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Such sweet first spoon of a feeding up!

There now, passed the first alarms and experiences of childbirth, a long-awaited meeting with the kid, the first applying to a breast, the first “Aga!“ the first revolution on a flank and such kindest and desired smile. You already actively walk on the street, with enormous interest examining such big and marvelous people around you objects which names seem strange. You already so matured that you independently sit (well, frankly speaking, reeling, very shy, but independently, with eyes full of delight). You is interested you watch how mother takes in a hand a piece something (for the present you do not know what) and puts fragrant to himself there, than kisses you every morning (i.e. in a mouth). And, at last, at you the first pass anniversary - to you it was executed half-year! You got up on the second step of the fascinating and fascinating development - introduction of a feeding up!


So, from all aforesaid it is possible to allocate six highlights of readiness of the baby for introduction of the first feeding up:

First - to the kid was 6 months old, and his weight increased twice from the moment of the birth.

Second - the baby independently and surely holds a head, inclines it, turns away.

Third - the baby sits independently or with the minimum support of mummy.

Fourth - lacks your milk to it any more though you do not limit it and put to a breast of 10 - 12 times a day. But the baby it is all the same hungry what excitement, nervousness and simply crying testifies to.

Fifth - the kid shows interest in food.

If the behavior and a condition of your kid answers with

to these points, so you with full readiness undertake duties the chief - cooks for it on the next year three! It is necessary to carry out such pass the test which answer will put the last end to a question of introduction of a feeding up. It will also be the sixth moment of introduction of new food: define - whether the kid copes with a food proglatyvaniye. For this purpose it is necessary to allow to it to try something from the menu of the first feeding up (that - you have to define, we can recommend only insistently), absolutely slightly - slightly and pyureobrazny.

needs to be noticed at once that these moments are only fundamental in the choice of the first of “adult food“, so to speak, ideally. Actually limits of input of food can fluctuate for a number of reasons. Such as artificial feeding of the kid, small or excess weight, problems with intestines, hemoglobin, symptoms of rickets and even emergence of the first zubik in the baby.

a Number of the famous experts of pediatrics consider that Mother Nature independently entered selection criteria and formations of food for children - babies. And such criteria are called biological, one of manifestations of which is the prorezyvaniye of zubik. Thus the nature gives a sign that the child is ready to firmer, but still uniform food. That is before emergence in the kid of teeth we feed only with dairy products: a mother`s milk at natural feeding, mix - at artificial. A combination of the first and second - at the mixed feeding. As soon as there was the first tooth - the kid is ready to try something brand new!


Here we strongly recommends careful mothers not to be lost, and with patience to study all existing theories on this matter: from feeding as juice in 1,5 months and early diathesis (that goes from our grandmothers), to the dairy rivers for zubastenky seven monthly peanuts and to choose for itself the most acceptable option. Further does not prevent to take analyses on dysbacteriosis, a kaptogramma, the general blood test. So you will be able precisely and authentically to learn a condition of an organism of a young gourmet that not to aggravate with new tests a picture, God forbid, of the beginning illness. To remember the main thing - any theory is not panacea, everyone the baby and its organism is individual also what well and is useful for one - it can be harmful to another. Therefore it is better to make any experiments with food on himself!

needs Also to know distinctions between dokormy and a feeding up. Dokorm is products which finish feeding the baby, filling shortage of a maternal milk (a donor milk, mixes, cow`s and goat milk). The feeding up is a conscious schooling of the baby to adult food.

So, we were in the home stretch - armed with knowledge base, results of analyses and a silver spoon for the first zubik, are ready to begin to create and tempt the kid all with a new and new delicacy of cookery. However be not overzealous. Also do not do a cult of food for children - the food has to be healthy and useful! Any new food has to be entered into the baby`s diet very carefully and gradually. Today gave a spoon and three days we wait for response of an organism, paying special attention to a chair, skin and a dream of a bittock. If everything passed successfully - we increase a dose, bringing to necessary norm. If there was rash, the sleep or a chair was interrupted - it is immediately forgotten about a product at least for 2 - 3 months.

Arises questions: What products to use? From what to begin to enter new food? That it is better to give to the baby: or to prepare a lunch from a jar the hands?

Give to

everything one after another. Frankly speaking, in the world of children`s pediatrics and dietology there is no consensus on the fact that to enter the first into a diet of the kid. But the structure and options of products are conventional. Enter them: vegetable and fruit puree, kefir and cottage cheese, dairy - krupyany porridges, meat, fish, an egg yolk. Let`s repeat: from what to begin - to choose to you, we only recommend.

needs to be Tried only in the first half of day, on 1 - 2 tea spoon to have an opportunity to watch reaction of an organism. We give a feeding up at the beginning of feeding, further we eat up habitual food (a milk, mix). Let`s begin, perhaps, with fermented milk products. For intestines of the child it is the most optimal variant after long reception only of dairy products. Tried. There is no reaction - next day increase a dose twice, and thus we reach necessary norm: 120 - 160 ml. If in some of days there were problems - stop, or we reduce a dose.

is followed Further by cottage cheese. For a start we will allow to try as an independent dish, then it is possible to mix with a children`s kefirchik. It is better to do cottage cheese every day, just before meal. For this purpose it is enough to put a small bottle with children`s kefir on a water bath and to wait, so far it stvorozhitsya. We begin with one spoon, and we increase every day up to 30 g. Thus, within 10 - 14 days it is necessary that one feeding was completely replaced with a feeding up. An optimal variant of the second feeding - about 10 - 12 hours.


