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As our Andryushka was born the Story I would like to begin

since Wednesday April 25. This day to us in the evening on a visit there arrived the uncle of my husband with the son. We met in the evening of the house when I returned from the pool from water aerobics for pregnant women. They came to Moscow to buy the car. I was very glad to them and occupation quite interesting - a trip on salons behind car. And the husband will take couple of days at work, and we will carry out them together, we will take the car, we will go on shish kebabs, on the nature... I was definitely not going to give birth this week.

On Thursday, April 26, we went on salons, chose the car, generally, rode the whole day, and a desirable complete set, bodies and colors did not find. In 8 - ohm to o`clock in the evening stopped by in a supermarket near the house behind products, and on cash desk I felt that the linen became damp, from me something began to flow. Arrived home almost at 8 in the evening, I began to undress to descend in a shower while set the table, and here from me so began to flow that the puddle on a floor was formed, about 10 cm in the diameter, dripped large drops. On courses said to us that there can be a dribble of forward waters (those that are before the child`s head, they can leak on an extent even of few weeks, and the linen can be damp) is one of harbingers of childbirth, and there can be an odkhozhdeniye of waters when flows streams on legs and puddles to 200 ml are formed - it is already the beginning of childbirth. After a shower, having put on a terry dressing gown, went to have supper. At heart confusion, doubt the moment of X came or these are only harbingers, on the one hand - “hurrah, begins“, with another - “we have guests and to carry out fights at foreign views“... Generally, there were I from - for a table, in 10 - 15 minutes on a dressing gown a wet spot, sorry, almost in all fifth point... Called the husband, told as as, asked to bring laying, went to bed and began to call the midwife from courses, she confirmed my version that it not dribble that fights at a good deal have to begin to 12 o`clock in the morning if do not begin within 5 - 6 hours after an otkhozhdeniye of waters - it is worse, agreed to phone at 11 in the evening, having counted the beginning of the patrimonial period from 8 in the evening.

our guests went to bed at 9 in the evening, I tried to fall asleep too I did not manage that. The first fights began at ten o`clock evenings. I was delighted, listened to the feelings, breathed. It is necessary to tell, they were not strong, first 3 fights went in 25 - 35 minutes. Called the midwife at 11 o`clock, having told about frequency of fights, she assured me that it is already definitely not false or training contractions, and the most real, advised to have a sleep as forces still will be useful to me. In the twelfth hour I wanted to eat and went to have a bite. Then sent the husband to a drugstore behind an enema, and itself called the girlfriend, we began to breathe, she began to write down frequency of fights. Somewhere from a half of the eleventh to a half of the first fights were in 14 - 8 minutes, the husband at half past twelve came, and he began to write down fights, I wished to the girlfriend good night. From a half of the first intervals between fights with 8 sharply began to be reduced by 5 minutes, and fights became longer. After one o`clock in the morning to a half of the third fights were in 4 - 3 minutes, even in 2 minutes. It is necessary to tell that houses we did not give an enema, but in breaks between fights I descended 4 times on - big in usual volumes. On courses said to us that before childbirth there is a self-cleaning of intestines therefore once again I was convinced that the organism gets ready for childbirth.

At half past two a.m. I called the midwife, having told that strong contractions, last for 1 - 2 minutes and in 3 - 4 minutes. She answered that process quickly develops, it is necessary to go urgently to maternity hospital, otherwise I can give rise to houses. Most likely, already good disclosure, and potuzhny fights will begin soon. We quickly gathered, the benefit to maternity hospital of 5 minutes on the car, I went lying on one side, on the spread-out front seat. And only on fights I felt on myself all charm of our hummocks and poles on roads. It would be desirable to add that I wanted “it is beautiful to give rise“ - without shouting, tears and shouts, without panic, without blocking oxygen to the child so far I managed that completely.

In maternity hospital of the husband was not started up with me, we did not manage to sign the application at the chief physician that, of course, afflicted me, an extract from the therapist, we handed over fluorography, blood on hepatitises B, C, HIV and syphilis. It is necessary to add that the husband was not eager to be with me, was only subject to my condition that I want to give birth with it. And here the case everything solved its majesty for us. Well what to do, without it or with it, I could not stop or detain process any more...

On survey it turned out p that, despite such fights, it is few disclosure, I right at the beginning, i.e. can 1 - 2 cm. I was very upset, I wanted to wait fights of the house, to arrive to maternity hospital on disclosure of 7 - 9 cm and within one or two hours to give rise... As a result I gave things to the husband, we said goodbye, and I was given an enema, then a shower and state clothes. Also moved to the maternity box. Separate boxes on each woman in labor, me put in № 7, put some device on a stomach and told to lie and not to move. During fights in 1 - 2 minutes lasting 2, even 3 minutes it sounded as mockery, and I had such fights about 3 mornings, and there is no disclosure. With me nobody was from doctors in a rodboksa, and I lacked presence someone`s then very much. I wanted to know how many disclosure and when I give rise, to hear their forecast. One of doctors answered my question why so frequent fights and intensive, and there is no disclosure, something type it happens, and it is norm and that I will give rise to 10 - 11 o`clock in the morning. I carried out fights, being shaken on all fours on a bed. The waist was taken away, I in this situation tried to mass still to myself a sacrum. The nurse passing by my rodboks or the nurse asked to approach and pound to me a waist, she answered that she will return now, will approach, but did not come. The doctor came and told that anesthetic will bring to me now. Concerning this prick I called the midwife from courses, explained a situation that to me want to give an injection of a promedol, I have no disclosure, and fight 2 - 3 minutes through 20 sec. - 2 minutes. She expressed the opinion as the expert that in this situation it is necessary to agree, to wait not for one more hour, and I already weakened, and I need to protect forces.

