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Today for anybody not a secret that any mother cannot do without small bottle with a pacifier. Even supporters only of breastfeeding have from time to time situations when feeding by a breast is impossible or it is inconvenient, and it is necessary to decant milk in advance. What to tell about cases when the child needs to be finished feeding artificial mixes or the kid is transferred to the mode of artificial nutrition at all...

At first sight can seem to

strange that the choice of a children`s small bottle is quite responsible action. However the numerous researches conducted in recent years confirm that even the form of a pacifier can become a decisive factor in preservation of the mode of natural feeding. Besides, correctly picked up small bottle is capable to influence health of the kid positively.


First of all, buying a small bottle for feeding, it is better to prefer the known, well proved trademarks. This council is based not on following to fashion or advertizing, and on the checked facts long ago. Cheap plastic small bottles become unsuitable already in few weeks. At sterilization at them the neck often bursts and paint gets down. Qualitative small bottles, on the contrary, will serve to you up to that time when need for a nipple disappears by itself.

Main “danger“ of a small bottle is covered with

that the children who several times tried from it a milk quite often begin to take a breast very reluctantly, and even refuse it. Explanation for it very simple: the child takes a maternal breast widely open mouth, covering a nipple and an areola. And the form of usual, quite narrow pacifier does not allow the kid to make the same. As a result the food from a small bottle becomes easier process in comparison with which sucking of breast milk seems to the newborn baby just titanic work for the child. Whether it is worth being surprised that soon enough he completely “gets used to a bottle“?

However, this problem is solved long ago by innovations in which modern nipples for feeding of babies differ. They are initially aimed at approach of artificial feeding to natural. Most precisely imitate a female breast and minimize a difference between technology of sucking wide soft nipples. Such form which is most fully “recreating“ feeding process by a breast allows to support and prolong natural breastfeeding.

material of which the pacifier is made is Not less important

. Most of doctors around the world give preference to silicone - elastic synthetic polymer without color and a smell on which any case of allergic reaction at children is not registered. Other material which is widely used at production of pacifiers - latex. However, in spite of the fact that latex, unlike silicone, - natural material, it is short-lived: in the course of sterilization on its surface quickly there are cracks which right there “occupy“ bacteria. Besides, when using latex pacifiers development of an allergy is quite possible.

One more important and even “revolutionary“ feature of modern small bottles - ability to influence health of the child, reducing risk of emergence of intestinal kolik. The matter is that when using a usual pacifier in a small bottle there is a vacuum. Under pressure of air of a nipple sticks together, and feeding should be interrupted from time to time that air got to a small bottle, and the pacifier finished again. It is easy to guess that, coming off a pacifier, the kid swallows air, and it provokes vomiting and intestinal gripes. For this reason pediatricians around the world strictly recommend to get anti-vacuum small bottles.

of One of the most known and checked small bottles of such format is Philips AVENT small bottle. It appeared on counters of shops quarter of the century back and laid the foundation of history of the whole brand which today, according to data of the research company “Komkon“, is recognized as favourite brand of the Russian mothers. These are the goods for care of children which are most recommended by the Russian pediatricians. The main feature of this small bottle is the innovative technology of the integral valve for decrease in gripes recommended by physicians. In the course of feeding the unique valve in the basis of a pacifier passes air in a small bottle, preventing formation of vacuum. When feeding the easy whistling sound is distributed, and on a surface of milk there are bubbles - it is a guarantee that air comes to a small bottle, but not to the child`s tummy. Besides, the pacifier from the strongest silicone has no taste and a smell, most precisely repeats a shape of a female breast. It makes Philips AVENT small bottle the chief and irreplaceable assistant to young mother, she decides at once a little, without exaggeration, the most big infantile problems.

Efficiency of developments of Philips AVENT is regularly confirmed by serious clinical trials. So, the English scientists carried out clinical tests, having aimed to check whether really the technology of the integral valve reduces probability of emergence of gripes in babies. 145 healthy, been born in time children (78 boys and 67 girls) took part in research. Newborns were divided into two groups, one of which received food from a small bottle with an anti-vacuum pacifier, another - from a standard small bottle. Each mother kept the detailed diary of behavior of the child. It was as a result established that kids of two-week age who were fed from Philips AVENT small bottles suffered from gripes much less than the children receiving food from standard small bottles.

As for the small bottle, it is important rather for mother. As usability depends on a form of capacity, it is desirable that the small bottle had a wide neck, - it provides easy washing and allows to fill dry mix without effort. One more moment to which it is worth paying attention, - stability of a small bottle. It is known that the below the capacity center of gravity settles down, the probability to overturn it at the careless movement is less. Also on a small bottle exact, easily readable scale has to be put with heat-resistant paint.

also completely Philips AVENT small bottle meets These requirements. It is made of a lung, but very strong plastic. Its “fitted“ form is convenient to both the adult, and the kid, and the wide neck facilitates washing of a small bottle and its filling.

Summing up of

the result, it is possible to tell with confidence that modern small bottles for feeding of just born kid can facilitate life of mothers considerably. But the main thing - they can increase number of the children who are on breastfeeding and to make the first, most months of their life quieter and comfortable are important.