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It is a little Holland

Very much I want to show our photos from Holland. We went very fine! Saw much everything, received the mass of impressions. And in general I very much love this country. You judge:

  1. In the first day far we did not go. Just took a walk in city park (Vondel Park). Wandered, admired, ate on a grass, frightened ducks.
  2. For the second day we went to a zoo if I do not confuse, to Amstelfude. But impressed children not only animals who often passed very close (behind glass). But also Dino - park. There a huge number of the dinosaurs made almost full-scale. They move, make sounds, etc. The heap of tricks for children is made. For example, run on a signal: and on your speed to you declare how what dinosaur you run. Or: a tent, on a floor sand, brushes. Children take brushes, sweep sand, from - under it different bones, like excavation are shown.
  3. For the third day we went in Zansa - Skhans. So-called monument of rural life. Mills, houses. There live people, keep traditions.
  4. Then we went in Mutely. Mutely - it is 5 floors of the World behind the looking-glass who was at an exhibition in the Arena. But except different scientific tricks, there was a floor devoted to development of the person, showed a cool animated cartoon about development of boys and girls. And even the recess for teenagers was more senior than 12 years, but we there, clear, did not go. Near Mutely there is a ship “Amsterdam“. Completely restored, krasivushchy. With the laid table, chests with good, a hammock where it is possible to rock, different cabins and so forth
  5. Next day we went to Utrecht. Except that it is just very beautiful town, there absolutely tremendous Railway museum. Trains, it is possible to climb, come into cars everywhere. In many cars interactive toys are made. It is possible to part trains, it is possible most to lead the train. Besides, in the covered pavilions the station at which there are representations, still some piece of the city is made separately, with houses, trees and in the middle the train costs. The night train - an attraction in the dark with horror stories. On the street - the small railroad, a section car! A crossing on an island (the boat which moves along a rope).
  6. Then we went to the Hague. Visited art gallery of Mauritskheys (showed to children “The girl with a pearl ear ring“). Visited Palace Square and went to the museum Madurodam (pass - Holland). There is a wish to show a lot of photos, but a little Madurodam is in a photo album from my last trip. Children were delighted, especially learning those buildings which were already seen. And of course, trains, planes, ships. Everything goes, floats, moves. For the second time it was also interesting to me!
  7. Zamok Muiderslot
  8. (Muiderslot). Beautiful outside and interesting inside. Besides everything can be touched, to climb everywhere. Allow to try on the real chain armor. For girls unpretentious medieval dresses which can be put on hang and in them to walk. In towers also a heap of interactive toys. In one there is a game in which it is necessary to throw off stones on enemies. In another - “a knightly duel“. The image as if on a long table, and at the left and on the right is cost by “horses“. The horse on the screen moves if only the child, sitting on the model, “jumps“. The spear will possible to cut the opponent, only if you make the movement a hand in special “mitten“.
  9. of Eftelling. Well, it is not present words, the applicant on 1 at all - e the place. One of the best amusement parks in the world. Ogromnaya Square, several parks. Dizzy attractions in one part, fantastic locks on which it is possible to fly by or float inside by boats - in another. Fairy forest with lodges where there live gnomes, princesses and other. About one lodge the caps and panties drying on a string of a gnomichya touched. Generally not to list everything...
  10. Museum of a body. It is the new museum. Struck us just I do not know to what degree. In - the first, the fact that there is an audio - the guide in Russian (perhaps, without it there would be be nothing to do since it is an important component, tell much). What I can tell. We walked on all interiors of the person: intestines, stomach, lungs, heart. Jumped in a mouth in language, smelled in a big nose, looked at pictures in a big eye. Also saw two tremendous three-dimensional movies. About conception and about enrichment by oxygen of a red blood cell. We sat in chairs, at the movement to us air in a face blew, at turns on the screen - the chair, etc. turned. It was so beautiful, interesting! Full feeling of reality. It is a pity, it was impossible to photograph.
  11. Well, and one of the last trips was in Open Air Museum. The big village with old houses, mills. Houses with all situation, everywhere inside it is possible to wander. Both big laundry, and cheese plant. Across the territory go old, still wooden, trams, by them it is possible to drive. The museum with old things. There is a crossing through a reservoir with the boat, probably, favourite entertainment. Generally, mass of interesting.

So if who has an opportunity and children of 7 - 12 years, recommend to Holland. And I will look for where in Europe as much interesting. And to think over the following route! To us it was very cheerful:

But by the evening were tired.

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