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The happiest day - Friday, 13 - e

Of course, treasured two strips were at the same time both long-awaited, and unexpected. At first I did not believe the happiness and did not even begin to speak to the spouse until I itself made sure: next day the test showed two strips again. But understanding of the events came to us a little later - after the first ultrasonography when on the monitor our small sunflower seed at the age of four weeks seemed.

In this part of article I will lower all emotions and experiences and I will tell only what can be useful to you.

From the first days of my pregnancy I began to be smeared with olive oil. Also believe me - it is much better than any cream from extensions. Choose for yourself, darling, the best oil, let it will be the most expensive, - one small bottle of 500 ml. will be enough for you for all pregnancy. Every time after a bathroom I smeared a stomach, hips, a breast and a waist are the main places where extensions can appear. Well, at the same time both legs - both massage, and additional food, and prevention of hypostases and expansions of veins. It was not difficult at all, it is even very pleasant, especially when the husband helped me with it. Any extension at me did not appear anywhere though for pregnancy all above-mentioned parts of a body considerably increased in sizes. It is important to begin a bit earlier, in - the first that it became a habit, and in - the second, on the eighth month it will already hardly help.

I struggled With the awful toxicosis ice water. I felt sick not only in the mornings, but also throughout the day. At work I put a bottle with water in the freezer and drank when began to feel sick me. Houses I chewed fresh fennel and nutlets of cashew (they the least high-calorie of all). During toxicosis - to eat the most important in the small portions. Better for a thicket, but absolutely on slightly - slightly. As soon as eat more, than it is necessary (how many it is necessary, you define), the weight which is smoothly passing into nausea begins at once. I had to hire with myself couple of apples, cakes, nutlets, but it was even cheerful, especially for my colleagues. Fully I could not have dinner therefore I had a bite all day. Where that on the 12th week my tortures ended, and I began to gain weight, before I only lost it.

I cannot tell

that nine months past quickly, but the story not about pregnancy, and about childbirth. My pregnancy already approached the logical conclusion. The 39th week came to an end.

“Everything is all right. If till Friday itself you do not give rise, come - we will give birth together“ - the doctor told, taking off gloves.

Ya, happy slipped from a chair and ran to the husband who waited for me in the car.

joyful expectation Began

. At most a week more, and we at last will see our baby. I was not afraid of childbirth at all though it is our first child and what I should test, I knew only from read in books, magazines and the Internet. The giving birth girlfriends for some reason refused to tell everything to me “as it was“, probably, that I to myself did not invent superfluous. I adjusted myself only on good at once and tried to associate childbirth with a long-awaited meeting with the child, but not with pain and unpleasant feelings.

But for the weekend, neither on Monday, nor on Tuesday... And so on before the end of the week nothing occurred. We talked to the daughter, told that we very much wait for her emergence, said how grandmothers and grandfathers will be delighted to a meeting with it, told what beautiful nursery at it. But she did not wish to be born in any way. In the evening on Thursday I packed all necessary things, put from above the passport and went to sleep, knowing well that tomorrow the husband will bring me to maternity hospital where the first in my life childbirth is coming me.

Surprisingly night past

quickly, and there came long-awaited Friday, by the way, 13 - e. Exactly at 7 in the morning I was woken by a pleasant melody of an alarm clock. Quietly, not to wake the husband, I rose and went to make toilet. On the way to a toilet I noticed that for me on a carpet there are pink traces - it waters began to depart. Smiling, I fast cleaned everything and, happy, went to a bathroom. In an hour when the husband woke up, I was already up in arm. With the daughter a small secret I did not begin to open ours for it yet, the long road to maternity hospital which is on other end of the city still was coming us. Not to soil a car interior, I enclosed a white kerchief - “laying“ has to be white and fabric. It is important that then, in need of it it was possible to show to the doctor that he could estimate nature of allocations. Of course, we got to all possible traffic jams, but the husband was quiet as he was not aware of the events and therefore that wanted to stay with me longer, he will be able to take away me only in several days. We stirred about that, about this, I quietly smiled and drank juice (it is not recommended to eat before childbirth).

Having kissed the husband, I promised what to take away it will already arrive two, took packages of things and went to give birth. In chamber put the things (did not even begin to sort - all the same then in postnatal will translate) and began to wait for survey. I told the doctor about morning incident, I was examined in chamber, then it is already more attentive - on a chair.

“And a bubble that is not present

- the doctor told the midwife.“ Take the passport, a blanket and in patrimonial“, - it was already addressed to me.

to the Husband I called

from a toilet. Conversation was short:
- I went to give birth.
- How to give birth?
- You where brought me?
- In maternity hospital.
- In maternity hospital what is done?
- Give birth.
- Here I also went to give birth.
- E - e - e - e... You there, give... Do not worry... Ý - ý - ý - aa...

Who endured
more - it was still the question.

