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On the verge of crawling and sitting of

the moment when children already want to sit - to creep Comes, but the treacherous body does not obey - legs part, hands break, the back does not hold... What causes sometimes the mass of negative emotions which are perceived quite often by some parents as a signal that “something hurts“. Actually more and more simply... More difficult. Let`s try to help the child? Then it is necessary to do gymnastics. These exercises will help those children who on the verge of crawling. I.e. exercises not only on the general development, but also on training of the muscles helping to creep on all fours. In books you will not find them, I do not know for what reason.

  1. For strengthening of muscles of a back. We take the child “column“, the person from ourselves, as before, only this time successful fellows only for legs - around knees (that were not bent) and around a belt, it is close to the line of a bend.
    the Child has to keep exactly, balancing with a trunk. It is not necessary to incline it forward specially, it is better if somebody helps you, standing ahead - will call, will stretch an igrukha that he stretched forward, controlling itself.
    If suddenly falls forward (this most frightening, as well as expectation of it) - be not frightened, it will not break and if you hold it by legs strong, then it also will not fall anywhere. Also it is not necessary to pull sharply at this moment up and on itself it is reflex - it to it will only prevent to become straight.

  2. For a muscle strain of legs (hips). The child lies the head from you, you on a lap, legs between knees. We take it for forearms, we raise and it is put, bending his legs in knees. We hold that he sat. If legs easily bend (i.e. to put it does not try to be curved by all trunk) - the child is ready to creep, there is not enough force of muscles and knowledge of movements.

  3. Right after previous we put it on karachka. Hands have to be spread wide, lean not on cams. For this purpose it is possible “to knock“ a little with them about a floor, to scratch them that fists were unclenched. We hold to put stood on all fours, realized the situation and its high!

  4. Puzik on a ball (small now, a fitball we will set aside so far). The ball, a back at the same time almost direct have to clasp legs of a hand densely. Now we put on legs, we roll a ball back, then forward. Only it is obligatory to hold!

  5. Continuation of previous. Sharply (but without being fond) we roll a ball forward. The child reflex throws up hands, and then leans on a sofa the opened palms (almost always). Allows to open cams and to remember this state to hands.

All exercises very much are pleasant to the child. Ours it is direct it is rolled up by time, especially sitting. As soon as the good mood leaves - we stop occupations on a two-three of hours (however, exercises have to be in pleasure always!) . It is better to do exercises through a couple of hours after food not to lose food.