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To France with 9 - the monthly kid of

my story is intended, first of all, to those who plans the rest with small children. Also I will begin it with huge gratitude to people who were not too lazy and placed the councils and impressions on pages of this website. Our rest was successful in many respects thanks to your information. Also I will make a reservation that the trip passed successfully at happy confluence of two circumstances: nobody got sick (that in the conditions of distribution of threat of a pandemic of swine flu, you see, is very actual) and good weather (actually always).

So, about everything one after another. Rest. No world crises could influence the decision to change scenery and at least for a while to distract from routine infinite problems.

Baby. At once I will notice that following the results of travel I did not regret that I took 9 - the monthly baby with myself. I had an opportunity to leave the child for the period of holiday with mother in Moscow. But desire to continue chest feeding, and also fear that rest to turn into infinite telephone consultations ruined this idea on a root. And we just took the grandmother as the nurse with ourselves.

Why France. So Turkey and Egypt well-loved by Russians were left till the best times when the kid grows up and will be able to estimate also the pool with hills, both playgrounds, and animation. Now this rest for us, and we wanted a kaleidoscope of pictures and impressions. The exotic countries of India, China etc. - not option for the small child. There is eternal Europe, and, first of all, such Paris close to the Russian soul and the Moscow climate. In Paris we were with the husband in due time separately and, despite garbage on streets and bums in the subway, like love to this city. And enthusiastic responses of the girlfriend about travel across Normandy plus information from the Internet that all this in 2 - x an hours` journey from Paris, convinced us of thought that we go for 5 days to Paris, further - to the coast of Normandy.

Plane. With the kid connection flights are excluded. Only straight lines. From - at the prices Aira France was chosen (20% lower, than in Aeroflot). Tickets reserved through familiar travel company (then learned that if reserved directly on the website of airline, then would receive a bonus - the free ticket in the Disneyland so you watch closely special offers and discounts). When flying there the folding stroller (not a cane) was asked to hand over in baggage at once, when flying back allowed to leave to a plane board. The plane flew to France rather free, and according to rules of airline near mother and the child about one year (without place) free sitting was left that was very convenient. Back the plane was crowded, besides there was an unpleasant moment: at registration we were given the fourth row (all places in a row), and when landing told that the fourth row belongs to business - to a class. As a result of us put in a tail of the plane and transferred one place to other row. So all turn in a toilet entertained my child, or it entertained them - I do not know as will be more precisely. But reached well. By a doctor`s advice before flight dripped to the baby nazivin as prevention of otitis, and during take off and landing gave a breast that did not put ears. The senior managed to master the next “star war“.

Placement. It was our first experience of placement not in hotel, and in apartments in Paris in a small lodge on the coast. The housing was reserved through the international agency Interhome. With the child very conveniently. Except two negative moments. Not each apartments are ready to accept families with small children. In Paris from 5 selected options only one (it the most expensive) agreed to accommodation of the baby. At the same time, despite arrangements, refused to us transfer of flat keys directly on the place and suggested to arrive to office of agency which was in other area. And so one pluses: apartments are completed washing and the dishwasher, a plate, a microwave and the other benefits of a civilization, and the most important - strikingly differ from microscopic checks in the Parisian hotels with unique audibility. If you have a rest in Paris with small children, pay special attention to an apartment arrangement. It is successful if your housing is not only near sights, but also places for walks. We lived near the Eiffel Tower that promoted evening promenades on the Field of Mars (and in good weather the river tram became worthy alternative to the Parisian subway to reach the interesting places). Also, in my opinion, it is good to lodge near Louvre or the Luxembourg garden. Not really the region of the Opera, the central market, quarter Marais, Monmart are suitable for small children.

Food. In Paris they had dinner generally in institutions of a fast food (a result - the grandmother got poisoned), houses had breakfast and had supper. The range and the prices of supermarkets are comparable with Moscow. In Normandy houses had breakfast, and had supper and had dinner at small restaurants and cafes: mussels, shrimps, onions soup, local pancakes. Everything is very tasty at the average account of 60 - 90 euros for four with beer or wine. However, once again poprobovanny oysters of emotions did not cause. And here with food for the baby there were problems: the choice is very poor, even me did not get to “Nestle“ in shops, only hippy mashed potatoes (ate only fruit) and “Blendina“ unfamiliar to us (did not eat in general). It was necessary “to lean on mother“ and the porridges brought from Moscow.

French. Very much love kids. Practically all whom faced in the subway, shops, restaurants and just on the street gave to the baby of a smile and tender words. Now in Moscow our child joyfully looks in eyes the passerby and perplexed smiles, without finding response.

Paris. Strangely enough the baby apprehended the city on “hurrah“. And not only walks. Immortal creations of Rodin left indelible impressions (hardly persuaded to pass to other exhibits), impressionists and Apollo`s gallery in Louvre caused a keen interest too. Only be ready that the child will quickly be tired in the museum, and you will manage to look only at small part from the desirable. With a carriage inconveniences are also possible: the subway is infinite series of ladders and sides (the father dragged on himself), streets - very narrow trotuarchik, and the stone blocks and just holes and ruts very often meets. Especially missed with a carriage, having taken a public carriage in Louvre (give free of charge). There and it is so easy to get lost. And if you are forced to move between floors by means of the dolgoozhidayemy elevator, then will spend a huge lot of time for bustle along corridors. It is convenient to move across Paris by the subway - there is no second-hand market even in rush hour. Or on the river tram. Separately I want to tell about the Disneyland as there is a lot of polemic: to go or not to go and if to go, then on how many. The park was pleasant to the ten-year-old boy who visited the Spanish Port of Aventur and the Danish Legolenda earlier very much and became the brightest event on this travel (younger did not take, left with the grandmother). And one day is not enough. Two - it is optimum.

Normandy. Rest on the coast of Normandy, probably, is comparable with our Kaliningrad. In the sea you are not bought - cold, and in a sand you will play enough, fresh sea air inhale and like a charm of blizlizhayshy towns. Stopped in the town under the name Cuburg. It is located almost in the middle from the main places which planned to visit: Caen, Bayyo, Maun - Seong - Michel (the longest trip - about 2 - x hours by car on the autobahn in one party), Kankalie, Rouen, Deauville, Onfler. I most of all liked Rouen - beauty unusual (there and shopping, by the way, was successful - shops of popular brands are grouped in one place and visitors a little), and to children a crocodile farm near Maun - Seong - Michel (except crocodiles - snakes, lizards, turtles with whose large copies it is possible to be photographed).

the Budget (the end of May - the beginning of June). Tickets for four plus the baby (without place) about 52 thousand rubles. Apartments in Paris (2 rooms) for 5 nights - 43 thousand rubles, a lodge in Normandy for a week (3 rooms) - 40 thousand rubles, the car for 10 days with a comprehensive insurance and a children`s chair - 550 euros, expenses in France about 1500 euros, including food, gasoline, tickets to the subway and the museums, souvenirs etc. If not the baby, it would be possible to save on housing significantly. Happy rest!