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What to do if did not enter to the university of

Summer - a time of entrance examinations in universities, it is time serious tests - as regarding existence of the knowledge allowing to become the student, and regarding ability “to hold blow“. If to summarize both the components given above, it is possible to tell more simply: summer - a time of examinations on readiness for adulthood

Many of present entrants will become students and students soon what we heartily also congratulate them on. But today it would be desirable to talk to those who were not lucky, for the first time it was not lucky on - to the adult - with not passed on a competition. Of course, the first in life misfire painfully wounds vanity and confidence in own forces, but this test needs to be passed first of all with own hand not to break to itself life. It is not necessary to despair and consider entering a higher education institution as a question of universal scale. It is necessary to analyse the misses and to plan new ways of achievement of a goal. For this reason article is addressed not only to the entrants who did not master examinations this year, but also those who only prepares for receipt, as well as their parents.

do not do much harm!

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, we not about a postulate of future physicians - we about an internal spirit of the failed entrants and their parents...

Nobody urges young people to go for entrance examinations with decadent mood and in advance to train himself for a failure. No, the spirit has to be the most positive if, of course, for it there are powerful bases. But to hold thought that examination is some kind of lottery at the level of subconsciousness and different outcomes are possible, costs! And even if it will not be possible to arrive from the first, you will not become despondent, do not lower a hand, and you will manage to analyse correctly made mistakes that to correct them.

in the context of told would like to address also parents whose “krovinochka“ failed on introductory. The only help which is required from you, - quiet participation at full non-interference. Refuse stereotypes of twenty-year prescription - they hopelessly became outdated and do not correspond to modern realities. You judge: couple of decades ago in our country the only employer was the state. Questions of employment were rigidly regulated therefore penetration (notice, not mastering specialty, namely penetration) into many professions was reached only through obtaining diplomas of strictly certain higher education institutions. It did receipt in this or that higher educational institution fatal. In our days many employers do not attach such significance to presence at the candidate of the diploma of this or that sample of specialized university any more. Look back: really among your acquaintances there are no successful managers with diplomas of the teachers or successful businessmen who graduated from higher education institutions of a humanitarian orientation? The employer perfectly understands today that the required product is created by living people, but not diplomas behind which there can be absolutely dull subjects. “The main thing - to be got involved in fight...“ You should not consider stated below as ways to worthy, but to retreat. These are possible options of actions for correction of a situation, so advance.

should not despair and consider entering a higher education institution as a question of universal scale

Nobody forbids the young man who did not arrive on full-time internal department to file documents on... full-time internal department in higher education institution in which examinations take place later. If not to console the entrant of substitution, it is necessary to head for office evening or correspondence the same university where arrived on day. Those who received at examination “neud“, of course, should take anew examinations, and here not gathered additionally points can simply get by transfer to the same higher education institution, on the same faculty, but on other office. Here - special conversation with parents. If your entrant obviously falls short of a lowest passing score, you should not panic, fall into rage and despair and “to cut the song short“ - say, tomorrow do not go to examination, and it is so clear that you, the stupid person, will not arrive anywhere. Defective position. Let`s the offspring battle up to the end. Even if with the gained points it does not get neither on “evening“, nor on “zaochka“ - to be trained never the sin. Quietly wait for the end of tests - there it will become already clear: whether enough gathered points, or it is necessary to take examinations anew.

Many parents at the phrase “evening (and especially-correspondence) office“ fastidiously bend

lips. They are sure that they educate “defective“ there. Deep delusion! Yes, the program is more squeezed there that does not speak about its lameness - simply it is quintessence of what teach on day to. Moreover, being trained on an evening or correspondence department, the student will be able to work in parallel in the chosen sphere, respectively, by the time of the termination of higher education institution not to become simple the theorist, but also the real practician. Psychologists repeatedly emphasized the fact that to house, “hothouse“ children which most of entrants a priori is, it is extremely useful to stay year - another in the company of the serious, working schoolmates - to accumulate experience, to be fed with vital energy. At the same time nobody takes away from your child opportunities upon termination of one - two courses of evening (correspondence) department to pass to day and to top already thorough base of practical knowledge with a theoretical delicacy.

Paid office

Should not dismiss also such option as paid office. They exist in all higher education institutions now. It is clear, that in this case all question in solvency of family. However the young people who are not burning with desire from zagremet institute in army should think also of such access to higher education. Fortunately, the system of the educational credits develops and gets stronger every year.

to House, “hothouse“ children it is extremely useful for p to stay year - another in the company of the serious, working schoolmates

the Solution can become also revenues to paid office in other higher education institution. Of course, here it is necessary to the “alien“ entrant slightly more difficultly, than arriving, but not arrived. It is necessary to pass test and interview. However this option is valuable the fact that, having made the basic decision to study for money, the young man will be able to choose much more “eminent“ higher education institution, than on what the initial choice fell. Let`s assume, the entrant arrives on the budgetary place of a full-time department, therefore chose university with a small competition and - as a result - a low lowest passing score. Misfire... It is necessary to pay. The cost of training is approximately identical. A direct reason to go to the higher education institution giving better preparation.“ Eychara“ which will employ the young specialist, does not concern on what office - budgetary or paid - that studied. And here the reputation of university can play a certain role.

Education and profession at once!

One more option of the embodiment of dreams about treasured education - study in college. It is no secret that now many higher education institutions have colleges in which initial vocational training on a profile of university is conducted in the structure. So, for example, Moscow State University of the press has Printing college of the first printer Ivan Fedorov where future employees of printing houses master profession elements under the leadership of teachers of “parent“ higher education institution. That is the speech goes again about serious practical preparation upon termination of which the young man can easily arrive on the second (and even the third!) course of the higher education institution which once rejected it. Here even sometimes it is possible to save year. For this purpose, however, it is necessary to come to college not after a graduation class of school, and upon completion of a devyatiletka. Besides examinations in colleges, as a rule, continue until the end of August. But you remember that in different educational institutions terms of documents and examinations can differ, it is necessary to learn about it in advance.

I the last. Practically each Moscow higher education institution spends so-called Days of the entrant. For example, this action takes place in MOSGU monthly. At the bottom of the entrant it is possible to obtain information on training courses, pre-university preparation, entrance examinations and entering a higher education institution or college (if that is at educational institution), to ask all interesting questions to representatives of department of information or a selection committee.