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We choose the plastic surgeon of

to Decide on carrying out plastic surgery nothing in comparison with choice torments which are suffered by each patient. It is about the choice of the suitable surgeon. In most cases the result of operation or usual cosmetology procedure depends on skill of the doctor. But you should not forget that the talent of the surgeon will not even help with some individual cases.

our practical advice will help you with the choice of the surgeon. To be guided by them - means to reduce time, forces and nerves. Remember one truth: the way to the surgeon has to lie from within.

1. To outline a circle of candidates

in Russia is presented Today more than 700 experts, a third them is in the capital region. From all this weight it is necessary to allocate those about whom speak more, write. Consider that it is only the first selection criterion, not fundamental. In this case can be search sources:

2. We choose among candidates

After you decided on candidates, there comes the second stage. Here you should choose already among those “lucky“ who “passed on a competition“. As a selection criterion in this case serve the following factors:

3. We go to consultations

the Circle of candidates has to be narrowed to 3 - 4 people. Now, having armed with full knowledge of information on surgeons, we go to them for consultation. Personal meeting is always primary. It will allow to define, the doctor is how benevolent whether he seeks to help you. Do not hesitate to ask even the silliest questions.

4. Specify the price

Quite often price policy of this or that plastic surgeon becomes that point which influences the decision of the patient. Remember where it is invitingly cheap, it cannot be qualitative! And the transcendental prices of operations at some eminent surgeons can be explained with a raskruchennost. In such cases you overpay for a name!

5. Postoperative maintaining

Now when you in a step from decision-making, the last council does not prevent. The conscientious expert will never leave the patient. Ask at the surgeon whether he is ready to give help in a case of any complications.

sober mind and judiciousness is necessary for

In adoption of any decision. Especially in the choice of the surgeon, you trust the beauty and health to other person.