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Improvement of children in a campaign of

We take children in a campaign rather behind health, than behind diseases. Let`s lay still aside psychological aspects of a campaign with children and we will talk about aspects of health, namely: what elements of our favourite type of rest are related to improvement and how to make a campaign the most useful to health of children.

Clean air

oxides of sulfur, nitrogen and other “pollutants“ Habitual to the city dweller irritate with

a mucous membrane of bronchial tubes. At the same time reactivity of bronchial tubes increases that causes chronic bronchitis and asthma. In the country degree of irritation of bronchial tubes decreases, the gleam extends therefore there to us it is easier breathed. Such continuous stay in the fresh air as in a backpacking, it is especially useful for the children having frequent bronchitis and ORZ. They improve passability of bronchial tubes and their reactivity decreases - perhaps, next year our children will be ill less.

But clean air happens different.“ Easy“ air - where it is slightly saturated with moisture: in the wood, in mountains, in the steppe, and also in frosty weather. By damp air (for example, on bogs), on the contrary, it is panted. In the coniferous wood of a particle of pitch, contained in air, stimulate action of the heart and lungs; derivative pitches (camphor, turpentine) use in medicine for this purpose. Also smells steppe mnogotravya work. However it must be kept in mind that rural air can conceal also troubles, for example, for patients with hay cold or asthma. Safely in this regard so-so - and highlands: at the height of 1500 m and any more there are no pollen allergens, usual for us.

the Hardening

the Hardening - one more improving factor of any backpacking. The most important in a hardening - not to allow overcooling. Therefore it is possible to temper nobody - being in the open air, children will be tempered. In a campaign the child constantly is exposed to contrast transitions. It is change of heat and a cool in the summer: from a shadow - on the sun, to a fire - from a fire, from hot sand - in water. Especially the hardening is promoted by bathing. Well, and on a ski trip is the cold air influencing open parts of a body and mucous a nose. In general, from moderate regions our frosty winter is healthier than many southern sea resorts for children. If you are fans of ski trips, be not afraid, take with yourself children! It is only important to correlate loads of the child with age.

Stay on the sun

is A little suntan - it is very useful. Especially to kids, especially city dwellers. Presently it is already heavy to find the city child who about the diagnosis “rickets“ had also no speech. The vitamin D necessary for prevention and treatment of rickets at children, is formed in an organism under the influence of sunshine. So “let will run about on the sun“. However stay on the sun has to be moderate. Do not encourage at all aspiration of the child to sunbathe in a campaign “as the Black“! Business even not in solar burns: the modern medicine proved communication of a malignant melanoma with aspiration to sunbathe strongly (especially for white).

the Climatic zone

you probably asked yourself this question: what climate everything is better for a summer campaign with the child - the South or the North? That`s it - well everywhere where we are absent. The South, it is necessary to pay tribute, it is more convenient: the probability that you will get to the cold or rainy period less and rains refresh there rather, than disturb. However experience of summer improvement of children in moderate climatic zones shows that local conditions do not concede in anything and to the southern sea resorts.

Physical activities in a campaign

It is also fundamental difference of the real backpacking which does our children stronger and is more hardy. However children went hiking not behind diseases: you should not overload them. Planning a campaign with children, it is necessary to remember two simple rules: “we are guided by the weakest participant of a campaign“ and “it is better not to finish loading, than to overload“. Unfortunately, often it is necessary to hear (in particular from young parents) provocative statements like “and my daughter (my son) - quite strong child so...“. On such provocations it is better not to give in.