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Afalina from Artek of

This story was written by my nephew Sasha (10 years).

C on May 30 till June 20 I had a rest in Artek. I won the permit in Nikolaevsk the regional competition “Talents of a Large Family“.

on May 29 at us was final at “Farewell to the First Teacher“ school - Anna Ivanovna. And next day I and 18 children went by train to Simferopol. Then the bus on fast wheels whirled away us in Artek. We were lodged in the Amber case. I from the second floor of a bed got over on the first not to fall; with toothpaste we were not rubbed, as in other camps. Weather was solar, a rain only twice. Woke up under the song “Artek Fills Sails“ in the morning. 5 times a day, I as a cat Murchik, liked to wait for breakfast of sausage and baked pudding went to the dining room. Then to run on pebbles ashore and to lap in the sea. We were driven in the museums - Astronomical, Sea, the Nature of Artek. I saw the Bear - the mountain and Adalara`s rocks. In the Ukrainian Crafts circle I weaved a bracelet and the bee “Ru - zhu“. Children sold the products at a mercy Fair.

Leaders Andrey, Sasha, Natasha taught us to dances. In Artek there passed the Republican stage of a competition. But I did not manage to pass. We were carried in a zoo, I remembered the wriggling monkeys.

Very beautiful was Gala - a concert with stars. On June 18 - Artek was 84 years old, there came Yulia Tymoshenko, children were given soft toys - to me the moustached tiger got. In the last day there was a farewell fire - I brought home a piece of coal, a souvenir notebook and the handle, a tie, the artekovsky magazine and the diploma, a calendar - a change photo - arrival.

Most of all I remembered performance of dolphins and seals. Dolphins of an afalina drew pictures, did a somersault and different tricks; seals sent us a greeting.

Ya sunbathed, got healthier, got new friends - two leaves of addresses in a notebook. Learned a legend about the Absolute.

But I, of course, missed a domestic cat Cera. That to us it was not sad, leaders in the train taught us to focuses. Tomorrow I will go to Anna Ivanovna and I will tell her about a trip and I will present a souvenir. She, probably, will tousle my hair and will tell that I very much grew up. Artek is the country of the childhood and rest!