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Abortion and its consequences of

the Statistics is sad: in Russia from three pregnancies only one comes to an end with childbirth. Nearly 10% of women of childbearing age of times a year do abortion, and 60% of women interrupt thus the first pregnancy. That is abortion remains by the most widespread contraceptions method. In what sources of this, one may say, national phenomenon - a subject of separate conversation. For now we address the past...

history has some

In Ancient Greece and Rome fruit life was not protected by the law. Artificial interruption of pregnancy was not punished in any way. It was punished only when it was made in the mercenary purposes or on other low motives. At that time applied ergot preparations to production of abortion - the plant causing spastic reductions of uterine muscles and exile of a fruit. This way not always provoked an abortion and possessed serious by-effects. Later - when the Roman Empire began to need increase in number of slaves and soldiers for occupation of others lands - the women and persons promoting production of abortion began to be punished strictly.

According to Christian dogma, the fruit from the moment of conception has soul, and therefore its destruction in a womb - the great sin burdened by the fact that the child deprived of an opportunity to be born loses also grace of a baptism. Therefore in the Middle Ages abortion was qualified as the serious crime similar to murder of the relative. Under the influence of church in the 16th century almost in all European countries (England, Germany, France) production of abortion was punished by the death penalty which was replaced with a hard labor and imprisonment subsequently. And it concerned not only the doctor, but also the patient. Such situation remained in many countries up to 1 - y a floor. 20th century. In England abortion was allowed on medical indications, and also in case of approach of pregnancy after rape.

Establishment of the fact of pregnancy

Pregnancy or delay?

I Think, it is excessive to remind that a sacred women stuff - to watch the monthly cycle. At the slightest uncertainty that you are ready to keep, take out and give birth to the child now in the very first days of a periods delay - run to the doctor. Pregnancy of the girl - the teenager which now not such and a rarity, rather seldom is found about notorious three months: happens that at the girl were not established regular monthly at all or she did not get used to conduct a calendar yet as it is done by adult women. As a result of hope that everything “will come“ or “will resolve“ do not justify themselves.

Of course if you are not pregnant, everything will be adjusted by itself. And if all - are pregnant? Than later you decide on abortion, that a high probability of complications. The matter is that the majority of not surgical methods of interruption of pregnancy are effective only on early terms, at a delay in several days. But ladies, unfortunately, in a similar situation most often “indulge in vain hopes“...

How to establish the pregnancy fact

a periods Delay - it is not obligatory pregnancy. The nervous tension, a sleep debt, weight loss (whether it be just malnutrition or application of tablets for weight reduction) have the right to be reflected in your cycle. By the way, even at the healthiest woman at weight reduction to a limit minimum interruptions in monthly will begin, and then they will stop at all. With the nature it is arranged so that in critical situations of global scale (war, revolution) which surely are followed by a stress and hunger, women and blood did not lose, both did not become pregnant, and did not give birth. whether


will Always be helped by ultrasonography?

in the Only reliable way of establishment of pregnancy is ultrasonic research (ultrasonography). Ultrasonography - one of the most reliable methods of diagnostics. However on the first weeks of a delay he is not capable “to consider“ authentically pregnancy yet, and time flies.

Establishment of pregnancy on the level of hormones

“The test - a strip“ . This the simplest of means the express - diagnostics of pregnancy can be bought in any pharmaceutical booth. The principle of such diagnostics is simple - during pregnancy, from the first day after conception, there is a change of level of hormones in the woman`s blood. Fetal egg (future fruit) produces hormones which come to blood, and from there in urine, the test also is based on determination of level of one of these hormones (a horionichesky gonadotrophin).

Council - buy by

the test since evening and apply next morning: in a morning portion of urine concentration of hormone is much higher, than during the day.

Laboratory analyses . More difficult methods of definition of pregnancy are based on measurement of level of hormones in the woman`s organism in the laboratory way. You make the test: or I wet blood from a vein, and after a while you receive result. In this case determine usually the level of other, more specific hormone - trofoblastichesky a beta - globulin which gives more reliable information about terms of possible pregnancy.

the Laboratory method is much more reliable than

, though takes away more time.

So, pregnancy is established

you are not going to Keep this pregnancy for any reasons. What first of all the good doctor has to tell you about?

In - the first , that various handicraft methods, like sitting in a hot bathtub with a glass of vodka, are effective only in case no pregnancy actually existed. Conclusion: never try to get rid of pregnancy independently!

In - the second , that any, even competently carried out abortion, can cause negative consequences for a female organism:

B - the third if all these arguments did not convince you and all of you decided on abortion, the good doctor has to prompt to you how to work to minimize abortion consequences. Also he will advise you approximately following: Inform


the method suits you, the doctor, a task of this article - to acquaint the woman with all opportunities of modern medicine, to acquaint and once again (alas, often not so superfluous will prompt!) to warn: defining an abortion method, you only choose the smallest of several evils; the choice of the person who is really caring for the health is the choice of contraceptives!

of good abortions does not happen

Abortions usually divide into early (term to 12 weeks of pregnancy) and late (from 12 to 28 weeks), carried out according to special indications. Most often put artificial abortion in early terms of pregnancy into practice. There is also such concept as pass - abortion , it is done on superearly terms (from 12 to 25 days of a delay).

pregnancy interruption Methods

Not surgical methods of interruption of pregnancy have huge advantage in comparison with traditional abortion as minimize possible complications. There is no penetration of tools into a uterus therefore there are no anguishes, gaps or any other mechanical injuries. There are no inflammatory complications and, at last, there are no complications connected with an anesthesia. Among shortcomings - existence of a number of contraindications and sharp decrease in efficiency in process of increase in term of pregnancy.

