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Autotravel Finland - Sweden with children. Part III


Stockholm, day 3 . From - for the fact that the day before we went to bed late, of course, in 9 - 00 we had just breakfast, but did not walk on Gaml Stan (the central pedestrian street of Stockholm) as planned. Besides, we is useless spent time in search of the inexpensive parking, as a result left the car opposite the Grandee wanted for 3 euros/hour, but on the river excursion tram in 10 - 30 around the island Dyyurgarden everything is were late, even not so much on time how many from - for the fact that it was already full. The cash desk “pleased“ us that following will be only in 16 - 30 (in spite of the fact that in the booklet it is written that each hour). Without thinking twice, we went to pier about the City Town hall from where in 11 - 30 the tram with excursion “Historical Stockholm“ went (these two river excursions across Stokgolmkart free) what in a consequence did not regret about, were even glad that so happened. In - the first, we walked across Stockholm, on Gaml Stan, on the area about the Town hall, in - the second, Dyyurgarden we studied already enough “from within“, and at our excursion saw a lot of new: the royal island - Kungskholmen, the Long island - Longkholmen, floating houses on pontoons, the Swedish garden sites and “five-storey apartment blocks“ saw, heard the most interesting story in Russian. Having once again convinced that not advertized by ours round - are very interesting by the websites of the place, I made bold to replace the planned known museum under the open sky Skansen with a modest television tower. And we did not lose again.

the Stockholm television tower of Kaknastornet (155 m) - the highest in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, is near the center, approximately in 1 km from the island Dyyurgarden, and, about a miracle, has the free parking. On the first floor - excellent gift shop, the wide range and low prices. We in it were also bought by souvenirs. On 30 - the m the floor (the high-speed elevator in itself caused delight in children) is an observation deck: all Stockholm clearly. It is good that we arrived here how did a bit of traveling across Stockholm, we could consider familiar places in the field-glass (we always travel with the field-glass, but it was possible to look in telescopes for how many - that money): ferry terminal Viking Lyne, island Dyyurgarden, attractions Grena Lund, City Town hall, Royal Palace. On an observation deck on all perimeter photos of Stockholm with the numbered buildings and explanatory signatures are established - so everything is clear, everything can be found and considered. We decided to have dinner at glass restaurant on 28 - m the floor since the prices besides pleasantly pleased us: 9 euros second course, 1,5 euros drink, salads - snack - are free. As it was cool, is the most tasty baked fish and to consider the city from height of bird`s flight!


Before landing to the ferry we had 3 hours, and, remembering that to Turku the ferry was given only for an hour, we decided to come around after a television tower besides in little-known to the Russian tourist the Technical museum. There is it in the middle of a way from a television tower to Dyyurgarden, the parking, besides, free. The museum is excellent! What there is only not present: the machine hall where ancient bicycles, cars, planes, various engines and t are exposed. p, mine, the hall of iron, an exposition of the textile industry, the hall of telephone sets, the hall of information technologies, space exercise machines on which it is possible to be trained, and, at last, 4 - a hmerny cinema hall. Generally, us for ears was not to tear off. Unfortunately, on the next session there was only 1 ticket, it was handed to Stepan. Of course, the three-dimensional film about flights with feelings of wind, rain, smells struck it. We spent 1,5 hours in the museum, it is not enough - we only looked at everything with run. In an amicable way, it is necessary to plan for it 3 hours. By the way, at the exit - excellent shop of puzzles.

There now, in this place the story about the strongest impression of Stockholm begins

. From the museum to the ferry terminal we should have passed 5 km, before departure there were 1,5 hours, we quietly got into the car, reached to Dyyurgarden and here got to a stopper. No, not in a stopper, and in a probishcha. In 15 min. we promoted on 800 m. In the next 15 min. - 500.

U us remained 30 min. before the end of landing to the ferry and distance in 3 km. It was clear that we are not in time. In the head there was a thought that during a high season of tickets for other ferry can not be at all, and our visa comes to an end in 2 days that if we get stuck here, then we are threatened by a penalty for the expired visa and, probably, we more Schengen at all will never be given. Tried on a habit to find a detour - aha as! Stockholm - it the continuous islands connected by bridges, a circle - water. Floutingly our ferry standing opposite to us on that coast looked, here it - and we to it cannot reach.

