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Single mother of

Lonely mother - the woman who is bringing up the child who does not have legally issued paternity. As the father of such child is officially not established, concerning the child and his mother he does not bear any duties.

the Woman who is bringing up the child without father if the last is officially established, is not considered lonely mother, as well as the widow having the child.

According to item 3 of the Art. of 51 RF IC if there is no joint statement of parents or a judgment on establishment or recognition of paternity, then the surname of the child born by the woman who is not married registers by the name of mothers, and his name and a middle name - according to her instruction. Though the birth certificate externally differs in nothing from the birth certificate of the child concerning which the paternity is officially established, the father in it wrote down a fictitious face. All parental rights and duties in relation to the child in this case are carried out by mother. At registration of the birth of the child the certificate that in the birth certificate of the child data on his father are entered according to instructions of mother is issued. This reference is the basis for receiving privileges and the benefits provided to lonely mothers.

According to paragraph 26 of the Provision approved by the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation № 883 of September 4, 1995 in case mother works at conditions of part-time, behind her the right to a grant remains.

the Allowance in the increased size is granted to

on children in whose birth certificates there is no record about the father (i.e. in the corresponding column there is a crossed out section) or record about the father is made according to instructions of mother. At the introduction of lonely mother in marriage behind her the right to a grant in the increased size to the children who were born before her marriage remains (subitem“ and“ item 41 of the Situation № 883 of September 4, 1995).

In case the person from whom mother gave birth to the child, is recognized in accordance with the established procedure as his father or if at the introduction of lonely mother in marriage the child is adopted by her husband, the right for a grant in the increased size is lost (item 42 of the Situation № 883 of September 4, 1995) .

At adoption of the child by the man irrespective of whether he is married to mother of the child and whether registers his father, this child cannot be recognized as the child of lonely mother as the adoptive father bears concerning it the same rights and duties, as well as the father.

If the child officially has a father, the woman cannot be considered as lonely mother. In this case it is not important whether the father gives material support to the child, whether pays the alimony or is not present. If the father obliged to pay the alimony evades from this duty or if collecting the alimony from it is impossible, then the birth grant will be raised on this basis.

also widows are not considered as

as Lonely mothers if concerning children the paternity of the dead is established. The pension for the father on the occasion of loss of the supporter can be granted to children, other payments in connection with death of the father can be established, they have the right to inherit his property etc. However the allowance to them is granted and paid in a usual size.

the allowance is granted and paid to

At adoption of the child by the woman who is not married in the increased size, since a month in which it is written down as mother in the register (subitem of item 41 of the Situation № 883 of September 4, 1995) .


In one family the children both having, and not having the father can be raised. Therefore the lonely motherhood is defined concerning each specific child. Respectively and the grant in the increased size can be established not on all children in a family.

the Right for the raised grant has to be supported by the relevant documents. Along with documents which confirm the right for a usual grant also the reference from bodies of the REGISTRY OFFICE of the basis of entering into the birth certificate of information about the child`s father is enclosed to the application for purpose of the raised child allowance of lonely mothers (subitem “and“ item 51 of the Situation № 883 of September 4, 1995) .

the Benefit for single mothers is appointed social security authorities of the population.

Lonely mother quite often is jobless, special rules of law extend to such mothers.

the Approximate provision on an order and conditions of rendering financial and other support at the expense of means of the State fund of employment of the population of the Russian Federation is approved by the order of the Federal employment service of Russia № 78 of June 18, 1993 according to which the help to the unemployed can be an employment service in the form of periodic (monthly) or lump (single) monetary sums.