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The menu for the feeding mother of

Food of the woman during a lactation has to be the most balanced and safe for the child. Today there are products which not only are safe, but are even recommended for inclusion in a diet during feeding by a breast. They help to fill need of an organism of the woman for vitamins and minerals.

Breast milk - ideal food for the kid

Ideal food for the newborn child is breast milk. Still worthy substitute to women`s milk is not invented. It contains the substances, most important for the child, in the most exact proportions set by the nature. Breast milk easily is digested and contains all necessary vitamins, minerals and special proteins (laktoferrin, immunoglobulins, lizotsy). These proteins carry out protective function in fight against pathogenic microorganisms and form immunity at the kid. Maternal milk from 2 to 4 times reduces danger of emergence at the child of an infection, an allergy, diabetes, prevents obesity at children. Breastfeeding exerts beneficial influence on physiological, emotional and mental development of children, formation of their behavior, resistance to action of adverse external factors. And mother feeding by a breast does well: restoration of an organism after the delivery happens much quicker.

the Advantage of breast milk for the kid directly depends on its quantity and quality. To solve unambiguously whether it is enough in mother`s milk of the main nutrients necessary for the child, vitamins and minerals, it is possible only having carried out chemical the analysis of milk. Breast milk protein content practically does not depend on amount of the protein eaten by mother, and here the content of fat, vitamins and mineral substances can really fluctuate depending on a maternal diet. For this reason food of the feeding mother has to be full and healthy.

during a lactation at the feeding mother the need for all feedstuffs, especially in vitamins and minerals and for the child maternal milk - the only food therefore the caloric content of a diet of the feeding mother especially in the first half of the year has to be 500 - 600 calories more, than during pregnancy increases.

the Diet of the feeding mother

the Diet has to include all main groups of products: meat and fish, milk and dairy products; eggs; bread, grain, pasta; vegetable and creamy oils; vegetables, fruit, berries, fruit and vegetable juice; sugar and confectionery. However everything has to be moderately, and the diet of the feeding woman has to ensure absolute safety of milk and absence in is mute a number of the substances capable to exert adverse impact on an organism of the baby. Mother needs to understand that products which she uses with milk get to the child`s organism. One products strengthen a meteorizm and gripes at the kid, others can cause an allergy. Not to provoke allergic reactions it is necessary to exclude from a diet chocolate, honey, citrus, smoked, dried products, very spicy and hot dishes, canned food, a pickles, marinades, sausages at once. The use of the food fermenting in intestines and by that - malfunction zheludochno - an intestinal path is undesirable: grapes, large amounts of sugar and confectionery, sweet curd pastes and curd cakes, sweet soft drinks, sweet porridges and other products containing a large amount of sugar. Some products, such as the cabbage, garlic, an asparagus, onions, can change taste of milk, and the child can refuse a breast.

That can eat the feeding mother

several words that all - can be eaten Now. As a protein source in a diet surely there has to be a meat: beef, chicken, low-fat pork, and also fish. Dairy products will provide an organism with calcium. Fruit and vegetables surely have to enter a diet of the nursing mother. It is recommended to begin with apples, then it is possible to enter other types of fruit, it is desirable with the minimum content of acid. It is better to use vegetables green, and “color“ to use in soups or vegetable stews.“ Many mothers focus attention that there is a wish for some sweet. From sweets it is better to use a fruit candy, fruit jelly, dried fruits, jam. From flour products shortcake is recommended, and it is better to refuse chocolate cakes“, - Svetlana Vakhlyarskaya, the practicing pediatrician of the Russian Children`s Clinical hospital (Moscow), the expert in immunology and rheumatology, the expert of the HiPP company advises.

to the Feeding mother 5 - 6 times a day, approximately in 30 minutes prior to feeding of the child are expedient to feed on

(milk for the kid will arrive on time just).

Products for increase of a lactation

the Amount of breast milk more is defined by genetic predisposition, than a diet. However at shortage of breast milk it is necessary to pay, first of all, attention to amount of the used liquid. Drinking regime of the nursing mother is extremely important for maintenance of a full-fledged lactation. Mother has to drink in addition to usual volume not less than 1 l of liquid (in the form of tea, milk, juice, drinks, etc.) . Thus, it is necessary to drink not less than 1,5 - 2 liters a day. It should be noted that it is impossible to enter right after childbirth into a diet a large amount of liquid. So, prior to the beginning of a lactation, during production of colostrum, the amount of the used liquid (including first courses, fruit and vegetables) has to be limited to 1 l. Otherwise from the beginning of a lactation which is necessary on average on 2 - 4 - e days after the delivery the amount of milk can be superfluous that will complicate its office, as a result can develop laktostaz.

For increase of a lactation can use specialized products. They are recommended for inclusion in a diet during feeding by a breast and help to fill need for the most important vitamins and minerals: iron, folic acid, iodine, vitamins C, In 1 , In 2 , In 6 , In 12 , biotin, zinc. The undoubted advantage of the special enriched juice is that the woman, without changing traditional habits in food, receives vitamins and calcium in a digestible form. For increase of production of milk also teas with extracts of the herbs which are natural stimulators of a lactation are recommended: anise, nettle, fennel, caraway seeds, melissa.

Very important for the nursing mother is the question of regular work of intestines. The feeding woman has to have a chair ideally daily or at least once at 48 o`clock. For prevention of a lock it is necessary to include in food enough vegetables and fruit, fermented milk products (natural yogurt without additives of sugar and fruit), oat and buckwheat porridges, and also not to forget about juice, compotes and berries.

B a part of maternal milk are:
  • of a squirrel, ideally suited for the child, including serumal albumine and globulins;
  • the fats which are well acquired by the child;
  • vitamins and iron necessary for the child for full development;
  • mineral salts and minerals (calcium, phosphorus, copper, zinc and others), the need for which is felt by the child;
  • enough water, even in a hot season;
  • special enzymes (a lipase, amylase) promoting splitting of the main ingredients of maternal milk;
  • special protein laktoferrin, connecting and holding iron that growth of pathogenic flora in the child`s intestines oppresses;
  • substance taurine, necessary for normal creation of a retina of an eye, and also for optimum development and functioning of a brain of the child;
  • living cells of blood (neutrophils, monocytes, lymphocytes) which kill pathogenic bacteria in the child`s organism;
  • of an antibody, protecting the child from many infectious diseases;
  • the opioid substances improving the child`s dream.