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How much is... pregnancy?

As well as any other budget, the budget of pregnancy need to be made, having thought over all details. What “items of expenditure“ should be provided here?

of Service

Conducting pregnancy. This concept includes medical supervision over the course of pregnancy. From the point of view of the budget conducting pregnancy can be absolutely free, that is within obligatory medical insurance. The state grants the rights for this service to all citizens. Additional inspections can become some extension of this economic program. For example, ultrasonic research not in a maternity welfare unit, and at the authoritative expert, any analyses which are necessary, but are not carried out in that place where future mother is observed. So, the cost of ultrasonic research can average from 800 to 2000 rub. Various analyses can also cost in the sum from several hundred to several thousand rubles. At the same time there is a wish to emphasize that at the pregnancy proceeding in general it is favorable, without special deviations, as a rule, the services and analyses offered by a maternity welfare unit happen quite enough for an adequate assessment of a condition of the pregnant woman and future kid.

the Contract for conducting pregnancy, as a rule, provides all necessary analyses, inspections and visits of the doctor. One more option of paid services are a supervision in commercial center, but without the conclusion of the contract, then it will be necessary to pay for each visit and the analysis, but on “circle“ it can turn out cheaper as the contract can provide the excess list of services, but such contract provides all necessary researches at any succession of events. The cost of the contract for conducting pregnancy can make from 20 - 30 thousand to 80 - 100 thousand rubles.

Conducting childbirth. As well as conducting pregnancy, it can be carried out on the basis of obligatory and voluntary medical insurance. The contract for conducting childbirth, as a rule, besides the improved living conditions, allows to choose the doctor, to have with it mobile communication from the moment of the conclusion of the contract that gives the chance if necessary to consult by phone. The same doctor conducts childbirth. With it it is possible to stipulate desire / unwillingness of use of anesthesia, various medicines at the time of delivery in advance. Childbirth under the contract guarantees a possibility of presence at the rodzal of future father or other relative. The contract for childbirth can demand from several thousand rubles (chambers of the increased comfort so cheap can do without the certain conditions concerning medical aspects and the organization of medical care) to 120 - 150 thousand rubles. If in the medical institution chosen by you these or those analyses are necessary for presence of the father on childbirth, then it can be included in contract cost if is not present - future father can make these tests in district clinic (free of charge) or in commercial medical institution. The average price of the contract for conducting childbirth with the individual doctor makes from 40 - 45 thousand rubles.

Training. It is important point which should be considered, their wellbeing to a large extent depends on readiness of the woman to childbirth. If the father wants to be present at childbirth, then he too by all means needs to go to the corresponding classes. Preparation can be carried out in a maternity welfare unit (free of charge) or on special courses for future parents. The cost of paid courses averages 1000 rubles for occupation. As a rule, various subscriptions and comprehensive programs are offered.

Provision of medicines

is very difficult to find Now future mother who for all the time of incubation of the baby would not take any medicine. Their quantity and cost, of course, are defined by weight of that pathology which needs to be treated or prevented. It should be noted also the fact that the dispersion of the prices of medicines is very big therefore in this question careful market research will be useful.


this point wins in minds of most of women usually first place at conversation on the budget though we consciously put it in the end. But the far-sighted man usually understands that it is that part of the budget which can be subject to the greatest changes. It is only not necessary to forget that this position has to include not only goods for future child, but also goods for future, and then and for young mother.


So, future and young mother need special conditioning agents and hygiene, accessories for breastfeeding, convenient house clothes, clothes for walks. For the baby it is necessary to prepare a carriage, a bed, devices for storage of children`s things and for swaddling. These are the largest purchases. The average cost of a carriage makes from 8 to 20 thousand rubles, bed cost - from 3 to 10 thousand rubles. Clothes, objects of personal hygiene, a toy are also necessary for the kid linen for a bed. And systematic change of diapers. The average cost of a disposable diaper makes 7 - 14 rubles.

Making the list of necessary goods it is better to put their surplus, that is surplus, than deficiency.
By drawing up the list of necessary goods and services keep in mind

that it is better to put their surplus, that is surplus, than deficiency. As a last resort, it will be possible to offer points which are not for you it is paramount important. When all lists are made and calculations are finished, it is better to throw with another 10 - 20% just in case. Further it is necessary to plan gradualness or contemporaneity of expenses depending on the income. Keep in mind that it will only be possible to spend for the money transferred here to a position given to the woman as grants when childbirth already happens as the majority of them is given after the birth of the kid. An exception is payment of a prenatal and postnatal maternity leave.

be not upset if as a first approximation the output and the credit do not meet - include an invention, use all opportunities: over time - with the course of pregnancy - they will surely increase, there would be a desire. Even if you cannot count on essential replenishments of the family budget due to increase in a salary, payments for securities or receiving inheritance, then there will always be relatives and acquaintances who with pleasure will give you carriages - beds, a kidswear, and it will help to reduce expenses. You should not bypass also questions of the reporting - if not for the sake of control, then for the sake of the analysis and rational planning further...