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Not everything that is, can be eaten!

Welcome there is no such parent which would not know about what is food allergy. Still, recently it meets even more often! Sometimes it happens very much early, in the first months of life of the kid.

Not all that we call an allergy is an allergy!

two diseases very similar at each other Exist: food allergy and food intolerance. Both in that and in other case kids (as, however, and adults) painfully react to some products. After food nausea (sometimes vomiting), malfunctions in system of digestion, difficulty of breath, reddening or blisters on skin can disturb them to belly-ache and fish soup. Despite similarity of feelings which cause these two illnesses the food intolerance and food allergy is different things. The allergy develops only from - for “breakages“ in immune system, it remains for the rest of life and arises even then when her owner tries not enough allergenic product, it is rather simple to some to catch its smell.

the Food intolerance is not connected by

with changes in immune system, it arises only from an overeating and over time, as a rule, passes. That the kid recovered, doctors for a long time “expel“ a product - the provoker from his diet or register a diet. In the list of artful irritants pork, tomatoes, a citrus, chocolate, strawberry, chicken, bananas and various additives (preservatives, essences, spices) are in the lead.


By the way, absolutely small (kids from 0 to 2 months) suffer from intolerance, however, too cause its other reasons. From - the tummy begins to support shortages of enzyme which splits dairy sugar at them and diarrhea begins.

the Difficult mechanism

Alas, the allergy is descended: for the kid of parents - allergic persons risk to receive it raises four times and if only one of them - is sick three times. The kids located to an allergy at first have a painful reaction to products, then on vegetable pollen or house dust, and then on wool and feathers of animals. In the first months of life of kids cow`s milk becomes allergen No. 1 for them, by three years situation changes, and first place is strongly won bean also by nuts. In general cow`s milk, fish, eggs, bean, nuts, carrots, soy and mustard provoke 80% of cases of an allergy at kids.

What occurs in an organism of kids at food allergy what forces them to experience such “storm“ of feelings?

It appears p the matter is that the immune system of allergic persons reacts to components of products differently, than it is conceived. In response to emergence of an irritant there is as if a protective reaction. It differs from normal in the fact that at this moment other protective substances - allergic antibodies are produced absolutely. From - for failure in immune system they become not defenders, but wreckers. These antibodies - immunoglobulins E (Eg) - are connected to one of types of immune cages - with corpulent cages in which there is a histamine. If a corpulent cage to irritate, the histamine is allocated in blood and causes special type of inflammatory reaction - allergic.

of 6 stages: how to protect the kid

  1. First of all, down with smoking during pregnancy. Scientists established that nicotine breaks development of pulmonary system of the kid and prevents work of lungs of the newborn. For the same reason later you should not smoke in the presence of small.
  2. Take care of that in the house where there comes from maternity hospital a kid, there were no irritants: animals, birds, dust deposits. Especially it concerns families in which there were already allergy cases.
  3. Breast milk - excellent means which will protect the kid from an allergy. Colostrum - the predecessor of milk - richly protective immunoglobulins which protect a mucous membrane of a digestive tract and airways small from food irritants. That is why experts advise to nurse the kid as long as possible, at least six months. If for any reasons it is impossible, it is necessary to enter into its diet new products very carefully. Try not to advance time because too early variety increases risk of an allergy. From - for age features it is difficult for kid to digest some proteins, besides the new food increases amount of possible allergens.
  4. be not zealous
  5. with hygienic procedures. There is one more danger which mother should remember: too frequent bathings with soap, cleaning of ears and a nose badly influence ability of an organism to fight against external irritants and leads to failure in immune system.
  6. Until the kid is not six months old, it is better not to enter novelties into his diet, and not to feed with products on the basis of nuts till four years. As for kids is more senior, be careful with spices, mustard and various exotic fruit.
  7. you Watch a condition of intestines of the kid. Healthy intestines carry out a sieve role, passing in blood only what is necessary, and in the form of small molecules. If intestines inflame, in its work there is a failure, and then through its wall macromolecules which cause an allergy can get into blood and strengthen an inflammation. The vicious circle which especially seriously affects health of babies turns out, walls of their intestines are insufficiently dense. Only with age they become stronger, and the risk of emergence of an allergy decreases.
the First symptoms of an allergy

Search of the reason - small investigation

If was not succeeded to protect the kid from an allergy also its first signs all - appeared, it is necessary to define what causes it. The reason of an indisposition of the baby can be established quickly. As for kids is more senior, in search of a source (or sources) irritations the doctor undertakes the real investigation.

As treat an allergy?

From 0 to 6 months . As soon as the product “provoker“ is found, it is excluded from a diet of the kid (or his mothers if it eats breast milk) and select a diet. If the allergy developed at the child who eats artificial milk, the doctor will appoint to it a special type of baby food: mix on the basis of hydrolyzates of milk protein (in its structure - already split proteins which do not cause an allergy) or mix on the basis of isolate of soy milk (carefully, soy - too allergen).

Of 6 months . You should not bring a variety the menu of the kid - the allergic person 6 earlier - monthly age. When time comes, be careful, offer it new products on one, gradually and only in the morning or in the afternoon that you had time to help the kid if something goes not so. Boiled products are transferred easier therefore it is even better to give fruit at first to kids boiled or baked. You should not offer small new dishes if it is not absolutely healthy (for example if it cuts teeth or before and after an inoculation). The preservatives, food dyes, flavoring additives which were overripe and the begun to ferment fruit are dangerous to kids with an allergy. You avoid also genetically processed food, it is unknown what proteins, so, and allergens, are its part. The label on which it is usually written “new technology“ will help to identify these products to you.

Certainly, not so - that it is simple to exclude from a diet of the kid even one product, not to mention several, especially so far as concerns Basic Elements, such as eggs or fish. Therefore to pick up a diet, parents need consultation of the dietitian: he will advise, than it is possible to replace the excluded products. And the food diary will help to observe how the organism of small will react to new products, to you.

That was, was, passed...

Often happens that the children`s organism adapts to allergens and recovers. Therefore from time to time doctors try to enter into a diet of the kid products - allergens. For example, the herd is clear that sensitivity to proteins of cow`s milk proceeds from 1 to 1,5 years, and then passes. Other types of an allergy, for example on eggs, disappear by itself in 50% of cases. As for nuts, fish and seafood, reaction to them, most likely, will remain for the rest of life.

Since that moment as the organism of the kid ceases to show symptoms of an allergy, should not forbid it to eat yogurts, cottage cheese, cheese and desserts on the basis of milk. Also be not surprised if he resolutely refuses to eat them. Very often the children who had an allergy, for example, to proteins of cow`s milk, have permanent disgust for dairy products or eggs. On the other hand, if the kid refuses to eat food on which he had no allergy, it can be the first symptom of its beginning.