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Ah, Samara - the town!. (2 - On August 24, 2001)

“Where?!“ - everyone to whom I told about plans for the forthcoming rest bewildered asked again me, - “To Samara? Why? What for?“ Very quickly to me let know that traditionally developed opinion on where it is necessary to have a rest, assumes the abroad, first of all Turkey and Spain, or at least the Crimea or Sochi.“ Such here we original“, - I smiled.

Actually, everything was much more simply. The husband did not take vacation four years, and to me was all the same where to go if only to go. And when, having returned from the next business trip, the husband thoughtfully told that Samara - the city, in general, strangely enough, quite good, I understood: it is necessary to forge iron, so far it is hot. Besides, in Samara at me there live relatives.

the Son Vladik of three with small surprisingly well transferred years the road. He did not break a compartment door, did not well up from the top shelf, did not pinch to himself fingers runduky, did not break any glass, did not bring down from legs of any passenger and did not even make attempts to lick all dust, just povytryakhivat a little carpet path. The great impression on it was made by a toilet in the car. Vladik was ready to wash hands everyone half an hour if only only again to come into a treasured cabin and to press a leg a discharge pedal, and a hand - the device for expression of liquid soap.

we Lived in Samarsky boarding house in a green zone of the city with romantic the name “Name Frunze Glade“. As the administration explained to us, actually, it is not boarding house, but sanatorium (that was for us surprise as any sanatorno - resort books at us were not), but they long tried to obtain and achieved the status of boarding house to have an opportunity to develop commercial activity, for example, to hand over the assembly hall and the dining room under celebrations and banquets. All three weeks us actively persuaded to be treated, treated and treated. If we gave in on arrangements, then there is no time left for walks, but for something us at all nevertheless tempted.

Number was two-room that inspired on carrying out experiment: whether the son in the certain room from parents will be able to sleep. Very much even could. It is a pity, in house conditions results of experience cannot be applied :)

Three times a week from boarding house went teplokhodik, carrying persons interested on the wild beach on the island. We were not really lucky with weather, two weeks from three were noticeably cool, but the husband with the son nevertheless managed to bathe and swim for a while several times properly. For Vladik it was the first experience of open water. Contrary to fears, he was not frightened at all, to the river climbed with pleasure, and then is proud told: “I was all in Volga!“

On walking excursions by motor ship from the River station we did not get. Tickets were not, on the contrary, enough the people it was not gathered, flight was cancelled. And flights - that were only twice a day. On memoirs of my childhood, before walk were much more often, nearly each two hours.

In the evenings we walked on two well-groomed embankments in old (I do not know whether it is possible to call it central) parts of the city. Over Volga amazingly beautiful declines. And the city beautiful. Continually involuntarily you notice laborious work of greening services - everywhere beds, beds, beds. Accurate, originally issued. It is a lot of fountains. You will come into the yard - and there the unpretentious fountain. Plates with names of streets consider renaming process: on each plate two names, from above - new, from below - old. It is very convenient to be guided. Streets long - long, at all not a rarity to meet the house with number 264 or 329, for example. The remarkable name of one of streets - “A ravine of underground workers“ shook imagination.

I very much wanted to visit the Samara subway. It appeared not so - that simply. As it seemed to me, transport in Samara is not focused on the subway at all. To reach some station, it was necessary to go not less, than with two changes. The line one, on it seven or eight stations some of which “Gagarinskaya“ or “Victory“ differ in a peculiar elegance of registration, for example. The people in the subway have some. And the most amusing when you come to light - you get in quite desert as though the abandoned place. Around nobody, some plant towers nearby, and there is nothing any more.

were Visited by several parks of Culture. The biggest - of Gorky, located on the bank of Volga. In it it is possible to walk, walk and get lost in the depth of avenues. It is very good for pastime of those who already were above children`s age. The park of Gagarin, on the contrary, is convenient for children. A set of attractions for the smallest. At the first visit I at once managed to give a ride to the son on a big wheel and to push it in a roundabout with machines. But at repeated calling Vladik refused flatly roundabouts, and agreed only to the engine.

of Negative memoirs - two. In - the first, everywhere one continuous beer. Beer, beer, beer. At men, at women, at teenagers. On streets, in transport, in shops. Not that it would disturb me, but such general hobby directs at disturbing reflections. In - the second, to put it mildly, the strange attitude towards pensioners in transport. I would think that it is accident, but when it repeated several times, became more similar to system. To old men do not allow to sit down, push out them from places, shout at them.

But in boarding house much - and treated them also diligent, as well as us though, naturally, they paid, and used some privileges and discounts. I do not know how other treatment, but on arrival to Moscow we measured the son, and it turned out that in a month it grew by two centimeters. I think that sanatorium massage played in it not the last role.

, How well we have a rest, it is possible to judge by the fact that the husband left with grief in eyes, and the son still goes and distributes to grandmothers of the promise “to take them tomorrow with itself in Samara“ :)