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To eat in a new way

are Best of all acquired those vitamins which we receive from environmentally friendly products. In what distinction between ecological and usual products? How transition on bio - food affects health of the resident of the megalopolis?

Scientific researches showed that the fruit which are grown up in environmentally friendly conditions by traditional methods contain more vitamins and have more balanced composition of mineral substances, than grown up by an industrial method - with use of synthetic fertilizers and growth factors.

Many modern products can exert

negative impact on a human body, to increase an expiration date of products, to make their appearance more attractive and to improve tastes producers use artificial preservatives, dyes and fragrances. Modern parents try to accustom the children to a healthy lifestyle since the birth, including in their diet bio - products.

Producers of environmentally friendly products took care of children. According to researches at the moment 70% of babies are in Russia on artificial feeding. It means that health of many children depends on that how qualitative will be this “artificial“ food. The immune system of the person is formed only by 12 - 14 years, and the intestinal flora adapted to “adult“ food - to 3 - m to years, at the same time the gastrointestinal tract of a children`s organism possesses the increased permeability for nutrients. And as a percentage of body weight children eat and drink much more, than adults. Therefore if products contain harmful substances, then in a children`s organism the bigger amount of foreign impurity collects, disturbing a normal metabolism and development.


In production of environmentally friendly food for children use carefully selected components which passed strict control and special processing and not containing chemicals and additives. However if you think what “environmentally friendly“ is meant only by refusal of chemistry, you are waited by opening. This concept much more widely also covers all process of production, since cultivation and finishing with packing.

bio - production quality control begins

B directly with the earth. The earth is processed by the sparing methods and without any application of chemistry. The healthy soil yields not only a good harvest, but also immunity to plants for pest control. At crops only seeds which did not pass any synthetic processings have to be used. In the course of cultivation use of artificial fertilizers is excluded. Cultivation is carried out only by traditional methods. For example, weeds are removed manually, and help to struggle with insects - wreckers birds for whom they build special nesting boxes - baits. Animals on ecological farms receive the necessary care as close as possible to their needs of nature. Their forage does not contain chemical and synthetic additives, hormones of growth and genetically - the changed organisms.

“The cereals which are grown up in the nutritious earth, milk of the cows who are grazed on pure meadows, the fruit which kept energy of the sun - all these unique gifts of the nature contain on average 10 - 50% more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in comparison with the products made on the modernized technologies. Environmentally friendly products improve a state of health. With transition to bio - the diet as a part of blood increases quantity of protective immune cages which resist to viral infections. Biot - products change quality of breast milk. In milk of women who ate generally the products which are grown up in environmentally friendly conditions it appeared more valuable an omega - 3 fatty acids and nonsaturated fatty acids. And pesticides it was revealed the less, than the bigger percent bio - food made a diet of young mother“, - Svetlana Vakhlyarskaya, the practicing pediatrician of the Russian Children`s Clinical hospital (Moscow), the expert in immunology and rheumatology, the expert of the HiPP company claims.

, at last, organic vegetables and fruit are more tasty than

I. Comparing taste of apples of two types, participants of scientific experiment undoubtedly gave preference to the apple which is grown up in environmentally friendly conditions, calling it more “apple“, refreshing and harmonious. This effect is connected with the fact that the pulp bio - apples is firmer, and a ratio of sugar and acid in it natural.

Today continually in the Russian food market there are products with marking “Organic“, “Grown up in the environmentally friendly area“, “BIO“. The most certain way to define qualitative structure of a product - to look at a label. Buyers in the West unconditionally trust markings, especially it concerns system of the ecological markings guaranteeing quality of production. Ecological marking in Europe guarantees that the product passed the accurate and rigid monitoring system and certifications. So, for example, existence of the European marking of BIO on packing of baby food guarantees that all stages of production, packings and transportations of ecological products by the most strict image are controlled according to the resolution of the European Union on ecological agriculture and the corresponding marking of agricultural production and food.


In production of environmentally friendly food for children use carefully selected components which passed strict control and the special processing providing good comprehensibility of a product. For fruit or vegetable purees only whole fruit and vegetables are used. At preservation or simple processing do not include the hydrogenated or animal fats, usual vegetable oils, sugar and salt in baby food.

the Environmentally friendly baby food which part meat of animals and birds is differs in quality of meat ingredients which contain more than nonsaturated fatty acids, and contents an omega - 3 fatty acids in them is 4 times higher.

Ecological mixes for feeding of children contain the ideal balance of vitamins and minerals necessary for the normal growth of the baby at a certain stage of development. For this reason to meat ingredients, as a rule, add vegetables to baby food. For baby food dietary meat of a rabbit, turkey, chicken, and also beef, veal, a yagnyatina, at the same time only is used by fillet of low-fat and most nutritious part.

Such meat is a source of valuable protein and especially easily acquired iron.

Juice is excellent addition to healthy food. Ecological juice is made only from natural vegetables and fruit on special technologies. At cultivation of vegetables and fruit use of nitrates, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and also genno - the modified technologies is forbidden. For preparation of juice spring water from mountain sources is used. By production of juice use of artificial sweeteners, fragrances and dyes is not allowed. Environmentally friendly juice is vitamin-rich also nutrients of the natural fruit and vegetables which kept energy of the sun and the earth.