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As we tried on the Golden Ring (on August 06 - 11, 2001). Part 1

Here also came a long-awaited time: the whole two weeks of serene existence - holiday! The first week flew in inevitable household efforts, and we with the husband decided to spend the second with advantage as a hobby. And on Monday, having armed with the Golden Ring guide, went to a way on old “the Muscovite - 2141“.

Having left Moscow, quickly slipped Balashikha (the benefit - everyday life, any traffic jams!) also headed for Vladimir. On border of the Moscow and Vladimir regions the cafe with the name “Full Father“ flew - clever people constructed! :) And here it, Vladimir ... The well-known Golden Gate - in the woods, in the heat restoration works, close not to approach, and it is a pity. Very much there was a wish to look where it, border of centuries. Actually gate (bronze with gilding from where and the name) were dragged off by Tatars after the next attack. But in an integrity and safety there was a part of the earth shaft approaching directly gate. Having passed on Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street by the intricate building of the local Duma decorated with lacy weather vanes we stopped on the square, opposite to Nobility assemly (nowadays - Officers` Club) and on foot through park went to Assumption Cathedral. Here first ill luck: Monday - museum day off therefore we did not manage to examine a cathedral from within. But there were also no numerous groups of the making a din foreign tourists (for some reason especially much to us met Italians, we even nicknamed them invaders). Near Uspensky - perhaps, even more beautiful Cathedral of St. Demetrius. Pure whiteness of walls, carved stone lace... Here it, the beginning of Christianity in Russia, - biblical scenes adjoin to pagan deities here. Both well-known cathedrals are built even in 12 - m a century, and I also could not imagine that in two hours` journey from Moscow the buildings which staid more than eight centuries remained... Near Golden Gate there is a tower in which the most interesting museum like local history, on the top floor - an observation deck. Unfortunately, on Monday the museum was closed too so we managed to visit only in the following visit of Vladimir there.

If we appeared

in Vladimir, could not but stop by in the village of Bogolyubovo . I will not retell history of this village, I will tell only that it is worth coming around there because in one and a half kilometers from it there is a temple of the Cover on Nerli which by right is called a pearl of the Russian architecture (oh, so tried to do without stamps, but how still to call such beauty?!) . We long could not find an entrance there, did not find between izbas the dirty and broken road without asphalt signs, the leader quite abruptly down from the highway yet. The small street, having wound, left - to the railroad under which the tunnel - journey was found. Further - 1. The 5th kilometer through the field, being torn through corpulent herds of local Burenkas, and here it is the temple... This tiny snow-white church standing on confluence of Klyazma and Nerli, apparently, consists entirely of vertical lines, aspires up. In the spring of the river spread and the church appears on the island. Such it is liked to be photographed for calendars - reflected in the river. Having staid on this place of 600 years, the temple nearly died - in the 18th century local authorities decided to sort it from - for a small amount of parishioners (now would tell - from - for low to profitability). Rescued that the workers who began to sort a dome demanded increase in a payment (what to them it was refused) - limy solution very strongly fastened stones. On a legend workers stopped sorting the temple after the ray of sunlight, having reflected in a gilded dome, blinded one of them. Was considered that the Virgin thus gave a sign. Anyway, the church remained, and it was the best of what was seen us for all travel. By the way, locals have a belief that it is possible to get rid of any heavy illness, having prayed at an icon of the Mother of God inside and having asked for it healings.

I here still that: what roosters in Bogolyubov! It something inexpressible! I such only on pictures saw - bronze, huge, with multi-colored tails! It not gastronomic, but esthetic pleasure! :)

Towards evening Monday we arrived to Suzdal . Despite several got indexes with names of hotels, we did not find any of them. It was necessary to resort to the help of locals. To us ordered to be guided by a monastic belltower. Looking around, we passed by the monastery twice, but did not find any inn. Having despaired, the husband ordered to guard to me the car and moved off in searches on foot. The hotel appeared... in the monastery also carried the mysterious name “Rizopolozhenskaya“. Lodged us, however, not in a cell, and on the third floor of quite decent building. Having washed and having thrown a backpack in number, we went to get acquainted with night life. Opposite to hotel found intercity phone, and is slightly farther on the same street - quite decent cafe. And since morning went to sight-see the city. As to you: the town 2,5 kilometers long, and in it - 33 churches and 5 monasteries? And if to add to it that for the last 250 years the city practically did not change the borders? Churches stand on 2 - 3 nearby, almost closely to each other. It is interesting how citizens chose where to them to go to service? Here again ill luck: in the Suzdal Kremlin day off - Tuesday. Well not on the cards. Exotic for the Muscovite: sign “the animal-drawn movement is forbidden“. And here the announcement on a fence: “160 poods of polyanny hay are on sale. To address...“ Having passed through the Kremlin and earth shaft, on the bridge through the small river Kamenka, we came to the museum of wooden architecture. Generally, this good and in New Jerusalem situated near Moscow in bulk, but here what I never saw - a stupalny well. The huge well with very bass drum in which the person went (can, and the horse, quite would get) and twisted thus a collar.

In Suzdal - two operating monasteries. On the territory female tourists are let with a condition to behave decently and not to photograph nuns. Nearby - former man`s It is sacred - the Evfimyevsky monastery, now it works only as the museum. There it is necessary to go for the whole day. There and gifts of the prince Pozharsky (that, which with Minin), there and an exhibition of ancient books (from hand-written to rare editions 19 of a century), there both jewelry, and the museum of naive creativity... And still there is really chilling place: former prison cases. The matter is that in this monastery long since there was a prison for persons of a ministry, in an exposition a set of the most interesting documents. The prison was closed in imperial times, and at the Soviet power opened again, was even expanded - for “enemies of the people“. This part of an exposition is collected from the documents transferred by the family of victims of political repression and the few escaped prisoners. I began to read - and two hours completely disappeared. Only jimjams. There are few comments, only the dry facts. At once I will tell: there it is better for impressionable people not to go.

we saw

In Suzdal still very much and a lot of things, it is the city - gingerbread, the city - a card, on it it is possible to walk as on the museum under the open sky, will not tell everything...

A further we went to Reach .