When I came prenatal chamber (“torment“ - as her little girls for fun called), there already were three. All of them very much tried: gasped and sighed, felt sick two. I quietly laid down on the bed offered me and was going to do the same. But fights did not come. Just now, in 4 hours after waters began to depart, it seemed to me it is strange. The nice woman approached me, from - under a white dressing gown of which florets were illuminated, and began me to put a dropper. I will tell honestly - it was the most terrible in the course of childbirth though she very much tried and made everything quickly and professionally. Just I very much am afraid of pricks, I always faint when take me blood from a vein. Slowly fights began to start. At first absolutely weak and short, then even more often more for a long time. But to tell that it was terrible and insufferably sick, I cannot. I even asked a duck not to lag behind collective, suddenly me will pull out too, but she was not useful to me - I ate nothing, as well as it was necessary. Then I saw how the neigbour jumps on a big ball, and I wanted too - I in general at that time had quite playful mood. In the course of my exercises on a sphere I waved a wing and pulled out to myself a dropper. On a floor blood from one tube and oxytocin from another began to flow. For some reason it did not spoil to me mood and I, having clamped a finger a tubule with my kindred blood (I somehow grudged medicine not), continued to jump. Generally, me was what to be engaged during fights.

Ya so diligently noted time and considered duration of fights that not only that I did not have time to gasp and sigh, so I also did not notice how five hours flew by. By that moment I was already quite tired (of course, considered so much, jumped so much, breathed so much, between fights stirred with little girls) and that the most unpleasant, it was strongly hungry. When the doctor came, I asked to eat. Did not resolve.

Then too was not allowed to drink. Then at least to have a sleep. There is such practice - to enter “patient“ for a while into a dream that she could have a rest before the most interesting. I was told that so far the bed is occupied, but when the woman in labor sleeping on it wakes up, I will go to sleep off. When, at last, enjoin to give birth to the girl, the doctor looked that I have an opening of 7 cm and told that I should not sleep yet and that we will go to give birth too soon. This was happiness - remained very little. The fatigue passed in a trice, instead of it attempts came. Feeling as though urgently it is necessary to you in a toilet. Was near nobody, and I solved meanwhile it is possible to be extinguished a little bit, eventually, attempts at me or not. By the way, when you make an effort during fight, pressing legs to a stomach, pain vanishes somewhere. Only it is not necessary to do it earlier, than attempts will begin, and it is better to wait when you are told that it is already time. The doctor with the midwife entered and, having seen as I have a good time, the doctor told that the nature prompted it to me that needs to be done. Asked me to be extinguished still, now under their sensitive management. It seems that everything satisfied them as they suggested me to pass into patrimonial and to start directly the third stage of childbirth.

Ya got on a chair which differed from gynecologic a little - it was more convenient. Planted the feet, took some levers in hand. Levers to me insistently recommended not to release because when process begins, then they will be difficult to be grabbed again. Around me there were four, and we amicably began to give birth. I honestly made an effort three times on fight, and then had a rest several seconds to following. The only thing that I did not correctly - it sharply leaned back back when fight came to an end. But the vigilant eye of doctors noticed my oversight, and we quickly eliminated it. Further everything went according to the plan. Fight - three attempts - slowly we hang the head and we have a rest. Doctors already cheerfully told me that the daughter at me curly-headed as well as I, but when fight came to an end, the head hid back - it was very offensive, I wanted to see the baby somewhat quicker. After the next demonstration of a curly-headed head with the subsequent disappearance, I suggested the midwife when it appears again - to hold it for ears. Then all burst out laughing, and it was necessary to prodyshat one fight. Next time I very much tried, and the head left completely, I was told to record this situation before the following fight - this was rather sick, but at that time it seemed already absolutely not important, with the following attempt my beloved daughter was born. I did not feel it - just heard as doctors began to say what it is pretty. On my question whether all as it should be, me answered: “And you what, you do not hear?“ I really heard nothing, and the daughter already declared the birth, for as received 9,9 balls. When to me put it on a stomach, it was remarkably violet color which, seemingly, anybody, except me did not confuse. We applied it to a breast, and the daughter was accepted for good reason at once. It was necessary to tear off then it though I could admire this picture for a long time.

All two hours which it is necessary to lie after the delivery I stirred

by phone. After rang round all family, began to call girlfriends and to tell that to give birth it is not sick at all. In 12. Brought 00 me my daughter on the first in our life feeding. Only after that I understood how I was strongly tired. I should have a rest not soon, and it droplets on confuses me.

Polinochka was born

on Friday February 13, 2009 in 18. 30 weighing 3520 gr. 54 centimeters in height. Then I mentally thanked the doctor of a maternity welfare unit which conducted my pregnancy. It forced (strongly recommended) me to do fasting days that did not allow to gather to me more, than it is necessary.

In consultation to you will be offered by several options of fasting days, choose that which suits you. I, for example, drank kefir. Girls, when say to you what you gathered much and it is worth unloading, - it is not necessary to take offense at the doctor. He cares for you and your future baby. Agree, it is easier to give rise to a lyalechka in 3,5 kilograms, than 4,5. And you will be able to eat much after the delivery when you nurse.

Pregnancy and childbirth are the most pleasant that I had in life. To our beauty already soon 5 months. And every time, looking at it, I remember what pleasure it gave me the birth. It is a pity that to our husbands it is not allowed to give birth, it seems to me that everyone has to test it in the life. The birth of the child is a miracle. Women were very lucky that to them it is allowed to create this miracle - to give new life. Expensive puzatik, our happy family wishes you easy childbirth and happy motherhood.