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Travel to Egypt of

I Grew at the girl widely-read, house. At school studied well (in a class 4 or 5) the ancient history especially was pleasant. The mysterious world of Egypt attracted, but seemed extremely unreal, as from other galaxy. The far-away country, a hard time, not simple, here and on decent holiday on the Black Sea of money leaves much, and that “abroad“... Time went, the dream to see pyramids, to touch them, remained dream. During this time I managed to marry, give rise and bring up the beautiful daughter, to change several times work.

my way to pyramids received the last counting when the daughter, during visit of a usual supermarket (I gathered products for the refrigerator at this time) dragged and enclosed the book “Egyptology“ in a basket. Possibly it, together with my genes, was told love and trembling awe to this mysterious country and an ancient civilization which presented to us it is so much miracles and riddles. It was the first call. The second call rang out when our close friends bought tickets in Charm - ale - the Sheikh. Well, bought and bought, people they prosperous, we got used to their continuous traveling on “abroad“. But one fine day they appeared on a threshold of our apartment a family in full strength with a wine bottle which with knock was set up on a table with words: “Means so, you eat with us, we came to finish you! Objections are not accepted!“ I will lower details of our meeting, as we rushed about and asked for leave from work as well as where we looked for money for a trip, generally - came true! Vacation packages are bought, the plane on a runway - in 3,5 hours we in Egypt!

the Boeing sat down at the Charm airport - ale - the Sheikh to the applause of passengers and exclamation from a tail of the plane of the passenger who fairly “cheered up“ during flight: “Welcome to Sharm - El - Sheikh!“ Was abruptly.

So, we in Egypt! Air +25 while we took off in the fall, and at us already more than +10 and on the sun did not get warm. A class, everything blossoms, a grass green, around fountains, and it in Africa! Around the naked desert, but locals manage to create such oases of beauty! Having arrived to hotel, we were not disappointed what was seen at all: greens, flowers, pools with illumination, the brought-up obliging personnel, beauty!! We plunged into the world of rest and the sheer relax as the main character of the movie “Love and Pigeons“ when it, saying goodbye to house, dropped out a back directly in the sea! Ten days of bathing in the azure sea with small fishes of unprecedented coloring, beauty and shades of it of “liquid crystal“ it is impossible to forget. At last, a trip to Giza - pyramids, a sphinx, unforgettable feelings when you stand at the bottom of a pyramid and, having lifted up the head up, you feel each section all greatness and power of Egypt falling upon you from time immemorial.

Days flew as bright tags on an exhibition roundabout, Egypt did not allow to take breath, opening for us both 20 million Cairo, and unique Nile, beauty of the Red Sea, markets Charm - ale - the Sheikh, uncountable souvenirs, hookah, belly dances and the oriental dances of the Egyptian men shaking by the enchantment. We were turned by a unique round of pleasures and entertainments until one fine day my husband told: “Be going to restaurant, there today a holiday on the occasion of Halloween...“ Bach! Halloween... It means - tomorrow we fly home... In the early Egyptian morning we with the daughter rolled our suitcases on a transfer, and both rolled tears, we pretended as if we consider something on different sides of the road that nobody saw our tears. Nobody wanted to leave obviously. All passengers sat in the plane quietly: I think, everyone remembered something special... Then there were both other seas, and other countries, but still our family and together, and everyone separately with special warmth remembers that holiday, and exactly there everyone wants to return once again. Paraphrasing the well-known phrase of Schwarzenegger, I, on behalf of our family, can tell with confidence: - Egypt, We`ll be back!