights the monument - Karl Marx`s bust erected not in 1918, not in 1919 was mentioned. The originator grieved: “In 1991 the monument was partially destroyed“, and right there exulted: “but in 1993 - it is restored!“ . Having spent the night, we came out to native Leningradskoye Highway. Home!!!

the Appendix - for those who want to repeat our travel:

  1. is better to move in the opposite direction: Yaroslavl region, then Kostroma, Ivanovo and Vladimir. All the most ancient and beautiful will be at the end.
  2. Be careful
  3. on the road. Quite most part of the population moves by bicycles, and in very drunk look. As a result - the cyclist who is peacefully grazed on a roadside can make unexpected maneuver and finish the course of life under wheels of your car. We witnessed such incident then went round cyclists on counter.
  4. In sense of acquisition of gifts - souvenirs for the family to me Kostroma and Suzdal attracted. In the Kostroma malls there is a company shop trading in local linen products at the modest prices, and in the Suzdal malls a huge number of various goods of local production.
  5. automatic roaming of MTS does not work with
  6. In the Ivanovo region, it is necessary to go in Moscow to office of MTS and roaming in advance to include. Though it is possible and not to include... What there to watch - that, in Ivanov? Pass quicker, and let it pass.

of Pleasant travel!