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Gift to the grandfather of

Fathers are proud of the children and wait from them for achievements and progress. And grandfathers were already fathers, now they can just love grandsons. Not for nothing it is considered that the love to grandsons is deeper and stronger...

of People with which you for the first time carried on serious “adult talk“ when you were five years old... The person who resolved what you were afraid even to mention before parents... The one who always some wonderfully learned that the grandson wanted to receive as a gift it...

your turn to puzzle and try to solve a secret of the grandfather came Now: how to choose “that gift“, the most necessary, the real treasure? It is not so difficult. The person becomes more senior, the it is more difficult to surprise him, but also the it is simpler to please him. Especially to you, beloved grandson.

Of course, the gift, proceeding from interests of your grandfather is the simplest to choose

, but in that case it is necessary to remember that we deal with the professional of the business! Therefore, we will not choose anything trivial, or what each gardener respecting himself, for example, already has or the fisher. If in the summer most likely to find your grandfather among bushes of a gooseberry or near a bed with cucumbers, try to study novelties of country equipment. Let the most important characteristics will be:

If to speak more particularly, then to you surely it is necessary to pay attention to modern electric cultivators: they will help to finish with weeds and will relieve of boring work. Besides, they weigh very little and it is quite easy to transport them. For small sites where it is difficult to reach by it to units, it is possible to buy small manual tools.

If your grandfather not the fan of a kitchen garden, then, perhaps, pleases it a new rod or a signaling device of a biting (electronic or mechanical).

For the grandfather to whom interestingly cold weapon, a good gift will be a dirk, a stiletto or a collection knife. But here it is necessary to learn in advance what weapon already is in a collection and what - is not enough.

Of course, it can turn out and so that your grandfather of people so versatile that it is very difficult to choose some one hobby. Or, it so “advanced“ that it has all latest models of both rods, and phones, and lawn-mowers. In that case... I want to congratulate you - you were very lucky with relatives. And to offer other option.

Are things which will please any person (and elderly - especially), and at the same time will not remind him of age: unfortunately, in life of pensioners more than it is enough such “reminders“. For example, tea. A simple, apparently, gift, but it can bring much more joy, than think. And it is only enough to approach intelligently the choice of a grade. At first learn what teas are preferred by your grandfather, and then, making a start from his preferences, start serious selection.

If your grandfather loves teas without additives, then we will dwell upon classical grades. In the list below - only some, “most recognized“. But you, naturally, can not be limited only to them.

If your grandfather does not refuse to try something new, stop the choice on one of the following chayov.

In addition to tea and other attributes of good tea drinking it is good to li to present to the grandfather the filter for water. Then tea, and all other dishes will bring it to health much more advantage. The cooler is very easy to use. Why don`t you take care of the conclusion of the contract for regular supply of clear water for the grandfather and installation of a cooler at it in the apartment? Only do not forget to resupply and pay bills in time!

So if decided on tea drinking and water, needed to think of how it is possible to make stay of the house the most convenient. Perhaps, health of the grandfather does not allow it to lead active lifestyle any more, and he should spend a lot of time at home. In - the first, remember about a soft plaid, say, from camel wool: with it the cosiness and heat will come. In - the second, it will be quite good to take care that your grandfather had a long dressing gown. It will be able to take it with itself(himself) in case of need. Pay attention to dressing gowns terry from within and velors outside: they look especially nobly.

Take care of that houses the grandfather did not miss. The fan of television programs will be pleased, most likely, by a cable television and a set of new interesting channels. To the bibliophile there will be very opportunely a subscription on interesting literary and scientifically - popular magazines. Perhaps, sight does not allow to read much any more. Then it makes sense to buy the easy to use radio receiver and simple MP3 - a player with a set of interesting audiobooks.

By the way, about health. Almost all pensioners have numerous illnesses, and a task of relatives - to facilitate them life. Whether the grandfather has an automatic tonometer? Whether it is convenient to it to sleep, or it makes sense to take care of purchase of an orthopedic mattress and pillow with a filler from a buckwheat peel? Do not forget also about the warming belt for a waist! Purchase for the grandfather of the permit in good sanatorium will be the best decision in this case.

If you want to add

to a gift more personal, then it is possible to find, for example, all your best joint photos, to buy a beautiful photo album and under each photo to drop a line. It can be the known aphorisms or better still, your own thoughts and memoirs connected with the grandfather. But surely leave part of pages free - for those photos which you together still should make together!

the Gift to the grandfather - not just difficult choice. It also an opportunity to solve big secret of your childhood: as the grandfather manages to guess your dreams...