I Called it right after fight, but in a break did not manage even to tell it how began new and half-conversation I breathed, then could continue. Then I considered this prick as saving for me, to me it was important that someone supported my thought and desire to make it, forces to refuse it I did not find in myself, now I am sorry, I think, maybe, all - could stretch time still. Made to me it somewhere at 4 o`clock in the morning, having explained that now it will be easier for me, I will feel only fight peak, and increase will not, fight by that will be shorter, and the break is longer, I will be able to have a rest, but the simplification did not come. After a prick only it became worse, fight turned into infinite peak, between them 20 sec., but I kept, despite of everything I was ready “it is beautiful to give rise“ and for childbirth never shouted, did not groan and did not howl, kept as could, only constantly breathed so the throat at me dried. Despite bans of doctors, I drank water up to a throat, was on all fours. Between fights began to be shivering, shake me strongly, the nurse told that it can be from a prick. And from a tone of my muscles on all body new fight began quicker. To 5 o`clock in the morning between fights I did not manage to go down from knees in lying situation as new fight began, once I marked, there passed about 20 seconds. Disclosure then was, apparently, 3 - 4 cm. By 6 o`clock disclosure was 6 cm. After that, by 7 o`clock began to seem to me that me turns out from within, at me potuzhny fights went. I told about it to the doctor, she answered that hardly, still early. Looked - disclosure of 6 cm, the midwife came after that, during this time me turned out so that from me began to flow the fountain, I could not stop something, reached only a duck, apparently, it still waters departed. I asked, what is her name, since. it was important to me to know a name of the midwife who will deliver at me, she asked: “And you will remember?“ I answered: “I will try...“ And further addressed it by name - to a middle name.

Marina Vasilyevna probed my neck, me already grieved strongly, I breathed “doggie“, and there was an obvious feeling that, despite my campaigns in a toilet of the house and an enema in maternity hospital, something not so. “Made it badly, - I asked the midwife. She answered that it only feeling:“ You give birth a head, the head of your child passed bones, is in fabrics therefore potuzhny fights go, but to make an effort early, disclosure still incomplete, and you all can tear, breathe“. When she left, I, having remembered as at such situation on courses the midwife or raised legs to the woman in labor, or advised to be on all fours a bottom up that the child “was rolled away“ from bones slightly back. I and did, was shaken so forward - back. Through some time the midwife looked. Hurrah, disclosure full, but I had very hard tight muscle of a neck or a vagina, and stretches very badly and, most likely, I should be cut. Or I all will tear, and it is impossible to make an effort all the same. I begged: “Marina Vasilyevna, make something, I do not want that I was cut. Also I do not want to tear!“ She answered:“ I will try, not tuzhsya, breathe, we wait for 8 fights“. From now on I did not release it.

Several times me all - curtailed

from potuzhny fight into the letter “zyu“, I could not prodyshat it. The midwife began me to grease with some gel and to stretch a neck, then told:“ You can wash and pass to a chair, we go to give birth“. I got out of a bed, and legs do not hold. I felt like the last several hours the zombie or a plant, for me there was only one purpose - correctly to breathe, not to be clamped, not to shout and do everything possible normally to give rise, to do much harm to the kid. And here - the purpose, process approaches end, still there is not enough time, and I will meet it. The midwife helped me to reach since legs did not hold at all, I felt that I can faint and be disconnected now. I got on a bed, put legs and hands on hand-rail, they were some inconvenient, angular, but not flowed round, made on a shape of hands and legs. Also began to make an effort on command. It was impossible to make an effort to me in a vagina, made an effort in a face more, before eyes front sights ran, the crew encouraged: “Still! On the following fight we do not make an effort, and then with new forces!“ And at this time greased me with gel again and pulled my hard muscle on a head of the kid as the midwife told. It seemed to me that I will never give rise to a head any more. And here on 5 - 7 attempt the head, and then and all my kid was born. Showed me my boy, put on a breast, squeezed out to him in a mouth a droplet of colostrum and transferred to a table to process. I asked how many points, answered me: “8 / 9, arranges?“ I answered: “Yes!“ We were born at 8 - 40 in the morning on April 27, 2007, 48 cm, 2900 gr.

After it the placenta was born

, it seemed me a cocoon, 30 cm long and in the diameter of 20 cm, from one party is narrowed as egg. It was examined, gave to me an injection in a vein for reduction of a uterus. Gaps, as well as cuts, did not occur, many thanks to the midwife Marina Vasilyevna, only a small crack on skin which did not go to a muscle. Imposed couple of seams on it, having given a lidocaine injection. Could it and not do as did not even wait until it works minutes. After the delivery I for some reason wanted to begin to cry with happiness, from powerlessness at the sight of my small crumbs which cries (it processed at this time), to it, probably, it was sick. But I overcame myself and did not begin to cry. All behind, and I never on cried, I bore everything. Shifted me in a rodboksa to a wheelchair in the enameled square basin under a bottom for 2 hours, pleasure still that, to lie in all wet and cold, on a stomach put a hot-water bottle with ice, the kid my, already swaddled, lay all this time on a children`s table under a lamp, “was heated“, sometimes groaned.

Within 2 hours to me 4 times different doctors, nurses came, asked how I feel, and watched every time at allocations and pressed that there are forces, on a stomach. I want to add that else fights 4 - 5 at me were on this wheelchair, I thought, really these fights will not end, then remembered that it, on the contrary, is good, the uterus began to be reduced. Through 2 with small hour we with the kid were carried to chamber, us was three with kids, and on 4 - y day us was written out. Here and all my story.

P. S. I wrote this history 2 years and 1 months ago when we were 3 weeks old, now I have their two. One 2,1 g, second 1 year.