I here, was was, included an emergency signal and drove into a lane for public transport. It is necessary to pay tribute to the Swedish drivers when there was a need to return to a stream (at stops), we were passed. So in 5 minutes we overcame still meters 500. There was unforeseen further: GPS indicated to us the road which in real was unilateral with oncoming traffic, and there is no other road - around water. It was necessary 30 to pass meters on the sidewalk and to cross an oncoming lane (the benefit, in this place it was empty) to leave on the. Then meters 200 - freedom, and - again a stopper. Again it was necessary to go on the sidewalk, not to pass pedestrians, to go on a bicycle path - a gloom, I periodically looked in a mirror - whether police officers with a flasher go for us. We from a stopper in 10 minutes prior to the end of landing and 500 m to the terminal and here escaped, having stopped on red light, saw ahead of the companion in misfortune - the jeep with the Finnish numbers. It was our rescue since to the terminal we would reach, but we did not know the exact place of landing on the terminal. We “were pasted“ to the Finn - the savior and drove up to check point in 5 minutes prior to the end of landing, drove on the ferry, got up on the specified place and... gate on the ferry were closed. To describe our state, I think, there is no sense. Stepan told that it was the best attraction in his life. Precisely, it was possible to shoot the movie “Adventures of Russians in the Center of Stockholm“.

the Stockholm Ferry - Helsinki of “Gabriel“ was slightly more “Isabella“. When I reserved tickets, class C cabins were not any more, but cabins of a class A were affected by a special offer, and the autopackage cost us 240 euros. The cabin on the 5th floor, with a window, is slightly wider, than a class C, the lower regiments in the form of sofas if to spread out, they unite to the double place. A small round table which can be put in the middle. As we ahead had the whole evening, we carefully surveyed the ferry. In dyyutifr of the price were higher, than on Isabelle. But was the whole 3 big game rooms. But near them there was no cafe, only bar. Therefore to eat option until children play, did not pass. We vainly tried to find the glazed nasal part on any floor - no, it did not turn out such. It was only possible to come to an observation deck on the 12th floor, but such strong wind blew there that we with Lida did not go. Looked from the deck down, saw the huge foaming waves - took the breath away.

of Helsinki, day 1 . The ferry arrived to Helsinki in 10 - 00. Fortunately, the police about a ladder did not meet us. We at once went to look for Lego - show. To the specified address GPS brought us on a market square. A solid hour we walked on this area both around it, and on its vicinities, the truth we did it with pleasure, examining and photographing, having bought at the same time different delicacies, - but no Lego - show on the horizon existed. We vainly asked both passersby, and sellers until suddenly Stepan brought to us the Russian young woman who pointed to us to the strange box - the elevator. The elevator lowered us down, we appeared in some bunker with gray walls, on a floor were drawn a foot which conducted somewhere. Having taken courage, went along a dark corridor. It is necessary, came to a door with the inscription Lego, and for it, really, the huge game hall. Bought tickets to children for 2 hours for 7 euros, and, remembering a season of discounts, went to the department store of Sokos located on the square. Shopping was successful.

Having had dinner in cafe of Lego - show, went to an aquapark “Serena“. Tickets after 16 - 00 are cheaper - 15 euros from the person, all the same children`s - the adult, children to 4 - x years free of charge, and for all day there are favorable family tickets, the parking free. We were lucky with weather - the sun, +24 so Stepan bathed in open part of an aquapark shone, but for Lida water was cold there. In the covered part of an aquapark only one paddling pool with one hill, but Lida also lacked it. It seemed to me that the most interesting hills - attractions are on the street, the internal part is not better (even more poorly) than the Kazan aquapark habitual to us therefore it is worth going to Serena in hot weather.

Rantapuisto`s Hotel I reserved

on the Internet in the www system. hrs. com, it was the only hotel which offered placement 2+2 less, than for 100 euros, namely - 74 euros with a breakfast (a double room with an extra bed, 1 child in a bed of parents). Having watched sad photos of hotel on the Internet, considering the low price, I was upset a little, but to reserve other hotel twice more expensive too was sad. We agreed, requested confirmation of armor on e - mail, received it in 5 minutes. So, after GPS aquapark quickly led us to hotel. Having gone out of the car, we were pleasantly surprised: the small wooden hotel stood on the coast of the gulf in the pine wood, air was so pure and fragrant that the head began to spin. I thought that even if we are waited by conditions worse, than in a camping, I will forgive all from - for it here a look and air. Anything similar! We were waited by very spacious room with the big flat TV and the free wireless Internet. The huge sparkling toilet room had an excellent shower cabin and the big battery - the dryer which was useful for drying of all our bathing suits and towels. The breakfast - a buffet was above any praises too.

of Helsinki, day 2 . This day before departure is decided to be spent in scientifically - entertainment center “Eureka“, it is easy to reach by car, there are indexes and the free parking. The cost of tickets different (depends on the number of the attended exhibitions and spherical movie theater), from 10 to 25 euros, but was not lucky us - the movie theater did not work. But we and without movie theater did not manage to look at everything. The center made indelible enthusiastic impression on us. Here by means of simple and difficult models it is possible to study laws of mechanics, optics, chemistry, biology etc. The part of exhibits is located on the street, here it is possible most to build the bridge without nailing, to lie down on air, to make a sundial, to play on a huge xylophone, to creep through Mobius`s leaf. Inside there are exhibits more serious (some and to the adult are incomprehensible), but also there are entertaining entertainments.

