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Bali - my dream!

At each person rest is connected with some event, whether it be holiday or holidays... And here I had the best rest in a honeymoon trip!! Also could not present that I will sometime treat on the lake of Bali, but darling presented me my dream!

to Tell

that it was tremendous rest, to tell nothing it - it was paradise on the earth! Never before I saw such beauty, even usual palm trees seemed unusual! Then I learned that to float in the ocean not so - that simply: it was amusing to come into it on the one hand, and in minutes to come up in opposite!

the Wood of monkeys is something with something... Did not manage to enter with bananas as the first monkey vsprygnut to me on the head - I will tell feelings to you... Well, the aunt - the guide fast drove away her - experience whether you know... And flying dogs! Yes I and the nobility about them did not know! It as a bat, only in 10 times more... And they manual, we were photographed with them, and they sucked tea from a small bottle, and on us the offered bananas did not even look!

About seafood I in general am silent - I did not eat such tastiness any more anywhere! In the last day of our holiday our table was filled with any viands, and all this costed kopeks in comparison with the prices of Moscow.

generally, about the lake of Bali I can tell for hours though there passed already a lot of time from that day when we flew there. There remarkable parks, the kindest people, climate good - to drink, despite a heat, there is no wish at all...

But the biggest impression were made by an aquapark! Hills are located in the thick to foliage of trees, and when you slide from hills, apparently, that you fly down falls somewhere in the jungle! Hills the widest and the highest! I hope, we surely there will return and still more than once! It is paradise!

For those to whom interestingly I give references

I main - remember that the taxi can be called from restaurant free of charge and also to leave free of charge!

I Hope, my story will help someone will be defined, it is worth flying on the lake of Bali or not! Good luck! I dream to return there again!