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System of self-defense of the child. “Cried, escaped, escaped, told“

Studying by the child of bases of personal security - a pressing need of our time. The trained child feels possible danger and acts on the checked formula: “To expect; at an opportunity - to avoid; if necessary - to work“.

Very seldom should work with

really to the child as preventive measures strongly reduce probability to get involved in some bad story. But it is impossible to provide everything.

I then the following occurs:“ By consequence it is established that on the night of March 19, 2008 22 - the summer general worker of one of local agricultural enterprises by force got into the house of the acquaintances... At home there was one minor daughter of the owner. Threatening with a knife... tried to outrage upon the girl, however the last showed active resistance. Without having managed to finish conceived... left, having threatened the victim with murder and struck her several blows with a knife to hands and a body. In the morning the minor told about the incident to relatives who reported about it in law enforcement agencies. The attacker was detained. Now investigation of criminal case comes to the end, soon it will be brought to trial“.

It is incident shows that attack can happen even in case the child follows all safety rules (we will note that parents needed to strengthen in due time a door).

In the case under consideration the girl managed to show to

worthy resistance. How she made it? It is not specified in the text of news, however, judging from the fact that the criminal armed with a knife could not achieve the, the girl acted resolutely.

the Child not in forces it is successful to p to resist to the adult. Messages a duel can only physically prepared and well trained teenagers. What can the small child of 8 - 11 years make? Specialists in children`s safety offer the following versions of the solution of this problem.

Paula Statmen, the famous American family psychotherapist and the consultant for questions of personal security of children and teenagers, advises:“ To shout, run and tell. Children easily remember this rule and willingly follow it in stealing attempts. Teach the child to special words in case somebody will seize him in public: „ No! No! You are not my father! You want to kidnap me! “ It for certain will frighten off the thief and will draw attention of people around. In definitely sense these words are more effective, than „ Help! “ or „ Stop! “ which passersby often perceive as family quarrel. Having seen the child struggling with the child they can decide that the son gets it on the nose from the father. The child has to cry out such words which for certain will draw attention of passersby and will force them to consider that:

  1. this person others to the child
  2. of the child is taken away against his will
  3. the child needs the help“

(Statmen Paul. Safety of your child: How to raise sure and careful children//Lanes. with English S. A. Yurchuka. - Yekaterinburg: At - the Trading station, 2004. - 272 pages. (Series “Childhood psychology: Modern view“).

Dubyagin Yu. and Bogachyov O. recommend to

the following: “If to the people on the street is not present, it is the best of all to shout loudly: „ Fire! “. In case to try to take away the child or to seat violently in the car, the child has to shout approximately following: „ My name is... My home telephone number... My parents are called... Call my parents “ the text can be changed, but its main components have to remain, i.e. names, phone and a request to call. Remember that the text has to be the shortest and not contain excess information, his child has to remember always, and, going outside, you once again ask to speak it“.

(Dubyagin Yu., Bogachyov O.“ School of a survival, or 56 ways to protect the child from a crime“).

the Doctor, the Master of Sports in sambo and the talented writer Evgeny Gatkin writes

:“ ... If to teach only it to that he expected and avoided danger, it is possible to bring up the timid person. It will not help with art of a survival. Care, and in other words - cowardice, in critical situations will serve bad service. Not taught to resist to hostile environment, overtaken by it unawares, the child always falls a victim... To teach the child to answer adequately aggression it is necessary from the earliest age... It is necessary to cultivate in the son or the daughter ability to resist to aggression at the level, means, available to them... The kid should know that if someone tries to seize him, it is possible to escape loudly shouting. It is necessary to shout so that at stuffed up ears... Just at the child it should not be formed psychology of the potential victim“

(Gatkin E. Ya. The encyclopedia of personal security, or Art to live without Risk / Evgeny Gatkin. - M.: Nuclear heating plant: Astrel, 2005. - 510, [2] pages: silt.) .

the Called books needs to be read to each parent who wants to get the qualified advice on training of his child in bases of personal security because authors of books are professionals of the business. We, in turn, offer the scheme of short-term fight of the child with the aggressive-minded adult in a situation when flight owing to capture by a hand is still impossible.

as a critical situation we will consider following: the stranger imperceptibly approaches the child and grabs him hand. How to be in that case? In most cases the child is not ready to an antagonism with the strong and resolute opponent. But the chance everything is is. It is in what the stranger usually does not see in the child of the worthy opponent and considers that resistance will not be shown it. If the child has a certain preparation and skills of conducting short-term fight, chances of release appear, and very real.

its motto has to be

“To escape and escape!“


offers the following scheme of conducting short fight.