Children squealed from delight: were taken for a ride in a car with square wheels, Stepan rode the bicycle on a rope, and Lida jumped in “outer space“. Stepa also attended fascinating class in chemical laboratory (there it is necessary to register in advance). Even to us, to adults with the highest physical - a mat - that education it was very interesting. Not without reason the motto of the center - “Feel the child“: at an entrance there is a huge table with very tall chairs, sitting on which, remember feelings of the childhood. In the center there are held representations, but, unfortunately, only in Finnish. We tried to look “From life of insects“ - understood nothing. But there is a Russian-speaking consultant, everything that it was necessary to us, explained. In the center we spent 5 hours, and it appeared a little. But to do nothing, holiday at us came to an end, the visa too, it was necessary to come back. Of course, there was no wish, children even cried.

of Helsinki - St. Petersburg . 380 km. The way back lay through the border crossing checkpoint of Torfyanovk, more popular with Russians (since it is closer to Helsinki, 180 km). Eh, if we know that we will get stuck there, would go through Cowberry again. It is 35 km farther, but these 35 km on the Finnish roads - nothing in comparison with three hours of expectation. Generally, business was aggravated with the fact that there was a Sunday evening, people came back from Finnish Wick - an enda. And at the same time only one Russian boundary window worked. As it in Russian! Of course, our pogranichnitsa should ask questions (her, probably, all equally how many cars accumulated in turn and that people long already wait for). Without hurrying anywhere, she asked “You by car?“, “Number of your car?“, “It is your children?“, “What is your name?“, “And you?“ - as though I made impression of the spy who imperceptibly made the way on foot through the Finnish border with two other people`s children. The frontier guard examining the car slowly walked around it, talking on mobile definitely not to the administration. Hi, Homeland! Closer to St. Petersburg periodically got stuck in traffic jams (Sunday, evening, the people came back from dachas).

St. Petersburg - Cheboksary . 1360 km. Having spent the night at the aunt in the Fox Nose, the next morning we left home. Having a little driven off from St. Petersburg, decided to refuel, but not here - that was. Throughout 30 km there was no gas station. And here we found it on the opposite side. Were developed, refueled. We leave - oops, a brick. Looked - other car left from “entrance“, crossed the oncoming traffic lane and quietly left. We - behind it. And here we were caught by gayets. Well of course, they know where to stand, they - that, probably, also thought up all these signs and marking in this place. Sergey speaks to them: “So 30 km - any gas station!“ They speak: “As any - here, nearby, through 15 km!“ It is asked, it is difficult to put a sign what gas station through so many km? A naive question, because what then our gayets will eat? Sergey asked: “And as it was necessary to go, there on departure a brick!“ They kindly answered: “It was necessary to pass on the wood slightly further, to drive into an adjacent lane, to pass in the opposite direction 17 km and there to be developed“. Oh - and, all for convenience of the person. Of course, to Sergey “hung up“ deprivation of the rights. But not they stood behind that here. The blue piece of paper solves all problems!“ Having issued“ 5 cars, they were easily developed through 2 continuous and left. Hi, Homeland! In the subsequent we saw one more smart trap, but, being “scientists“, did not get. Went without spending the night, stopped to have supper in Klin, traveled over Moscow through Dmitrov - beautiful places. On the way lack of normal toilets, even at gas station of “Lukoil“ killed. Reached in 17 hours.

Conclusions . Certainly, despite some extreme, the trip very much was pleasant! Finance: spent for everything slightly more than 2000 euros: visas 140, gasoline - parkings 370, hotels 286, ferries 418, excursions 422, food 300, shopping 150. Drugs, as usual, were not useful. Without problems paid off with the Visa card everywhere, cash was useful only in Russia. Took just in case 500 euros cash, 450 brought back. What would I change, be such opportunity?

  1. would Come back from Stockholm not to Helsinki, and to Turku, t. to. the ferry in Turku goes in 20 - 10 (to Helsinki in 16 - 45). We would just have enough additional 3,5 hours fully to look at the Technical museum and without adventures to reach the terminal. Considering gasoline cost from Turku to Helsinki, in the price and in time we would even win since the ferry comes to Turku in 7 - 35, and to Helsinki 2 hours of driving.
  2. Back border would be crossed through Cowberry.
  3. would Plan a trip so that not to come back to the day off.

Next time (well if of course open for us the visa) we will visit Suomenlin`s fortress, a zoo, an aquarium and an amusement park in Helsinki, and in Sweden we will reach to theme park of Astrid Lindgren in Vimerbyu, and still there is a wish to visit the Gothenburg. And in Hundredto kgolma we descend in Skansen which was cancelled this time. As it is exciting - to travel all family!