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The way of children to creativity of

the World changes. Time puts of new problems before mankind: terrorism, warming of climate, financial crisis. The market relations require fast non-standard solutions. Meanwhile both the school, and all education system are obviously not in time behind changes. Still, as well as many years ago, children are learned to remember more, than to think. To acquire more ready conclusions, than to try to come to them independently. From here and the main task of school and family education - to train not so much performers, how many creators.


to the Solution of this global task can be helped by education by means of art where creativity is the main component. Including means of music.

was Told by mother of the five-year-old boy:

“Well, today Sasha uchudit. Strongly surprised me. We go from a garden.

- How are you doing? - I ask.

- We with Dima ran away today to dream time, - says. - Walked on the wood. Mushrooms were gathered. Then returned to a garden. Anna Dmitriyevna noticed nothing.

Ya shocked: “How ran away? You what, went crazy?“ Wanted to run already to the teacher, but here noticed how it crafty eyes gleams.

- do not deceive, - I say, - Nothing it was.

He laughs. Well, visionary!

Support by

the children`s imagination

Here the child hard presses keys a piano in the low register:

- It goes on the wood a bear clumsy.

Here “steps“ became faster and easier than


- And the little bear cub runs nearby.

- My God! Madhouse! Depart from the tool now. Be engaged in something acceptable, - in such situation parents sometimes shout.

I... ruin sprouts of children`s creativity. Though, agree, it is more difficult to sustain similar in normal life, than to give advice.

Children like to dream. Under a magic wand of their imagination the chair turns into the ship, and a floor - into a raging sea. Over time we are accustomed not to faint, having heard that they jumped from the fifth floor or ran on snow barefoot. In such deception there is nothing bad. On the contrary. The child dreams and, so thinks out. Creates. The famous teacher and the musical figure B. V. Asafyev wrote that “the child who tested pleasure of creativity even in the most minimum degree becomes another, than the child imitating acts of others“, and that “... education will not be successful if not to cause in children of a creative instinct and not to cultivate creative skills“.

Creativity of the child - opening of the new world. The story about this world is a story about the interests and opportunities.

the Girl spread out multi-colored cubes on a floor and says that it is a bed:

- do not go! You will rumple flowers! - she asks.

A to us, sometimes, have no time to take a step aside and we go straight on “bed“.

the Kid watches

at the cloudy sky and calls to look at mother:

- Watch

that I saw! This is an elephant. You see - legs and a trunk. And over there a tree, and under it the person. In a hat.

Be surprised to

and dream up together with it. Ability to the imagination, to an invention - the first step to creativity.

to the Parents wishing to develop the creative potential of the child should try to work with

not on a template. And, above all - it is necessary to behave with the child as equals. In any case, in aspiration to fantaztirovat, in games with children of whom it will be a question further. It is necessary to try to refuse a false stereotype of “adult“ behavior. In a sense that is called “to sink into dotage“. The child has to feel that you like to dream, invent, play. That you as well as it derive from all this pleasure. Only then it will reveal. Will look for the creative moment in any business. Itself to think out rules if it is about game. At last, itself will think out new games.

One of promising opportunities for development of creative potential of children - music.

Grant Singing and creativity to

, most actively kids express the identity in the song.

you bought

3 - 4 - x to the summer child a sword. It it is proud carries her and sings. Listen - words and music of own composition.

Here words of one such couplet which we wrote down, without embellishing at all:

Ya I take the field,
Safely I go.
All enemies I will break,
All bad enemies.

the Song flows easily and freely. This real creative self-expression.

In rainy rainy day when the child has a bad mood, he can sing the sad song. Girls sometimes sing songs for dolls of own composition. All these song improvisations should be encouraged in every possible way. To ask to repeat a song, to praise. To write down words. In other words, to push the kid to creativity.

Some kids (unfortunately, not all) with pleasure will take part in conversation where it is necessary not to speak, and to sing. Most thinking out a melody. For example:

- Where you were?