Following it is entered vegetable and fruit puree. We recommend to remember one simple truth - do not forget that at yours the baby “roots“ same, as well as at you therefore it is not necessary to show the boundless love through a delicacy of European cuisines and to stuff it with foreign fruit and vegetables. Here is how time they also give various reactions and allergies. At the baby the perception of potato and apples, but not avocado and pineapples is biologically put! Therefore for a start choose the simplest option of vegetable puree from potatoes, carrots and onions to sweeten. We enter cabbage, beet, a cauliflower, vegetable marrows, pumpkin later.

Here on your discretion - can be begun with

with vegetable puree, and it is possible from vegetable broth. For broth - we cut vegetables, we fill in with the boiling water and we prepare to a full razvarivaniye. We filter, again we bring to boiling, we pour in a small bottle and we cool to room temperature. We prepare broth in the ratio of 50 g of vegetables on 100 ml. waters.

vegetables we wipe

For preparation of vegetable puree, we add a little milk (better than the) and we bring to boiling. It is necessary to salt already ready dish a little (better iodinated salt) and to add a little olive oil. Proportion of is as follows: 100 g of vegetables, 25 g of a milk and 3 g of oil. Thus, we replace one of feedings with already vegetable dishes.

Fruit puree we prepare

similarly, since a baked apple. It is possible to add banana and to gradually enter raisin, dried apricots, prunes, a kiwi. We recommend to presoak dried fruits in boiled water in 3 - 4 hours prior to inclusion in food, and broth it is possible to use instead of water. It relaxes intestines, improves its work. The special attention needs to be paid to berries. All know that it is a well of vitamins. And such berries as bilberry, blackcurrant, raspberry are simply necessary for the kid. It is possible to try them, since a fruit drink then as a separate dish. Juice in the little man`s diet also takes place to be, on 30 - 50 g

there Passed two weeks, and you actively for lunch eat vegetable puree? Time to taste meat and a small fish came. Only boiled or steamed. Home-made chicken, veal is considered ideal option of meat. Fish - a hake. After removal of tests it is possible to mix vegetables, meat or fish in a uniform dish. Then to cook soup on broth (surely several times merged), and by 10 months to try a yolk (better quail, then chicken).

a Specific place in a diet of the baby is held by porridges. Usually replace with them the last feeding before a dream. We use dairy - krupyany porridges. We begin with corn, buckwheat, oat. Now counters dazzle with a variety of children`s milk porridges which are equipped with vitamins, powdered milk (or without it for allergic persons). If you decided to prepare independently, then at the beginning of grain it is necessary to crush to flour, to use a children`s milk or mixes. We prepare a squash on water, then we add milk, we cook several minutes, we add natural sweets - it is ready. Further from 7 - 8 months we add 3 gr. butter. We enter and increase a dose similar to other dishes, gradually replacing evening feeding - a dinner.

we Will sum up of

the result. To you 8 - 9 months, you eat 4 - 5 times a day: once kefir, once - a squash, once - vegetables with meat or fish, you have a bite fruit, other receptions remain mother`s milk or mixes. You showed no reaction to one of new products, and you are not allergichna - time to mothers came to dream up and with love even more to diversify the menu of the kid.

to add children`s cookies or a ship`s biscuit To a kefirchik, in soup - a bread crumb, and a crust or a piece of the cleared apple to allow to scratch gums (under special attention!), to mix berries and banana the blender, to add some berry to a squash, to make a pudding of cottage cheese and banana. Do multicomponent mashed potatoes and broths. This golden rule of a feeding up:“ We eat or every day different, or one, but multicomponent“. And bon appetit!

the Question of usefulness of food from a jar or house preparation remains to

open. Ready puree or juice are quickly, conveniently and the producer is responsible for quality of a product, ideally on production all components of dishes pass careful control, genetically modified products are not used. House food cannot brag of it - if of course you did not grow up all on the seasonal dacha.

one remarkable rule is important to remember

- all products before preparation need to be washed and drenched with boiled water well. If your kid celebrates anniversary in winter time or in the spring - think of a feeding up in advance, stock up with berries, vegetable marrows, pumpkin since fall. These products are perfectly stored in the freezer, without losing the value!

Fresh juice and mashed potatoes cannot be prepared for

for the future in order to avoid development of microbes. The food needs to be cooked in the small portions, just before the use. For preparation of first courses meat needs to be put in cold water, for the second - in boiling. Thermally it is necessary to process products strictly during certain time and at a certain temperature. To use pure and it is desirable new ware, without enamel damages. All scratches and chips at contact with products “kill“ valuable vitamin “C“. And main thing: the purpose of the correct introduction of a feeding up is to keep to the baby health, all that the nature and genes gave it. And the baby is more senior, the more without serious consequences he will endure all innovations and experiments in food! Prepare and eat on good health!