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Good to you dream!

Health of any person very strongly depend on quality of a dream. Law of the nature rather simple: the sun rose - it is necessary to work. The sun set - all nature locks, it is necessary to reduce activity and to go to bed.

you go To bed early and get up early

Why it is better to go to bed at this particular time? Approximately with 21. 00 before one o`clock in the morning our nervous system has a rest - it is proved by scientific researches. If the person has not a rest at this time, his nervous system is exhausted, and it leads to various diseases - mental and physical.

Especially serious consequences can be at those who work in night shifts. Modern researches show, at such people in 2 - 3 the nervous system can be completely loosened. All nature has a rest at night. The person - too part of the nature therefore at night we should sleep. If you need to work at night, try to sleep at least till two o`clock and only then to get to work.

it is the best of all for p to Rise in the morning with sunrise. On an Ayurveda, the dream after six - seven does not bear morning to us any advantage. And the dream after 8 in the morning is even harmful because we are left by thin energy, the nervous system collapses.“ Who goes to bed early, that health, wealth and mind acquires“ - this ancient having talked is very actual. To be gathered solar energy, ideally it is necessary to rise with sunrise or slightly earlier. At dawn very strong energy of happiness, and people is filled with it.

the theory about larks and owls is popular

Now. But owls appeared quite recently! Did not invent electricity yet, no owls could be! But, as if the person justified the daily routine with the fact that he an owl and cannot early go to bed in any way, it is necessary to understand that the vigil ruins health over time.

All living beings live on a cyclic rhythm. The peak of level of immune cages falls on one o`clock in the morning (T - helper), at 2 o`clock the level of hormone of growth reaches a maximum, at midday a maximum level hemoglobin. In 16. The 00th maximum to temperature, bodies, pulse rate and a blood pressure, in 18. 00 liquid is as fast as possible removed from an organism, in 21. 00 below everything a pain threshold and so on.

you do not sleep too long

to the Healthy person for good rest enough seven hours of a dream. Depending on different conditions (the constitution, age, a state of health) the quantity of a dream can change a little. But, if to you to have a rest and feel vigorous, it is necessary much more a dream, it is a signal to reflect: whether enough harmoniously you live? If you do not get enough sleep in 7 hours, it is necessary to work on a way of life and to change habits.

do not forget

about dream rhythms

Very important to know that there are dream rhythms. Each cycle of a dream proceeds 1,5 hours and if to wake the person in the middle of a cycle, then he will feel all day broken, it will be hurt by the head. You can oversleep 8 hours 20 minutes and at the same time will not have a rest. It is necessary to sleep an hour and a half, three, four and a half, six, seven and a half or in the maximum mode of 9 hours.

Remove from a bedroom the TV

the TV has to be in other room. The it is farther from that place where you sleep, the dream is healthier. It is desirable that near a bed spiritual books lay, it is better - the sacred writing. At the same time you watch that in your bedroom it was beautiful and cozy. Graceful, harmonious things bear to spouses energy of Venus without which marriage cannot be harmonious. If the situation in a bedroom too simple and minimalist, then at the man at some stage arises thirst for other women, to it not? obkhodima energy of love and cosiness.

Think of separate bedrooms for spouses

As modern spouses sleep? Most often in one bed, in the same bed - the child moreover and a dog lies in legs! It is wrong. The Ayurveda does not recommend to spouses to sleep in one bed, same confirm also scientific researches. When spouses sleep in one bed, their nervous system fully has not a rest, people do not relax. And for the woman the joint dream is not really bad, the man suffers from it much more even if he snores more loudly... The matter is that by the nature the man is a defender. Therefore even in a dream it continues to carry out power function of protection. Also cannot relax even if completely trusts the woman. The man needs several years that his subconsciousness got used that nearby someone sleeps.

you Sleep correctly

important to fill up on the right side, at the same time we begin to breathe through the left nostril, and then becomes more active related Nadia (the power channel) which cools and the organism calms that promotes more deep and useful sleep. If you sleep on the left side, then the right nostril and related Nadia works more actively that promotes digestion and in general stimulates a body. Therefore it is recommended to lie down till a lunch on the left side.

you do not sleep at sunset even if very much were tired. On an Ayurveda, such dream gives nothing to the person, and opposite, deprives of energy. If you sometime went to bed in the evening, then for certain noticed that you have not a rest at all and felt broken.

you do not sleep-headed on the North, otherwise the magnetic field of Earth weakens blood circulation in peripheral arteries that conducts to concern, irritability, confusion in thoughts. Position of the head to the East promotes a meditative dream, to the South - the deep sleep giving rest for a body, and to the West - to rough, bright dreams.