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How to choose for the child of the teacher of music?

the Role of the First Music teacher cannot be overestimated. The first progress, love to music and interest in occupations, a further opportunity to continue a professional way depend on it. On it heavy responsibility for development of the little musician lies.

A on parents responsibility of the choice lies. How not to be mistaken? By what criteria to be guided in the choice of the teacher? What qualities it is desirable to see in it?

In - the first, you do not hurry to make the final choice. Let you will have two or several candidates for this place of honor. Ask acquaintances at whom their children study, learn who teaches at music school.

In - the second, find an opportunity to attend lessons and performances of pupils together with your child and without it. You will see the atmosphere of a lesson, level of requirements of the teacher and the end result. If it is important to you to grow up the professional, then the mass level of game of pupils of this class has to be high.

Surely look with

at lessons with beginners, they always considerably differ from occupations with the senior children. Pay attention as children work at a lesson. Whether it is interesting to them as their attention, what speed and efficiency of a lesson is possible to collect (whether material moves much and as it is fixed) whether the teacher`s explanations are clear. whether

his speech - for small children (3 - 7 years) it very important, as well as game elements at a lesson Is figurative


the First Music teacher has to love children and to be a good psychologist. The individual approach to everyone, not banality of lessons is very important.

the Atmosphere of a lesson to which it is necessary to aspire - coauthorship at which the result takes shape. The teacher plans it, but ways of achievement and rates with each pupil can and have to be different.

the Main tasks at the first stage - to develop creative abilities and desire to play music, give to the child understanding of musical tasks and techniques, having shown ways of their achievement. It is necessary to teach him to work on quality of game thoughtfully. In the beginning it occurs at a lesson, the child has to experience that laborious work which leads to success means, to physically feel its amount and level of insistence to himself.


needs Often psychological educational influence of the teacher. Not by means of direct pressure - it only injures the child even if he does not resist. It leads to the fact that hostility to such methods of work is transferred to music that is the most sad result what can be imagined.

of the Child needs to be praised! For the smallest progress and efforts from its party. It is not harmful! Another thing is that failures and their reasons should not be disregarded and worked carefully out too.

I one more, most important. The teacher and your child have to have psychological compatibility. What for one child will seem good and attractive for another will be unacceptable. There has to be between them a power positive control at each other, feeling that they are necessary each other as persons. Therefore, having independently chosen all above-mentioned criteria teacher, do not forget to ask the child whether his future teacher was pleasant to him and whether he wants to study at it.