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Acne of pregnancy

As a rule, future mummies note that their skin became much better and directly - shines beauty. And still in certain cases it needs additional leaving: about 25% of women during pregnancy face an unexpected problem: on skin acne rash - so-called a pregnancy acne develops. How somewhat quicker to get rid of an uninvited misfortune?

of the Acne of pregnancy - the same that an acne of the teenage period?

Is not present

, but also in the first, and in the second case it arises during those periods of life when in an organism there are most considerable hormonal changes. Youthful by an acne it is connected with hypersensitivity of skin to men`s hormones (androgens) which provoke excess production of a sebum (skin fat). At teenage age spots are usually localized in a forehead, on a nose, a chin and a back. At pregnant women the organism is overflowed with hormones of a placenta and fruit, and skin shortcomings will be shown on cheeks, a neck and in the field of a decollete rather.

During what period of pregnancy the acne can develop?

at the beginning of pregnancy, most often between the second and fifth months as this period is characterized by the most rough physiological and hormonal reorganization of an organism. Later the situation is stabilized up to the childbirth. Thus, having safely overcome a boundary of five months, you will hardly face this problem later. whether

the way of safe treatment of this sort of an acne Is?

the techniques adapted for future mothers and safe for the child Exist. Anyway not to do without consultation of the expert. Just in case it is necessary to know that use of vitamin A in the form of acids, and also antibiotics of group of tetratsiklin during pregnancy is strictly forbidden!

In exchange can offer

medical procedure of clarification of skin in combination with an ultraeasy peeling the glycoleft acid. It will allow to get rid of papules or small knots which are responsible for emergence of scars on skin. Attention! You should not carry out a peeling in the spring and in the summer, in the period of hyperactivity of the sun to avoid hyperpegmentation. Anyway you should not disregard a problem, hoping that everything will pass by itself. The acne which was not timely and correctly cured will disappear after the child`s birth much more slowly and can leave marks on skin. whether

the Truth that the fat and mixed types of skin are more subject to these problems?

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as this form of an acne is not connected with a surplus of skin fat. More likely, its quality changes. Normal and dry skin with a narrow time is not able to evacuate in time it why spots develop. It is also necessary to remember that the constant stress connected with professional activity, fatigue, the suppressed mood rashes can provoke or aggravate already arisen problem. whether

the decorative cosmetics Can aggravate with

a situation?

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. On the contrary, during this period recommend to put the correcting means as there is nothing worse for mood of future mother, than every day to see in a mirror that skin changes not for the better. The psychological discomfort can strengthen skin problems. The only necessary condition - to choose not forming eels (i.e. nekomedogenny) products and to strictly follow rules of hygiene both when drawing voice-frequency means, and at removal of cosmetics not to allow penetration of an infection.

of What should not be undertaken under no circumstances?

does not need to touch heat-spots not to bring a bacterium which, having lodged on skin, will cause an infection. But even if all manipulations are made by clean hands and with observance of all rules of hygiene, they can cause microdamages to fabrics. Also you should not be set up the sun which is anyway not recommended to future mothers as promotes emergence of a mask of pregnancy (hloazma). Thickening skin, sunshine literally immure spots which from it inflame even stronger. Moreover, the sun can pigment small scars which are formed in the course of healing and to leave brown or violet spots on skin. whether

Should use conditioning agents for fat skin?

skin does not suffer from

During this period from surplus of a sebum therefore it is not recommended to look after her as behind the skin subject teenage an acne, and to use in addition to the treatment ordered by the dermatologist, too caustic means which can dry up skin and make it more vulnerable. Nevertheless locally (i.e. directly in places of especially severe rashes) it is possible to do a soft peeling, to put the clearing mask and to choose in special cosmetic lines antiseptic lotion or gel which need to be used strictly on skin sites subject to troubles. whether

needs to pay attention to food?

If to exclude from a smoked product diet, chocolate, dishes with hot sauces and to give preference to fruit and vegetables which are vitamin-rich complexion and appearance of skin, certainly, will improve. However, unfortunately, the healthy diet does not influence spots of an acne, peculiar to pregnancy in any way. Nevertheless the young women expecting the child can advise to eat easy food, to observe a day regimen, eating in certain hours in a quiet situation and not to pick. In other words, to use lunch time to relax and avoid a stress which is the factor provoking and aggravating skin problems.