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Indications to Cesarean section of

Cesarean section are the surgery allowing the child to be born by extraction it from a stomach of mother who cannot give birth to him in the usual way. Cesarean section can be necessary in any of the following cases.


- a pelvic disproportion

the Head of the child is too big

, and the basin of mother is too narrow or a combination of that and another. Cherepno - a pelvic disproportion seldom gives in to diagnostics (though she can be suspected) prior to childbirth as even in case of the big head of the child and rather small basin of mother the head clenches a little, and the pelvic joint is moved apart at the time of delivery. If there passed enough time and fights were strong, but there is no progress of childbirth, the diagnosis cherepno - a pelvic disproportion can be made. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish this case from an unsuccessful chlenoraspolozheniye of a fruit.

Unsuccessful prelying or chlenoraspolozheny

the Child is located

in a uterus unsuccessfully for childbirth in natural ways. Can be examples the cross provision of a fruit (the child lies horizontally), some types of buttock prelying (full or foot), front and frontal prelying, steady zadnezatylochny prelying or an asinklitizm (the head of the child is turned so that does not get to a basin entrance).

Lack of progress (or prolonged childbirth)

of Fight are insufficiently strong

or not progress in disclosure of a neck of a uterus, and omission of a fruit even after attempts to relax a uterus or to stimulate stronger reductions. Such diagnosis cannot be made before an active phase of childbirth (after 5 centimeters of disclosure) as the normal latent phase often lasts very long.

a fruit Illness

the Specific changes of pulse of a fruit found when listening or by means of devices of electronic monitoring can indicate


problems with the child. These changes show that the child saves oxygen when supply is limited to it (for example, at displacement of an umbilical cord or reduction of inflow of blood to a placenta. The subsequent tests - stimulation of a head or blood test - will show whether the child is well compensated or began to suffer from a lack of oxygen. If the child is not capable to cope more with a lack of oxygen, Cesarean section is necessary.

the Main danger of a lack of oxygen consists that it (shortcoming) can cause damage of a brain (a cerebral palsy, the slowed-down intellectual development, epilepsy). Though damage of a brain perhaps and at the time of delivery, numerous researches show that it happens even prior to childbirth, during pregnancy more often. Damage of a brain does not give in to detection while the fruit is in a protective environment of a uterus. It can be shown only after the beginning of childbirth when from - for a stress violations of pulse of a fruit are observed, or after the child`s birth when signs of neurologic violations appear. Cesarean section cannot neither prevent, nor cure already arisen violations though can relieve such kids of a patrimonial stress to which they are not ready.

Loss of an umbilical cord

When the umbilical cord falls to a uterus neck to the child, the body of the child can jam an umbilical cord, catastrophically reducing intake of oxygen, and immediate Cesarean section is necessary.

Predlezhany placentae

the Placenta blocks (in whole or in part) a uterus neck. When the neck of a uterus reveals, the placenta separates from a uterus wall, causing painless bleeding in mother and depriving of the child of oxygen. Prelying of a placenta meets approximately once on 200 pregnancies. This state when the placenta is implanted (at least partially) to a uterus neck. The most characteristic symptom - vaginal bleedings, most often after seven months of pregnancy. The bleedings which are usually alternating are not followed by pain. Treatment can include a bed rest, continuous medical supervision over mother and a fruit and Cesarean section.


of a placenta

the Placenta prematurely separates from a uterus wall. It can cause bleeding from a vagina or the latent bleeding and constant belly-ache. Otsloyka reduces supply of a fruit with oxygen and, depending on degree of an otsloyka, Cesarean section can be required. Otsloyka happens most often during the third trimester or at the time of delivery. Though it sometimes happens without the visible reasons, the bigger risk at women with high arterial pressure or smokers and is a lot of drinking. If bleeding is small, fights continue and heartbeat of a fruit remains normal, doctors usually allow normal continuation of childbirth. Otherwise Cesarean section is made.

the Illness of mother

If at you is diabetes, sore kidneys, bronchial asthma, a hypertension, a preeklampsiya (toxicosis), heart or other serious illness, you or the child can not have a stress from fights and childbirth in natural ways. Presence of herpes at a vagina or about it also is the indication to Cesarean section as the child can get an infection when passing via the patrimonial channel. Also the indication to operation often is short-sightedness of mother more than 5 dioptries and danger of peeling of a retina that leads to a blindness. In this case Cesarean section is applied to an exception of attempts.

Polycarpous pregnancy

Probability of Cesarean section at the birth of twins (or bigger number of twins) is higher from - for possible than complications - such as toxicosis, prematurity, buttock prelying and loss of an umbilical cord.

Repeated Cesarean section

New Cesarean section can be carried out by

from - for the fact that the reasons for the first Cesarean section remained, or from - for the fact that the doctor or the patient prefer Cesarean section to childbirth in natural ways. Also the indication can the bad condition of a postoperative hem on a uterus after the previous Cesarean section is.

the rodorazresheniye in natural ways perhaps and lately is even recommended to

At the subsequent childbirth if there are no medical indications. If such new approach is apprehended, the percent of repeated Cesarean sections will decrease.