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The festival of ladybugs

of Missile defense one our holiday is already the story on 7e, it is called “As pirates stole cake from us“, I want to share the scenario of birthday of the daughter now, she was 4 years old too.

Olesya was born

in the middle of April when all wait for the first leaflets, mother - and - stepmothers, butterflies, spots of sunlight and heat. And our holiday was about bugs - about ladybugs. I printed out pictures with bugs in advance, decorated them with gouache and pasted on dense paper. On a reverse side of a bug wrote tasks. On the eve of a holiday late at night I pinned bugs on a wall and decorated the room the balls drawn big with flowers and a garland with the inscription “Happy Birthday!“ of bugs I tried to arrange so that they were not evident. But not here - that was. Only having woken up, Olesya with Ilyyusha (he in two weeks was 6 years old) at once came running to me on kitchen with shouts: “We have on a wall bugs! Ladybugs!“ Here also the MIRACLE began. I told that I heard strange noise in kitchen at night, decided to go to look in what business. At first very much was afraid to come, it was dark, and then took courage and saw that someone is knocked on a window. Small and tired. I opened a window leaf, and to us to the apartment 4 ladybugs flew. They asked whether there lives a girl Olesya who was 4 years old. When I answered that yes, she lives here, but now sleeps, bugs told that they arrived to her for a holiday, and want to play with children. But so far very much were tired and want to sleep. We agreed that they will hide in the apartment and when guests come, ladybugs will tell what they like to do and will play together with all.

waited for

of Guests with big impatience. When all gathered, I told a story about night visit again, and we began to remove in turn bugs from a wall and to read what they like to do. The first bug on a puzika had an inscription “I Love Riddles“. Riddles it was selected on the Internet and 13 sheets therefore the curious ladybug was pleased are printed out. As friends to us children - age-mates of the elder brother who were about 6 years old therefore the separate task was to read an inscription on a ladybug came generally. The second bug liked to draw for what two Whatman papers and a big box of wax crayons were prepared. At first all drew bugs, and then already who that wanted, and then passed to a coloring at all. Occupation was fascinating and it was pleasant to all.

the Third bug liked to play

to “The sea time“, and the fourth in “Loaf“ worries. Having executed all wishes of small insects, we began to say goodbye to them, and it is a subject of my special pride. About a month I searched across Moscow for cake - a ladybug, but everything that came across, or cost money, mad for cake, or the sizes was such that it would be possible to feed the whole kindergarten. As a result in little shop I ordered a Petersburg cake in the form of the ladybug sitting on a leaf from the Belarusian station. This miracle of kilograms weighed and cost about 380 rubles. Cake was hidden, packed into a package of ladybugs and is given to the neighbor in the morning.

And so. All tasks of bugs were performed, time to say goodbye came. And how say goodbye to ladybugs? They are put on a palm and told: “A ladybug, depart on the sky, bring us bread, black and white, only not burned“. We and made. Then I asked and why to us bread? We have a bread... What usually happens on birthday? And everything is joyful because were very hungry, cried: “Cake!“ And then the new rhyme appeared: “A ladybug, depart to yourself home, bring us cake big!“ We cried out this slogan three times, waved handles, as if we release a ladybug, and I declared that the holiday is ended, it is possible to play a little bit, and I will set the table so far. And here, about a miracle, the call to a door was distributed. I assumed that someone from guests was late, and called all to open a door. All with interest flocked in a hall, opened a door, was nobody, but on a rug the package of ladybugs lay! Olesenka tremblingly took it, brought to the room, we accurately revealed him, and there the real sweet bug! I do not know that other children thought, but my impressionable daughter did not depart from a box for a minute, at a table of the village near cake, watched at it all the time while ate potato with nuggets while listened to congratulations, with nervousness blew out the candles and ate the whole two pieces though usually from cake one spoon is broken off and interest vanishes. By the way, the cake actually was very tasty, is direct as house.

As ladybugs brought to

cake, let adults guess, and to all of us the holiday was pleasant and remembered. I will be glad if my experience helps someone to think up the holiday.