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Crises, destiny went to us... Here all tell

: crisis, crisis... And all are afraid: what further - that will be?! And nothing will be. There will be what was always. At first - it is bad, then - it is very bad, then - it is bad as it is only possible, then - it is even worse, then - it is habitual, then - it is better, better... And then - again it is good. And then - again it is bad. In a word, as always, there are such things.

the Most ridiculous that all this is known, but all the same are afraid. Because so scary word - “crisis“. And, by the way, that in general it is crisis? I do not know, it will please you or will afflict, but in translation from Greek crisis is all - navsy the decision, a turning point, an outcome. What does it mean to us, the poor forced to live in the conditions of this most turning point? The first - and extremely important - time is the decision, so there was also a task even if we also did not notice it. And then question: and what the task was? Clear business, that task which in some hidden look existed in economy does not interest us. It is important to us to understand to what vital task we did not pay attention. And we obviously did not turn it if the economic crisis became crisis and for us. You remember: life hits us into a forehead when we did not notice its numerous podtalkivaniye in a back? So what podtalkivaniye all is it was necessary not to notice now so to worry? Options a little.

Option first: the person did not become in the profession such high quality expert of which do not get rid even in the most hard times. It means that - crisis for certain not the last in the history of mankind! - the person had time that to become to insure itself for the future.

Option second: the person considered the future only in one key - certainly, volume which most of all was pleasant to it. The future is for certain fine and cloudless, so why to think of a possible rainy day? Here also did not reflect. The mortgage was taken, too there is a lot of credits, deposits in bank if are, then only ruble... And the destiny in a forehead, right there on the earth and mudflows struck. Became sad, began to cry: what to us, by unfortunate to do now?

it would Seem to

, option from all directions losing: everything already occurred, to correct nothing, so? And here not absolutely so. Those who decided to try on themselves all delights of long hunger strike well know: the first few days all want to gnaw through a throat surrounding, times more nothing can be gnawed. But then the organism understands that are not going to feed it, and applies all forces that in these hard times to live longer. The person becomes quiet and peaceful, many things from among those which seemed the main maintenance of life earlier suddenly cease to concern and disturb him...

All because the organism which always cares for us much more than we about it, takes business in hand and is cut by all unnecessary, optional and even just not too important - that remained forces on necessary more. Here and such careless romantic in the conditions of crisis has, at last, an opportunity to carry out audit of the requirements - and in general vital values.

In translation from Greek crisis - only a rotary point. You judge: it is impossible to go straight all the time.

Option third: the person got used to stay on a pedestal. He is clever, strong, talented, its not any business is worthy... It, by the way, very risky - and by no means not only from the point of view of possible economic crises: from any pedestal to fall far more painfully, than from the earth to the ground. Also such arrogance not only in division of positions on worthy and unworthy, but also just in the same attitude towards people is shown usually. And here such person has an invaluable opportunity to return on the earth (of course, not the most painless way...) and again - to reconsider the outlooks on life. Trains - that will go to the subway, and drivers there - judging by announcements - are always required. And during crisis not to do without loaders in any way. And at the same time, maybe, and with close people a common language will become easier to be found, than from a pedestal. From there, from above - that, also you will not make out much...

Probably, also other options are possible

, but all the same all of them will be about the ignored podtalkivaniye in a back and about suddenly appeared special crisis opportunities.

All this is about the Greek roots of the word “crisis“. However is also the science which davny - investigated long ago this concept of different areas and a lot of very curious supervision made. For example, the fact that crisis is not simply necessary, but inevitable property of any processes. It is again - about crisis as about a rotary point. Judge: it is impossible to go straight all the time. The earth, of course, round, but on it and oceans is - sooner or later will rest against them. And then - one or the other: or stubborn to continue to go in the same direction and to choke, or to turn. In other words, or pass through crises and survive, or...

Here also give

from this point of view we will look how many crises each of us in the life safely overcame. The birth - crisis? Crisis moreover what! The adult also did not dream such tests which fall to lot to each baby seeking to be born. Crisis of three years when the child suddenly begins to understand that in the world there is not just complete “something“, and “I“ in an environment of all the rest. Crisis of the first separation from mother when the child goes to kindergarten. Crisis of a visit of school when the child understands that carefree life ended and from now on should be done something all the time. Leaving school crisis when it is necessary to begin most to solve, where to go and what to do. .

you think, further crises come to an end? Anything similar. Ahead still crisis of creation of a family when it is necessary to begin to correlate the freedom to freedom of other person, crisis of the birth of own child when it is necessary to take the responsibility for someone`s life, crisis of death of parents when following in line - you, crisis of “an empty nest“ when children grow up and leave a family... Nothing, we cope somehow?

In any case to tell

: each woman of times a month passes through some kind of crisis of overproduction when the unclaimed ovum is brought out of an organism, and it is accompanied by some inconveniences too... Not fatally? And you speak - crisis, crisis...