1. To Creech! 2. I break capture 3. I beat a leg 4. I run away!
“You are the stranger! I do not know you!“
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As it was already noted by td above, specialists in children`s safety recommend to shout that this person who struggles with the child - not his relative. For example: “You are the stranger, I do not know you! This is not my father! This is not my mother! Help!“ It is possible to cry out the name, a surname and a house phone number that passersby contacted parents. But words: “You are the stranger, I do not know you!“ have to be learned and repeatedly rehearsed. It should be noted that in case people are not visible around, it is more reasonable to shout at first: “Fire!“, as Yury Dubyagin and Olga Bogachyova recommend. There are good chances that somebody will be curious and will look out in a window.

the Most important skill of self-defense - ability correctly and loudly to shout. It is necessary to cry out words which will help all people around to understand that the child in trouble, and he needs the help.
What methods of self-defense the child can master

? In many grants it is recommended to shout, bite, be kicked, that is to show furious resistance. We concretize the general recommendations in the concrete scheme of resistance.

Having got acquainted with grants on self-defense, we will choose the description of ways of release of a hand of the child from capture.

So, in - the first, it is vital to shout loudly: “You are the stranger, I do not know you!“

In - the second, it is necessary to squeeze the taken hand in a fist, to put the free hand on this fist, without bending a wrist. Having paid attention to position of a thumb of the forward, it is necessary to pull sharply a free hand the taken hand in the direction of a thumb of the opponent. Using not only force of both hands, but also all body as it is possible more sharply we are developed towards a thumb of the opponent. At the same time our hand escapes from taking of the opponent.

the Description looks long and bulky. Reception lasts fractions of a second (if the child worked it on the father or mother at least several honeycombs of times).

B - the third if the opponent is so strong what to escape very difficult, the child`s task - to weaken capture. It can be promoted by a kick up to a shin or to a knee. It is necessary to consider that kicks on a knee can lead to a severe injury of the forward. Blows in a shin, as a rule, do not lead to the subsequent injuries, at the same time effectively entering the forward into a condition of painful shock irrespective of the weight and the sizes of the attacked adult opponent. Such blows demand sense of equilibrium as a certain accuracy is necessary. It is difficult for child to follow all rules of blow therefore it is possible to be limited to the simplified option for a start. The blow approximately is struck as kick a soccerball. Parents can prepare some soft, but rather strong and rigid subject (it is the simplest to buy a makivara) and to ask the child to practise kicks. The self-defense coach will help “to put“ blow correctly, and the task of the child will consist in his further working off and improvement.

Again - we will notice

that miracles do not happen. The girl never kicking even on a ball just will not get on a leg of the adult subject. If she completes the corresponding course on training in blow and then will practise under the leadership of parents or the instructor, the effect will be remarkable. The second-grader who was fond of training process can hit so the partner who stood gaping for a second that he will limp and abuse week himself for the makivara shifted aside which opened it a shin for blow. Working off, working off and once again working off. Then skills need “to be refreshed in muscle memory“ to be always in readiness.

B - the fourth, prompt run in the safe direction. It is necessary to run quickly, constantly changing the direction of the movement that the heavy adult opponent was forced to waste time, making maneuvers on turns. The more the child trains in run, the it is more at it than chances to escape even from the adult persecutor. The dexterous, lively and maneuverable child will not give it any chance.

the child has to tell

After an exit from a dangerous situation to parents or the sponsoring adults about collision with the stranger, trying, at least approximately, to describe the malefactor`s signs.

we do not forget

that during all operation of release the child needs to continue to shout at the top of the voice: “You are the stranger! I do not know you! Release!“

to the Parents wishing to study various schemes of fight, to enrich the arsenal of the self-defense industry employee and to choose receptions for training and training of the children I recommend to obratsya by

for the following book: Stepanov M. V., O. V. Majors. Protective code: How to survive in our city. - M.: Griffin, 2007. - 496 pages

Shout plus blow in a shin plus release from capture plus prompt run in the safe direction - components of the minimum system of self-defense of the child in case of attempt of his capture by a hand the adult.

But in order that this system worked, it is necessary to fulfill all these actions: repeatedly and at full capacity. To go with parents to the wood and to shout in all power of lungs, to infinitely pull out the hand from father`s and mother`s captures, to kick on a makivara and to run on short and long distances. Then the child if necessary will be able to act aggressively, resolutely and productively.