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The yoga for pregnant

More and more popular becomes sport during pregnancy, and especially - occupations yoga or as in a different way it is called still, gymnastics for pregnant women. Exercises which enter this complex strengthen nervous system, help to acquire special breath, strengthen muscles of a stomach and patrimonial ways. These occupations most in the best way will affect on health and a physical condition of the pregnant woman, and also how childbirth will proceed. At gymnastic activity for pregnant women childbirth proceeds easier and quicker, at the same time complications are observed less often.

But not at everyone to practice yoga for pregnant women there are opportunities to go to classes for any reasons, perhaps, financial, and often just in the city or in the concrete area there are no sports organizations, sections where they would be carried out. But it is not a problem, the main thing - desire. Further we will publish several popular exercises which can be carried out on any term of pregnancy. You can carry out these exercises of the house. Turn on the pleasant weakening music, retire and you can start exercises.

Exercise 1. Strengthening of gluteuses.

we Get up, legs at shoulder length, knees are slightly bent. We put hands on hips and we begin smooth rockings with hips - to the right and to the left. We do exercise of 10 times in each party. Stopped. Now the same smooth rockings by a basin - back (breath), (exhaled) forward. We carry out exercise also on 10 times in each party. Stopped. Further we do roundabouts, knees are also slightly bent, try to take a cycle, you do not hurry. In one party of 5 cycles, in the return as much. Carry out the movements slowly, it is weakened.

Exercise 2. Strengthening of legs and gluteuses.

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of the Hand on breasts, feet in parallel each other at shoulder length, knees are slightly bent, a back direct. We begin slow squats. Down - a breath, up - an exhalation. By means of this exercise we train muscles of legs and gluteuses. 10 slow squats, 10 squats at speed, that is, we accelerate performance of exercises twice. Surely control breath.

Exercise 3. we Strengthen an internal surface of hips.

we Develop feet, socks separately, heels forward, knees are slightly bent, a basin forward, buttocks are strained. We begin slow squats. This exercise on an internal surface of hips. Slowly we squat down, hips to a parallel with a floor. Down - a breath, up - an exhalation. 10 slow squats, 10 at speed. We control breath, a back direct.

Exercise 4. Strengthening of muscles of hands and breast.

we Get up in a knee - an elbow position, that is on “all fours“. Palms under shoulders at the level of knees, foot on a floor, a shin in parallel each other, a back direct. We begin push-ups, we bend elbows through the parties. Down - a breath, up - an exhalation. We do not stop in final positions, we do not straighten a hand in elbows, we do not hold the breath. This exercise trains muscles of a breast and hands. We carry out 20 push-ups.

Exercise 5. “Pose of a dog“. We learn to relax muscles.

Having finished with

the previous exercise, we connect feet, knees separately, we leave the place for a tummy, a basin to feet. Extend hands before yourself and slowly incline the head between them to a floor. The pose is called - a relaxation pose, or a pose of a dog. We relax muscles of a neck, shoulders, backs, legs.

Exercise 6. “Pose of a cat“.

we Strengthen muscles of hands and a back, we stretch direct muscles of a stomach. We leave a pose of a dog in a knee again - an elbow position. Palms under shoulders at the level of knees, knees on width of pelvic bones, shoulders are lowered, a waist up. Now we will master a pose of a cat. Slowly we cave in in a waist, the head upward - a pose “a joyful cat“, we stretch direct muscles of a stomach, we fix situation for 10 seconds. We begin to work hips, in one and in other party on 5 times in everyone. Later we do roundabouts by hips - 5 cycles in each party. Slowly we bend a back up, the head is hung - a pose “an angry cat“, we fix situation for 10 seconds. We begin to alternate poses - “an angry cat“, “a joyful cat“. We alternate everyone on 5 times, try to do everything slowly, you do not hurry.

Exercise 7. “Kegel`s Exercise“. We strengthen muscles of a pelvic bottom.

It is exercise is called - Kegel`s exercise, perhaps, you already heard about it. From a pose on a lap, we sit down on feet of legs. We strain as it is possible stronger gluteuses and everything that can be strained inside, and later we weaken. Again we strain, we weaken. We continue to do this exercise. You feel that you can strain internal muscles, these are muscles of a pelvic bottom, the patrimonial canal across which there will pass your kid. Strain them with an exhalation, and weaken with a breath. Carry out this exercise of 20 - 30 times, the more the better.

Carry out these exercises every day, it will not take you a lot of time, but will yield good result. It is desirable to lie down after exercises by yoga, having relaxed, on a back several minutes, and after to go for a walk in the fresh air. If there is no such opportunity, then just stay in well aired room. It is only part of a complex, but also it is capable to prepare your organism for childbirth.