But if terms are missed, in a stock remains only classical abortion. Choosing clinic for production of this operation, it is important to pay attention to the following circumstances: first of all, the clinic has to have a license, and the doctor has a certificate. Operation has to be performed surely under the general anesthesia (anesthesia). It is necessary to do it, naturally, in sterile conditions. It is very desirable to treat also after abortion with antibiotics for infection prevention.

of Complication after abortion

After operation at the woman some time bloody allocations take place. Their quantity and duration are individual and depend on the term of pregnancy, sokratitelny ability of a uterus and coagulability of blood. Complications after abortion happen two types: early and late. Early develop in time of abortion or right after it, and late are shown after a while, sometimes in years after operation. In general, complications after abortion - not it an unusual occurrence. However before speaking about them in more detail, we will list categories of the women entering into “risk group“ of receiving possible complications.

Risk group

the Probability of emergence of complications is highest

at women:

Early complications

the Most terrible complication of abortion - violation of integrity of a wall of a uterus (perforation) and its gap. Perforation can lead to damage of large vessels, intestines, bladder and a peritoneum inflammation (peritonitis).

the Most frequent complications - bleeding, injury of a neck of a uterus, violation of coagulability of blood, an embolism (obstruction of vessels). Quite often there is an incomplete extraction of fetal egg. For the prevention of this complication conduct ultrasonic research, and in case of detection of the remains of fetal egg - a repeated scraping. Besides, after abortion chronic diseases of genitals become aggravated (salpingooforit, an endometritis etc.) . Much more serious danger is constituted by drift of an infection in a uterus during abortion (the infected abortion). If bacteria got into a uterus, then the probability of its inflammation or inflammation of ovaries and their appendages is high. Most often the infection is not brought by tools (they are sterile), and gets from a vagina after disclosure of a neck of a uterus.

Late complications

K to them belong inflammatory diseases of genitals, hormonal violations, endometriosis, dysfunction of ovaries, infertility, complications of a course of pregnancies.

Use during abortion of dilators quite often involves insufficiency development (an incomplete smykaniye) of a uterus neck. The neck represents the mass of ring-shaped and cylindrical muscles, and at violent fast expansion they stretch often and torn. Further it can result in weakness of the muscular device of a neck of a uterus, decrease in locking function and, as a result, to late abortions on term 18 - 24 weeks.

After abortion the frequency of extra-uterine pregnancies sharply increases. At the subsequent pregnancy and childbirth the probability of violation of patrimonial activity and anomalies of an arrangement of a placenta increases; a still birth and diseases of the newborns connected with pathology of vessels of a uterus.

After single abortion threat of an abortion at the subsequent pregnancy makes 26%, after two - increases up to 32%, and after three and more danger of spontaneous interruption of pregnancy reaches 41%.

also the risk of formation of tumors of mammary glands, necks and bodies of a uterus Increases.

the Doctor`s advice - the gynecologist

So, the choice of the woman who decided on abortion, whenever possible, has to fall on non-invasive methods.

Of course, they are more expensive, but in this situation the economy on health is hardly pertinent. From surgical methods it is preferable “pass - abortion“, characterized by the smallest frequency of by-effects at the expense of the minimum travmatization of a uterus and reduction of time of operation. Any surgical interruption of pregnancy is strongly recommended to be carried out “under cover“ antibiotics: for prevention of inflammatory processes, as a rule, the doctor orders reception of antibiotics of a broad spectrum of activity for 1 - 2 day before abortion. It is desirable to remain after abortion under supervision of the doctor - up to restoration of a normal menstrual cycle. Sex life after not surgical abortions can be renewed approximately in 7 - 14 days, after tool - not earlier than in a month.

I want to remind

I at the end of article once again: the main way of optimum planning of a family and decrease in number of abortions - competent use of modern methods of contraception.

Magnetic induction (“a magnetic cap“)
the Method is based by by by
Not surgical methods of interruption of pregnancy
Homeopathy Efficiency no more than 20%.
of Acupuncture Efficiency to 40% at small (10 - 15 days) a delay also depends on qualification of the expert.
on the artificial violation of normal transfer of electric impulses from a uterus in a brain causing sokratitelny activity of a uterus and provoking an abortion. Efficiency of 50% at a delay no more than 3 - 5 days, is applied only in the absence of contraindications.
Medicamentous abortion (“the French tablets“)
block the specific receptors of a uterus which are responsible for development and preservation of pregnancy therefore there is an exile of fetal egg.
Efficiency of 90 - 95% at a delay till 42 days.
Surgical methods of interruption of pregnancy
Vakkum - aspiration (“pass - abortion“) On pregnancy terms till 4 - 5 weeks.
Medical abortion
Tool removal of fetal egg with a simultaneous scraping of a cavity of a uterus.
On pregnancy terms till 12 weeks.
“Late abortion“ Into a fetal bubble enter the solutions causing patrimonial activity. On terms more than 12 weeks of pregnancy according to special indications.
Small Cesarean section Interruption of pregnancy on big term on medical indications.