- On the street.

- What did?

- Played

in snowballs.

further such talk can gain more and more developed character.

- What there the father does?

- Lies on a sofa and chitatt the newspaper etc.

Of course, transformation of the apartment into an opera scene business tiresome, but from time to time it is possible to go to it. Especially as the child likes to sing and, again - his creative skills develop.

the Composition of words to music

We lost to pupils of the first and second class of comprehensive school a melody of the Russian national song “Fall“ and asked to think up words. Warned that think out only those, who have a desire. Results were impressive. From forty children wanted to be engaged in writing 26! The majority, and, did not write down the text, and composed “in mind“. It was the real creative improvisation. Here three examples from much written down by us:

Masha D., 7 years

the Rain goes on the street. it is cold to br to walk.
we Will better than the house
Cheerfully play.

Galya V., 7 years

to me are gloomy

to me is sad now.
I walk down the street,
I see Nobody.

Vitya K., 8 years

Well and well, that rain?
It already passed! Tomorrow -
It will be good.

Pushing the child to similar creativity, you will not make, most likely, of it Pushkin, but it is obligatory for a razovyyota at it improvisational skills, aspiration to creativity.

the Composition of music to words

This process is a little more difficult

as it assumes existence of the house of a musical instrument. At least children`s. Best of all - keyboard. But little composers with not smaller enthusiasm, than the composition of verses to music are engaged in similar creativity.

We suggested pupils of the first - to compose the third classes of music school music to words of a counting rhyme S. Mikhalkov`s “Kittens“:

you listen to

, children,
I want to tell you.
them on the account exactly five Were born at us.

the Composition of music was organized by

as a competition. With rewarding of the best works as prizes. Persons interested to participate in a competition, as well as in the first case, there was much. We do not want to overload article with musical examples, but take the word, among musical offers were also rather original.


It is noticed: the teachers of music schools who are regularly carrying out work on stimulation of children`s musical creativity have more pupils who in the future become professionals, continue training in musical schools.

If houses are a musical instrument, then and you can give such tasks to the child.

Selection of a melody

Is also important type of children`s creativity. Sometimes to the parents hypnotized by programs of music schools, apparently, that the child selecting a children`s song or a popular melody is busy with trifles wastes time, spoils taste. It`s not true. An essence of children`s playing music not in performance of complex challenges. The child develops creative skills, solving simple problems. Its improvisations take place within elementary music. Thanks to playing music, one of types of which - selection of a melody, children have an opportunity for self-expression.

Training in game at the tool should not be limited only to learning of plays “according to the program“, scales and etudes. The eminent musical person B. Yavorsky wrote that “... one of the main tasks at education of the child is preservation of ability behind it to create sounds, these sounds to express the requirements“.

Other way of creative development of the child in music accompaniment selection.

accompaniment Selection

At first rhythmic. For example, the kid sings and at the same time hits the drum, a tambourine or claps. Then selection of a melody or chords.

Children who learn to play a musical instrument can accompany the or others singing, and also game of other children with own accompaniment. Especially children like to accompany close relatives. We know a family in which the eight-year-old boy accompanies singing of the grandmother singing the Russian national songs on a bayan. At first the father, the bayan player - the fan helped to select accompaniment. But gradually the child learned to select maintenance.

the Composition of music

Here the little composer randomly touches keys. Stop it:

“Listen to

! As though the birdie sang. And it is the hare galloped“. The child listens. Really, probably. He is excited. Gradually the kid begins to look for other accords, other melodic drawing which would represent jumps of a squirrel on a tree or would be similar to a lullaby the song. Thus the child as if is present at the music birth. Understands that music - not a set of notes, and reflection of world around. It becomes a step to its understanding.

many ways to stimulate children`s musical writing Are.

