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To you I remember nothing...

“... To you I remember nothing,
To you me just was not...“

Nikolay Godina

They say that the conscious desire to have the child comes with age. Can quite be. But our child could not wait, probably. No, do not think nothing of that kind, by the time of its emergence our relations with the husband in every sense were conscious, perhaps. Just talk of coevals of type surprised: “And time - that goes, and I speak to it... The age already, is time!“ What age? Twenty seven - age? Or - oh, horror! - twenty nine? Nonsense. And we liked to meet friends in places poshumny and to be wound by car over all country and to fly to have a rest by all means to the different countries and to walk there in the stuffy evenings on streets of towns and to drink cocktails at small restaurants. And I hardly waited for it from business trips, and it went through all city to meet me from work after evening shift, and we were confused how many years passed from the date of our acquaintance, and he, of course, forgot what number we celebrate this date. And still movies, photos, general friends... Yes whole heap only!

But our child solved everything for us. And we were happy! On new, in a different way! Also do not trust anybody: the child - it is not difficult! Not in it business. The child is forever. Forever all in a different way. Somehow so... It to tell

It is not heavy

and it is not difficult. And life after the birth of the child is, believe! Just it is another. Such that you look at the kid, you translate a view of the father... And almost synchronously: “Listen and what we without it - that did?“. Also you do not remember! Because indeed: “To you I remember nothing, / To you I just was not...“ Only earlier I thought what is written about the man and the woman...