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We choose metal for wedding rings of

Before stopping on silver, gold or platinum, inspect the collection of jewelry, you will constantly carry a wedding ring and therefore it has to be combined on style and quality with other jewelry. The most important - to determine the size of the budget which you take away on purchase of rings.

Each ring from precious metal has “test“, the quality mark of an alloy of material of which the ring is made on inside. On jewelry of foreign firms the sign of a trademark of the manufacturer is added to the quality mark (the company name is often printed). If the ring is made of several different metals, then look that on each type of metal there was a test.


Any “jeweler“ gold is an alloy of metals. The main components - silver, copper and gold. Test is defined by a ratio of these components and speaks about quality of an alloy of “jeweler“ gold. Existence in an alloy of 58,5% of gold corresponds 585 - y to test, 75% of gold - 750 - y test. The more percentage of gold in an alloy, the is higher test and cost is higher. The most pure gold - red, in it is more than 90% of gold, respectively on it put 900 - uyu test above. Designation of test differs at the Russian and western producers. Foreign producers use such category of measurement of purity of gold as 1K [carat].“ Carat“ in translation from English “Karat“. It is not necessary to confuse to a weight of carat jewels, both standards in Russian are designated in a word. Distinguish the main quality marks - it is 24K it is possible to compare to “our“ pure gold, 21K, 18K and 14K - on reduction of purity of gold and its high cost.

Pure gold

It very soft, is easily deformed therefore now it is practically not used at production of jewelry. Before revolution earlier in Russia wedding rings did of pure gold. Rings generally were thick, about 8 grams weighed that compensated softness of metal. Now the wedding ring on average weighs 2 grams and has width of 2 - 3 mm depending on the production technology. Quality of production can be defined in the special way. Houses can be checked in such a way. If on a smooth surface to drop the ring executed at the high level from height of 10 - 15 cm, then the ringlet will jump up with a pleasant melodious ring. The ring with a seam from the soldering will fall hushfully.


For increase in durability and obtaining specific properties - the necessary shade and gloss, to pure gold add various metals, such as copper and silver. And addition in an alloy of additional elements, for example, of palladium or zinc gives various coloring to precious metal. Thus, pink, yellow and white gold turns out. It is important to remember that test of gold does not influence its color. That is gold of identical purity or test that one and too, can be different shades.

Pink, red gold

the Reddish shade gives to

copper. The most popular and available type of gold in Russia. It is most often presented by gold 585 - y tests.

Yellow gold

Has the true color of gold - solar, bright, yellowish, in a word gold. This gold it was appreciated for a long time and got glory of precious metal, and also became a symbol of the royalty and wealth. Yellow gold is popular in the West as metal for wedding rings. There is an opinion shared by all that yellow gold best of all symbolizes warmth and love of spouses. Yellow gold generally has the 750th test.

White gold

White color an alloy of gold gets

thanks to addition of palladium and differs in brightness and gloss. White gold became fashionable material which the most famous designers - jewelers for creation of the masterpieces like to use, and already managed to gain popularity among judges of precious jewelry. Jewelry of white gold is some kind of sign of prestige and belonging to the highest class around the world. It is very similar to platinum, but costs about 45% cheaper.


the firmest, strong and expensive threw. Hypoallergenic, silver and even gold can cause allergic reaction. On platinum usually put the 950th test. Platinum difficult gives in to processing and polishing therefore often looks as grayish, is even dirty - white metal and is strongly similar to aluminum. But, despite all complexity of work with platinum, the master - jewelers very much appreciate its extraordinary durability. Platinum in perfection is suitable as fastening for diamond as unlike yellow gold does not “paint“ a stone in a yellowish shade, and fastening pads from platinum will never be loosened. The best-known wedding ring from platinum with diamond was developed by designers of the jeweler house of Cartier in 1895. It carries the name “Platinum“ and today is classics of design of a wedding ring.

of Mix from metals

Three shades of gold: pink, yellow and white by a combination allow to create interesting, intricate weaving and beautiful a combination of details of different flowers. The classical example of the ring combining all three gold shades is a popular Trinity model from Cartier, appeared in 1924.“ Trinity“ consists of three smooth rings bound with each other: the ring from yellow gold symbolizes devotion, a ring from white gold - friendship, and from pink - love.


