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The most useful tea

Tea in bags can be more useful than krupnolistovy. Milk does drink more tasty, but it is not healthier. And it is not all secrets of tea which should be known.

That there, in a cup of tea?

Caffeine - softly tones up

, increases physical and intellectual working capacity, takes off fatigue, accelerates process of removal of fats, renders easy diuretic effect, regulates the general metabolism.

Tannins - help to bring toxins out of an organism and strengthen walls of vessels.

Complex of minerals (potassium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, barium, iodine, nickel, pine forest, copper...) - stimulates a metabolism, favorably influences many processes in an organism.

Tianin - unique amino acid: meets only in tea and in some species of mushrooms. With caffeine stimulates work of a brain in the company.

Vitamins C, B1, B2, PP, B15, routines - them in tea as it became clear, a little, they partially collapse in processing of leaves. But in drink the vitamin K providing normal coagulability of blood is found.

than What
color is more useful?
in recent years scientists incline more and more that the champion on usefulness among teas cannot be allocated. Yes, in green tea there are more active forms of catechins. But red and black tea are very good too, just work a little in a different way. The main thing - to keep useful properties of tea at preparation.

Catechins - powerful bioactive connections. They do elastic walls of vessels, reduce fragility of capillaries, prevent development of atherosclerosis. Besides, tea catechins - the strong antioxidants reducing risk of oncological diseases. Catechins protect cage DNA from radiation and free radicals destroy. Primenenyat extract of green tea at Alzheimer and Parkinson`s diseases, at prostatitis. As it is better for p to make


In Japanese . Green tea is pounded in powder in a special porcelain mortar in the beginning, then filled up in the small portions in previously warmed porcelain teapot, add hot water (about +60 °C) and shake up tea a rice metelochka to a consistence of liquid sour cream. Tartly and fragrantly. Proportions: 100 - 120 g of tea leaves on 500 ml of water.

Verdict of scientists. Too strong! Too high concentration of caffeine in tea does not suit citizens with a high pressure and sleeplessness.

In English . Black Indian or Ceylon tea is made boiled water (1 h l. tea leaves on 150 ml of water plus of 1 more h l. on a teapot). While tea is drawn, in strongly warmed cups pour 2 - 3 tablespoons of warm milk, and already add tea to it.

Verdict of scientists. There are data what protein of milk reacts with catechins from tea, and it is possible, neutralizes their advantage. Not therefore whether in Britain, despite national love to tea, the level of heart and oncological diseases is not lower, than in less “tea“ countries?

How many tea is necessary for the person that...
... to reduce risk of development of cancer? 7 - 8 small (on 100 - 150 ml) cups of green tea in day. For the maximum effect it is better to divide them into 3 receptions.... to increase working capacity? 2 - 3 cups of tea since morning will supply with a dose of a tianin which will help to keep all day high concentration of attention.... to reduce the level of cholesterol and to be protected from atherosclerosis? 2 cups of tea a day will reduce risk by 46%, and 4 cups - for 69%.

In Russian . Black tea is filled up in the warmed porcelain teapot, filled in with boiled water approximately on a third of volume. In 2 minutes add boiled water, maintain a teapot under a napkin a little and spill tea, if necessary diluting with water. Proportions: on average 1 h l. tea on 200 g of water.

Verdict of scientists. Everything is good, but we are ruined by a general habit to put sugar in a cup of tea: it reduces useful effect of the vitamins which are a part of tea. However, harm partly compensates other national custom - to put a lemon slice in a cup of tea.

On - Chinese . In a special cup with a cover gayvan fill up 4 - 5 g of tea and at once fill in with water to a half of volume (about 100 ml). Draw tea strictly 2 - 2,5 minutes (for some grades at most 3 - 4 minutes), pour in a drinking bowl and drink tea without sugar and seasonings. Then all repeat (high-quality tea make up to 4 - 5 times).

Verdict of scientists. An ideal way to derive all benefit from tea. Leaf teas of the premium it is not just possible, and it is necessary to make several times: their valuable components pass into infusion slowly. It is better to make tea “nedokipevshy“ water which is not grown poor by oxygen yet.

we Read to


of Flowery (flower) - tea contains the semi-dismissed tipsa (tea kidneys) which give especially strong aroma. Pekoe - long leaf tea, contains small top leaves of tea and a tipsa, however it is significantly less of last, than in Flowery. Tart taste.

of Broken - the broken, that is crushed tea.

of Sushong - tea from the old leaves growing close to a trunk.

of FOP (flowery orange pekoe) - quality leaf tea with a large number of tea kidneys.

of OP (orange pekoe) - quality leaf tea.

of FP (flowery pekoe) - the leaf tea containing tipsa.

of PS (pekoe sushong) - leaf tea of low quality.

the THIEF (broken orange pekoe) - srednelistovy quality (broken) tea.

When the bag is better than
weighed out
That useful substances passed from tea leaves into water, more time is required to those, than tea leaflets are larger. Therefore if you want some green tea, but you have no time for the put 2 - 3 tea leaves, take expensive high-quality tea in bags better: tea leaves in them are crushed and will quicker give catechins and other valuable connections.

the Tea rainbow

Green and white tea do not pass fermentation. Fermentation is a fermentation in the cool, damp and dark room. In the course of it polyphenols are oxidized, leaves of tea get a copper shade, caffeine becomes more active.

Yellow tea is fermented by

not for long and on properties is very close to green.

Red tea is exposed to fermentation longer than yellow; its taste more intensively and closer to black.

Black tea passes fully all stages of processing, including final drying in special cars at a temperature of +92... + 950C. Therefore at tea the most rich color of infusion and very tart taste.

Tea Caffeine Catechins
Chinese green with a jasmine 151 2125
the Ceylon black BOP 136 99,5
the Chinese green GP 132 1681
the Vietnamese black PS 119 50,4
the Indonesian black W 118 32,7
the Indian black BPS 113 10,7
the Ceylon black BOPF 110 71,3
the Kenyan black granulated BP 107 10,8
the Indian black FBOP 106 23,4
Indian Darjeeling krupnolistovy 102 68,6
Assam krupnolistovy 95 26,6
Ceylon black OPA 85 49,4