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Israel. The most children`s hotels

Once, at the time of the USSR, tried to take out all Soviet families for summer of children to Anapa. Anapa was considered as the most “children`s“ resort: the beach - sandy, calling the sea - smooth, sanatoria and boarding houses - specialized... Now, when our people glanced (and many - and stared, and not once) for “Iron Curtain“, it became clear: there are also other vacation spots. There beaches are purer, the sea is more tender, service is better... And Anapa gradually lost the “children`s“ status. Mothers and fathers try to take out children far away from native coast now.


of Opportunities for rest more, but also the quantity of questions which parents do not cease to set to themselves and each other increased. Where to go to have a rest with the child? What hotel to choose? Whether will be what to feed the kid?

we will make a reservation At once: our list of “children`s“ hotels included only sea hotels. In total - rest with kids, first of all, - beach. Sights are good for school students. And the malyena - zoos, oceanariums, amusement parks and the sea - the sea - the sea...

To the resorts of Israel (we do not speak about resorts on the bank of the Dead Sea since it is impossible to lap and dive in its waters), it is possible to recover safely even with the least babies. In general, in this country - a cult of children. Everything is focused on them. The main thing - is correct to choose rest time (that was not really hot: optimum April - March and September - October) and hotel (such that it was more comfortable and more interesting to children, and to parents - it is simpler). Though, to be fair, it should be noted: practically in each hotel of the Holy Land with children it is convenient to have a rest.

Where to live and than to entertain?

in principle, it is possible to stop in any - even 3 - star - hotel. Stardom first of all will affect the sizes of hotel, but not purity and level of service in any way. But that to children was not only it is comfortable, but also it is interesting, it is better to stop the choice on one of family hotels. As a rule, game rooms, paddling pools, various entertainment programs are provided there...

What to feed with


In Israel during the whole year are removed by several harvests of vegetables and fruit. And so on surprisingly beautiful and tasty! There are even water-melons without stones. In any city there are “Russian shops“ where the same products, as in Russia, the same production and even in the same packings are on sale. Natives of the former USSR work there: Ukrainians, Belarusians, Russians... In all shops - both “Russian“, and “local“, there are a lot of milk and quality fermented milk products. It is a lot of products (including ready to the use) for children till three years. So if necessary independently it is possible to feed the child. But in it, as a rule, there is no need.

In hotels - especially in those which position themselves as family, - a various buffet. There are special children`s stools and “children`s“ dishes. The last, as a rule, are not in great demand among Russians - our children with pleasure absorb food from an adult table. For example, for breakfast such set of dishes is offered: cottage cheese of various fat content (from 0% to 18%), cheeses, yogurts, vegetables, fruit, muesli, milk, eggs in different types (eggs are fried how to put in a plate), fresh pastries. During the day - free of charge juice, fruit and freshly cooked cookies. In total highest quality. Children hungry do not remain.


Moreover, to each little guest of hotel at restaurant attaches“ the individual cleaner - to quickly select what is casual and in a large number falls under a table.

Should not be worried that breakfast time (a lunch - a dinner) passed, and the child “ate nothing“. In Israel with big understanding treat children`s features and even whims.“ We had a rest in Eilat with the child 2 - x years, - the Muscovite Elena D. tells - to eat decided to go in „ the first “ change a bit earlier to get at the sea. But faced such problem: the daughter, having for the first time appeared at restaurant, under impression of abundance of food and the people, actually ate nothing - only turned on the parties. When time to release little tables for following „ came; changes “ we managed to push nothing into our princess. Managers of restaurant, seeing our upset persons, invited us to have breakfast with the daughter several times - so far the restaurant is open for vacationers“.

Red Sea. Eilat. Magic Palace hotel (network of Fattal hotels).

of Magic Palace offers the guests the concept of rest: 5 stars for adults + 5 stars for small.

Surprises expect kids, since first minute of stay in hotel. On an entrance little guests are welcomed by characters of favourite fairy tales which conduct them in special “nursery“ of registration. Here kids are photographed and issue them the special “guest passport“ and “check-book“ for receiving free drinks, food and snack.

But the most important secret of Magic Palace disappears in “The magic jungle“. It is children`s club with video games, pass - movie theater and various entertainments at which kind fantastic heroes in colourful suits hand to children gifts.

of Magic Palace - the only hotel in Israel working in the non mode - stop:

Near hotel - an oceanarium, a dolphin reef and an amusement park of Kings City (volume three - and four-dimensional cinema, travel by boats, an enormous cave with 65 interactive elements, huge labyrinths, the “curve“ room, games from the series “test yourself“, the special optical devices creating interesting holograms, falls of the tsar Solomon, robots.

Not so long ago in family hotels of a network clubs for teenagers of 9 - 17 years opened. Bright paints, huge convenient padded stools, liquid crystal screens, simulators, dancing rugs, - in clubs are everything that is pleasant to teenagers. Here also entertainment programs according to interests of young clients are developed.

Mediterranean Sea. Haifa. LEONARDO hotel

the Only hotel in Haifa located directly on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. In spacious rooms parents even with four children can settle down.

At restaurant - the special children`s menu. The children`s club works - here tutors conduct lessons of creativity and other children`s actions. The paddling pool is open.

Among the sights located near hotel - Bakhaysky gardens, the German settlement, the observation post “Stella Maris“, the valley Nisens. On Saturdays the free sightseeing tour will be organized. In Haifa the interesting zoo works - in it there are practically no closed cages. Visitors can call on lemurs, the most various birds, marine animals.

Mediterranean Sea. Baht - Holes. Mercure Bat hotel - Yam.

the Hotel is located

on the coast. Nearby - the beach: clean white sand, smooth calling water. Two-room numbers with terraces and a view of the sea are optimum for placement of families with two children. There are no special children`s options in hotel (except the pool, the children`s menu and stools for feeding at restaurant). But its arrangement - in the quiet resort town and at the same time - near Tel - Abibus with his numerous entertainment centers, children`s clubs, a zoo - the safari, various cafes does it very convenient for family rest. We recommend to visit chocolate cafe where children with pleasure at first squeeze out from tubes chocolate on plates, draw them lodges and the suns, and then selflessly pinch the creativity. And everything repeats again.