Finally, it is necessary to mention silver as there is a tradition according to which the wedding ring of the spouse has to be silver, and spouses - gold. During wedding the husband with the wife exchanged rings: the husband put on to the wife the Golden Ring (gold - men`s metal, a symbol of the sun, force and the power), and the wife to the husband silver (silver symbolizes a feminine).

the Choice like metal for a wedding ring - only the first stage in the course of acquisition of wedding rings. It is necessary to decide on a form, design of a ring further whether there will be on it notches, an engraving, other decorative details, well and whether, of course, there will be it with jewel.

Pick up the ring corresponding to your style

Upon purchase of a ring with diamonds or other jewels choose a product which makes delightful impression, but do not forget that it is necessary to weigh the decision on its acquisition properly. Process of decision-making is a peculiar ritual too: it is necessary to make a right choice. Just as you incorporate a dress or a suit depending on your personal style, a figure and compatibility with other elements of your clothes. When you choose a ring, you should take into account a shape of your palm, and in particular, fingers, and also not to forget about own sense of style. Partially this feeling will prompt you also how you are going to carry this ring. If to consider all above-mentioned moments, then it is possible to make a right choice of the future ring.

Still before starting studying of styles of rings, find a little time for consideration of a shape of your palm and fingers. The palm extended at you or wide? Fingers round or thin? They Utonchatsya on length or are on the contrary thickened? These details exert impact on that, the ring on your hand will look how exactly. You already know that for your figure the red wide dress is not necessary also nearby with the tight, fitting dress which slims you, and cut favourably emphasizes your advantages.

be engaged in

in a palm Now. This simplest basic rule: wide does wide even more widely, and long does long more long. Therefore if you seek to reduce palm width, at the choice place emphasis on products of the extended form and design. Look for a ring with diamond of an oval facet or facet like “marquis“, in this case your fingers I will look necessarily longer if they are decorated with such ring. Also the form in the form of a pear can approach if it is quite harmonous pear with the narrow rounded-off top which is narrowed to a point. Remember that not any pear can will brag of such form! There are pears of very chubby forms and vice versa very “thin“, everyone can find an outline, ideal for itself(himself). But ideal jewel, does not mean at all that it is ideal for you. When you buy diamond or other jewel to carry them, but not just to invest the money in jewelry, the stone can not possess ideal proportions, but it will perfectly look on your hand, let and even too wide or narrow to approach an ideal. An emerald or rectangular facet - perhaps too the quite good choice provided that the stone possesses graceful proportions.

rings have three important indicators - it is style, depth and length. The stone in a multilayered frame looks more effectively if these layers are asymmetric. Thus, appearance of a stone and its length is favourably emphasized.

If slender fingers, it is necessary to look for a form of a “chubby“ pear, oval or a facet of “marquis“ which does a finger slightly more widely, than it is. Diamond with a round facet, especially will also be suitable for you if the frame which attracts a look to a finger is rather interestingly executed. Slender fingers - an excellent show-window for a wide frame which allows to arrange a stone over a finger and to distract a look from the finger.

Selecting an ornament form, it is necessary to take a shape of a palm and fingers into account. Choose design proportional to your hand. The woman who has a big palm can only win, having bought a big, multilevel ring, against the woman with the small handle.

At the choice of a ring which is decorated with several stones the frame gains key value when determining the general form. In this sense the choice is so huge how exists designers much. There are rings with clusters of the stones executed in the form of a flower; there are rings “a mesh merezhka“ in which diamonds as if are extended along lines of a frame; there are rings “ballerina“ in which baguettes have the wavy form that bears to a border on the dancer`s pack very a strong resemblance.