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The most important - result!

Here to my lyalechka were 8 months old, and at last there was a desire to leave the story about childbirth on the Internet. When I only became pregnant, at once began to look for responses and impressions of already giving birth mummies everywhere to learn approximately what expects me...

Pregnancy washing

passed normally, gathered a few extra kilos (with 51 to 70 recovered in 9 months), but in general no adventures existed. Two times even went to have a rest by the sea: in 3,5 months and in 6 months. And, despite extremely negative attitude to trips of doctors from a maternity welfare unit, I consider that travel did me good and added forces.

On the 37th week concluded the paid contract with the 72nd maternity hospital (Moscow), made all inspections there, brought them an obmenka, began to come once a week there to be observed. I already looked forward and thought that I can give rise any day, but there passed the 40th week, and childbirth all did not begin, and no harbingers even existed. The doctor calmed and said that there are no indications for experiences therefore and it is not necessary to worry. Measured also a stomach - falls or not, but, it seems, nothing fell. I, on the one hand, worried, but with another - considered that it to the best, to give birth - that terribly... Let it is better later...

When there came term exactly 41 weeks, noticed at night that some unclear allocations of brown color began, and it is a little zaperezhival... Read much about withdrawal of “stopper“, but my korichnevost did not resemble descriptions of this stopper other girls in any way... Again arrived to survey, the doctor looked at me on a chair, told that there is no disclosure and if in 5 days I do not give rise, then it is necessary “to stimulate“ process. I after these words was frightened a little, but all - decided that free days off still will be useful to me, and went home...

went for a walk in park in the Afternoon, went down on a huge ladder to the small river and almost run rose upward (I so did and up to this point month 2 in a row)... Came home, began to do homework with the younger brother, and felt some unclear belly-ache... Hm... But it cannot be fights: in - the first, a stomach did not grab, and in - the second, only in the morning the doctor watched me and told “so far walk“... However, pain really was some wavy! It is normal, is sick, but I did not carry it to fights in any way... On 41 weeks!!!

With such feelings of hours in 12 went to bed, I tried to fall asleep, but from - for pains could not. Then began to consider time between “fights“, was 7 min., 3 min., 5 min., 10 min. When so proceeded to 3, I woke the husband, grabbed the things packed for maternity hospital and told: “Carry to maternity hospital...“ Called mother and with the words “went to give birth“ hung up. With the husband went to the parking.

Arrived to maternity hospital - naturally, there only a tetechka on duty and 1 doctor, but in any way not mine which examined me all this time earlier. I still thought: “Perhaps to call the doctor?“ But me it became a shame to awake somehow him at night moreover can do it not fights at me? Generally, I was looked by the doctor and told: “If you want, then remain, and you want - go home, disclosures so far is not present...“ I asked: “It at me fight or not?“ He told that “yes“... It was terrible...

It is natural, I did not want to remain though, probably, it and is not natural, but for some reason I felt that so far early and that it is possible to go home also at least to communicate to mother. Arrived, the husband went to bed, and I could not fall asleep, everything counted up intervals to morning... 3 min., 6 min., 4 min. Hours in the 10th mother told how went, she speaks: “Well, these are not those fights, you so quickly ran to the car at night if there would be already childbirth - you and could not go...“ I on it calmed down and began to have breakfast... Then tried to phone to the doctor, but he did not take the call on mobile. Somewhere in 12 already went to maternity hospital, so and without having communicated to the doctor. It me most of all scarecrow supposedly paid a lot of money for the contract and as it is necessary (doctor) - so it and is not present...

Then somewhere in 12 - 30 my doctor nevertheless came, and I was accepted in a reception, wrote down all data, gave a shirt and 2 diapers, moved in procedural. There weighed, put on a couch and made an enema. Also it is direct in the same place put on “pot“. And on an office doctors, still pregnant go... Very pleasant procedure! Then shower. And in a rodblok...

especially of fights - that I also did not feel

During this period, they were tolerant also before, and there with new emotions in general had no time for them... In general, if to try to transfer in words my feelings from fights, is to present that your tummy - arbuzik suddenly sharply turns into the hardest ball for bowling, presses down as though wants to fall, and then turns into an easy arbuzik again. Then I was taken away in chamber with glass walls, again examined, acquainted with the midwife. Very pleasant woman was, huge her thanks! Then still doctors and nurses came, all set a heap of questions, filled something.

So approximately there passed still the couple of hours, the doctor came, got a plastic hook. I began to cry nearly, it is more for fear, than from pain, and it told that patrimonial activity inactive, it is necessary to stimulate. Punctured a bubble. Did not feel at all. Waters departed at once. Everything is normal, but fights began twice more painfully at once. I was asked to make something, but I could not, then the anesthesiologist came. Told that we will do an epiduralka. I was against, but the doctor convinced me that I will not bear, as so I did not sleep night, and fights only begin and to suffer 5 more hours at me hardly it will turn out.


Made a puncture in a back, entered medicine, at once it became easier. Of course, speeches going or on a fitball to jump, was not any more. Me put on a back and left so for 2,5 hours. Periodically something was asked and looked at some sensors, but all this as in fog, I seem was chopped off... Hours in the 18th anesthesia removed, the midwife began to teach me to make an effort: to exhale in a stomach, tightening to itself legs. It real work began, is more wearisome than any training! Especially, when you understand that if you stop - something not that happens. Also you try from all last forces. I did not watch time any more. Then they looked at something and sharply dragged me on a patrimonial chair. Couple more of fights I made an effort, and then began “to vykakivat“ from myself the child. Saw a scalpel - without having told anything to me, made a section, it was not sick, not before.... I is strong - strongly tried and for 2 attempts gave rise!

the Baby was got, she cried, I was and is glad, and flat-out. Skhvatochki lungs still proceeded, was once again extinguished, and there was an afterbirth. Already not painfully absolutely.

me was left Then there to lie with ice on a stomach, still entered an epiduralka and sewn up. The baby slept there on a little table.

us was brought Then to chamber, shifted to a bed, at first the baby was given me, and then taken away till the morning... Night was difficult, the anesthesia departed and pain in patrimonial ways was felt, but in the morning already brought the child, and was not to my feelings at all and in cares of the daughter all pain was quickly forgotten.

my advice to all girls - be not afraid of

! Not so all and is terrible, especially at opportunities of our doctors. And the most important - result! As a result I was satisfied with both maternity hospital, and doctors.