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Let`s be in time - we will not be in time? I Will begin

with the fact that, as well as many mothers of stair-steppers, we so quickly did not expect the second baby and did not plan. Now, looking back, I remember that some phrases of acquaintances and a joke came true. At work the girl whom I trained on the place, told somehow that I to the 30 also second will manage to give rise. And I, buying in October with the husband good new expensive pan from a stainless steel and having bought volume slightly more, than wanted, on its arguments that so it is more convenient to prepare, for fun told that now time a big pan, it is necessary to expand a family also. But did not think that I learn that she is pregnant through a two-three of weeks. Andryushe went 6 - oh month.


And also at the subconscious level decided to make the test since morning though the delay was not, a couple of days more could be waited. Decided that it will deteriorate, and a day before Andryushiny 6 months on the test saw two fat strips, then on HGCh it will appear, in 4 days already of more than 9000 units - 6 weeks. We even had no thoughts of abortion, but several days recovered with the husband.

All pregnancy I rushed with Andryusha on hands. God was merciful, threat was not. Gained 12 kg for pregnancy. Discussed with the husband already a month before childbirth of date when I can give rise. The husband told that since June 18 he begins educational holiday, session, lektsionno - examination, and at work to the 18th will be a blockage - commissioning of the object. I for fun besides told that I “here will give rise 18 - go, and you will not go anywhere, with Andryusha will sit“. And it turned out.

towards evening at me strongly pulled

In 2 - 3 days and grabbed a stomach and in the afternoon too, even I began to breathe deeply and slowly, especially, when I lifted Andryushka on hands, pelvic bones already few months strongly hurt, the waist after first labor and did not cease to hurt. Andryusha went on walk only for the handle, in a carriage refused to sit all walk, and went, selecting everything from the earth, and I on hands, from hands, all walk down - up. The husband did repair in a corridor in the evening, did a false ceiling, and I, having come from walk, helped it a little, supporting gypsum cardboard while it fixed it on a ceiling.

Laid down in 0 - 30, on June 18. Could not fall asleep still, teeth began to ache, then dozed off for half an hour and rose in a toilet in 1 - 30, and at me waters, well, and a dream as sober as a judge began to flow. I began to wait for fight, told the sleepy husband that waters began to depart. The first fight began in 10 minutes. Sat hour in kitchen, looked at the watch, considered fights - there were they on 30 sec. - 1 min. in 5 - 4 min., in an hour of fight more intensive went, it was already difficult to be unbent and speak, on duration minute. Already breathed, tried to find a convenient pose. Told the husband that it is necessary to rise and gather for my mother that she sat with the sleeping Andryusha, and he: “Perhaps at you still everything will stop“. ß: “Will not stop any more, my waters depart.“ Phoned to mother, she half awake the first time dumped from city. When I gathered on mobile, she already took, understood already. I told that it should gather that in about 20 minutes behind it Seryozha will approach. I go to lift it, and he sleeps again, came for me to the hall and will not wake up in any way: “Now I will drink coffee, your mother all the same still sleeps, long gathers etc.“ Did not shout yet that supposedly give wake up, there is no time to drink coffee, my break already of 3 min., you want that I gave rise to houses, my mother already gathered and waits for you. The benefit what to drive 2 stops, 3 min. the car. Poured to me a bathtub that to wait fights, and went.

I stayed In a bathroom 15 min. While Seryozha went for my mother, in a bathtub of fight became very strong. During fight I could not neither speak any more, nor change the adopted provision. And in this childbirth I wanted to sit houses not of 6 h as last time, and then 6 h in maternity hospital. And now 2,5 h turned out. Thought that if 6 more h such fights as last time in maternity hospital, then there will not be enough forces. Having seen that fights for 2 min., through 1 - 2 and strong, mother suggested to go to maternity hospital. I got out of a bathtub, and began to put on, and so far got into trousers, the first potuzhny fight went, prodyshat, but was frightened a little - process too quickly went. Coming downstairs, approaching the car - the second potuzhny. I laid down on a back seat, and it is good, roads empty, and maternity hospital in several stops... In 5 - 10 min. we to it reached, there were 4 mornings. So far went - one more. The husband, I saw, by traffic police passed at a speed and on red light in one place. Drove up to maternity hospital, the sleepy security guard there: “What?“ Did not open a collar. Until got out of the box, approached the car, decided to make sure that I give birth there, at me 4 - aya potuzhny fight. In reception the nurse went outside, helped me to come. At once came both the doctor and still employees, I began to undress, more precisely I began to be undressed, and laying at me in blood a little. Helped to get on a chair. ß: “How many disclosure? It is possible to make an effort?“ To me doctor:“ Yes disclosure, full at you, to a chair brought a wheelchair, to the elevator, got over from a wheelchair on a table... And we began to give birth.

As I was frightened of

when I was told that it is wound by an umbilical cord and goes with the handle and... got stuck! To me these seconds when they released it, seemed eternity, I began to pray, pressed to me a little on a stomach, raised to me legs to release it. At last he was born, but was Xing - white, cried at once as to it cleaned a mouth, but too these seconds I managed to get a fright. In 4 - 10 we arrived, in 4 - 20 I gave rise. 3170 grams and 49 cm. Put 8 / 8 points.

the Extreme, I will tell you, enormous, I do not even remember, at once they to me put it on a breast or did not put as at this time they asked me questions, began to fill a card and to ask how pregnancy proceeded. And in 3 hours of fights I was all the same very strongly tired. Called the husband, he still was in a reception, reported. The sonny was taken away to look, warm under a lamp. To me imposed couple of seams, a small crack on skin in the same place, internal and muscular gaps, as well as with Andryusha, were not. Delivered me the styptic and reducing a uterus dropper and ice on a stomach. Here, it seems, and all.