Joint creativity. for this purpose does not need special knowledge of the tool. You begin to think out a melody on the real or children`s piano and ask children to continue it. You compose the first steps, giving an impetus of the children`s imagination. By the way, it not our invention. Similar methods were used by Lev Tolstoy at yasnopolyansky school, developing at the pupils creative skills. The great writer began to compose the story on a certain subject directly at pupils and asked children to continue it.

Music and drawing. Children think images. Therefore they with pleasure draw that they hear. Especially it belongs to plays of graphic character. Where the image put in music is expressed clearly and distinctly. Sometimes even in the name of the play, as, for example, in “P. Tchaikovsky or R. Schuman`s children`s album, works for children A. Grechaninov, S. Maykapar, other composers.

7 - summer Sveta, having listened to the play of the Item. Tchaikovsky “The doll illness“, drew a doll in a bed with a red face (“It has a high temperature!“ ) and mother with the thermometer in a hand.

6 - summer Maxim according to the play “In a Garden“ of S. Maykapar - the children playing in a sandbox.

7 - summer Vika according to the play “Autumn Song“ of Tchaikovsky - the sad girl sitting at a window, at which it is raining.

Sasha (9 years) drew with

according to Grieg`s play “In a cave of the mountain king“ the stern face which is cut down in the rock.


(9 years) according to the play “Dreams“ from “A children`s altbom“ of Tchaikovsky - the fancy fantastic country full of flowers and solar color.

Drawing music, the child not only develops the imagination, but also translates into other language, painting language, what hears. And by that creatively expresses the musical feelings.

to the Children drawing music you will help to understand the feelings if ask what this music of color. It is curious that the majority of the pupils of 1 - 3 classes of music school interrogated by us, counted Mozart`s music of blue or blue color, and Bach - red different shades (from pink to crimson).

Painting and music. Both the composition of music to words, and music sochinenn to work of painting demands a certain possession of a musical instrument. Let`s tell, you ask the kid to compose a sad or cheerful melody and put before him illustrations to a picture. Best of all - a landscape. The illustration can help to create the corresponding mood at the child.

Movement and music. This way of creative stimulation of the child, is widely applied at Valdorfovsky school. Music is closely connected with the movement. Here even not always children need to show something. They perfectly feel character of music and respectively move. Under festive march - it is easy and sure. Under quiet music - it is slow, doing roundish, quiet movements. Under cheerful, dancing - it is rhythmical, with enthusiasm. Improvisation in dance is the easiest shown in games.

When gathers during a holiday or for birthday many children, it is possible to play such game.

“Vorobyshek“ Children get up in a circle. One in the center - vorobyshka. Participants sing on any familiar motive:


, tell vorobyshka,
As girls go. Vorobyshek shows under singing of a round dance:
They both so, and here so,

There lo and behold, here lo and behold.
Further the round dance asks: Tell, tell, vorobyshka
As good fellows go.

Vorobyshek under the same refrain shows

how good fellows go.

Then vorobyshka at the request of a round dance shows

how grandfathers, grandmothers, some fairy tale characters or mutual friends dance.

Children not only learn to own the body, to move under music; artistic, creative abilities develop in them. Not only children, but also, in common, children and adults can play similar games. In this case do not forget about the important rule: continuous loss fights desire to play even the most fascinating game off the child.

the Child begins to understand

that he is able to create

At some moment the kid will understand that music which he composed and plays, - its own. Or it is its own verses. Or - drawing. This its own work. And it is pleasant to people around. The kid will be proud of it. At the child to appear thirst for creativity. Thirst for one of the most surprising, interesting and remarkable affairs on Earth. He will begin to derive pleasure from creation something new. It is an important quantum leap.

your task - to notice a children`s creative sparkle. Not to allow it to go out. How? Odobreniyeim, encouragement, drawing attention. Even admiration. And what is important too, own creativity. It is noticed that at people creative children, seeking for creativity are born. We think that it is caused not only and not just by a genetic factor, how many magic of a personal example. Because creativity is infectious. Especially creativity of parents. Once having stepped into this way, the child will move on it further. It is not obligatory at all that only in music.